ManiMi Gel Nails Review + Discount Code

Manimi Gel Nails Review

(Updated June 12, 2021) I’m not one to go to the nail salon frequently or even wear nail polish these days while quarantining but I do love the look of perfect gel nails. So when I discovered ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails was created right in Los Angeles by a Korean native I knew I had to reach out to them and give them a try. Read on for my ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails review and a 20% discount code!

Manime gel nails

If you’re unable to visit the nail salon or are looking to save money on expensive gel manicures this is the perfect affordable non-toxic solution. ManiMe gel stick on nails is THE FIRST nail brand to offer custom-fit sizes using a proprietary 3-D technology. In this ManiMe review I’m sharing all the best tips to properly apply ManiMe gel stick on nails and have them last longer.

Manime gel nails

Founded by Korean native Jooyeon Song, ManiMe was born out of her desire to skip immobilizing her hands for two hours in a salon saturated in chemicals. She dreamed of creating accessible, healthy and easy-to-change manicures and I’m so glad that dream is now a reality!

Manime gel nails

While getting my nails done in an eco beauty salon is the most pampering experience ever, the entire session from leaving my home to getting back takes up 2-3 hours of my time and costs a pretty penny plus tip! I’ve tried the supermarket press on nails but found that they were too large for my small nails. The supermarket nail options also looked kind of cheap and were not low tox.

Manimi gel nails

This is why I’m so thankful for the people who are able to identify a gap in the market and take the initiative to solve a common problem or fulfill a need.

ManiMe gel nail stickers have solved all my 2020 and beyond nail problems. First of all, where I live now, a gel manicure would easily cost me at least $150 which I most definitely cannot afford. I’m not a manicure obsessed gal to begin with so I love the easy and affordable alternative that ManiMe offers. They also regularly launch new designs and collaborations so you always have fun new nail art to look forward to.

Manime gel stick on nails

What makes ManiMe nails better than going to a salon:

  • 3-D custom fit so the size and shape actually fit
  • Non-damaging 10-free vegan formula (10 free means their nail polish is free of the top ten most harmful toxins found in conventional nail polishes)
  • No harmful UV lights
  • Takes only 10 minutes of my time
  • Eliminates the need to use nail polish remover and time it takes to get everything
  • No chipping
  • Easily removable by just peeling them off
  • Tons of classic and fun nail designs to choose from
  • No need to leave my home

The ManiMe Gel Nails Ordering Process

Manime nails review

I had to first create an account on the ManiMe website and upload various shots of my nails at different angles. This took about 5 minutes, not even. ManiMe uses these images to then use their high-tech 3-D scanner to create customized nails.

The size was perfect for all my nails except for the thumb and pinkie which didn’t extend all the way to the edges.

ManiMe is risk-free so if this happens to you and the edges don’t align with your nails properly, you can contact their customer service and they’ll send you replacement stickers.

ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails Prices

ManiMe Gel Stick on Nails range from $15 for basic colors to $25 for designer collaborations. For Black History Month, ManiMe is offering nail art designs exclusively by Black nail artists that are uber glam. You can shop by designer or by collection on their website.

Manimi gel nails


Each ManiMe kit comes with:

  • Instructions

  • A full set of right and left nails, plus one extra of each nail size (15 stickers total)

  • 1 alcohol wipe

  • 1 small nail file

Manimi gel nails

There is a bit of a learning curve when getting used to applying gel stick on nails.

I made some mistakes on my first tries and I’m guessing it’s going to take a few more tries to get it right consistently with each of my 10 nails.

I recommend growing out your nails before applying because it’s harder to file off the excess on short nails.

ManiMe includes a prep pad and nail file so you have everything you need. The nails will come longer than your actual nails in case you’ve grown your nails since ordering.

Manimi gel nails

Step 1: Wipe down nails with the included prep pad

Step 2: Apply the gel stick ons leaving a slight space at the nail bed

Step 3: Use the nail file or clipper to file or clip off the excess. I think a clipper will give cleaner results.

If your nails are shorter than your finger it will be more difficult to file off the excess than if your nails extend past your fingers.

I’ve been using a nail file and it requires a bit of practice to get it right.

If using a nail file, file in vertical downwards motions and not horizontal and use steady controlled strokes.

Keep the nail file at a 90 degree angle so you don’t take off the gel that’s on the sticker.

Step 4: Beautiful gel nails for 10-14 days! I read that if you use their top coat it can last upwards of a month.

Manimi gel nails

Tips for Applying ManiMe Stick-On Gel Nails

  • Make sure to prep your nails with the alcohol pad
  • Apply each sticker one by one and work individually on the nail  instead of applying all the stickers in one go
  • Do not place the sticker onto your skin and leave a tiny bit of nail bed room between the sticker and the cuticle
  • Use controlled and steady strokes when filing
  • File vertically (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Clip off excess
  • Do not do anything laborious immediately or get your nails wet after applying ManiMe
  • Don’t rush the process! Take your time because if you make a mistake, the set only comes with 1 extra of each size.

How Long Do ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails Last

ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails are supposed to last 10-14 days. I noticed that different styles have different stay power.

The light colored sheer ManiMe gel Stickers had a much stronger adhesive than the black art nails I tried.

Some of my ManiMe gel nails started to come loose when I did the dishes manually with hot water. I would recommend using gloves to protect the lasting power of your gel stick on mani when doing any kind of manual labor that requires heat and water. Or just avoid doing anything laborious or wet after applying ManiMe Gel Nails.

How To Remove ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails

Removing the ManiMe Gel Stick On Nails is the easiest thing ever. You simply peel them off in seconds.

I absolutely love having a perfect gel manicure in a matter of minutes and in beautiful designs. They also offer pedicures.

ManiMe Nails Discount Code (20% Off)

You can save 20% on ManiMe Stick On Nails with code OBL.

They ship to the US only for now and are working on adding international shipping in the future.

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