canopy humidifier aromatherapy portable

I Tried the Canopy Portable Humidifier. Here’s My Experience

Humidifiers are usually sooo clunky and ugly to look at, so when Canopy came out with their portable humidifier this year I was super excited! This little machine not only looked aesthetic it could also be taken anywhere on the go, unlike a normal bedside humidifer. Read on to learn about the benefits and my experience after using this device for 30 days! OBL saves 15%.

canopy humidifier aromatherapy portable

Benefits and Why I Love Using a Humidifier!

The air in my apartment is sooo dry, especially during the colder months when the heating is on full blast 24/7. I’m always waking up with a super dry throat that’s almost painful (so annoying!). It was so bad for my partner, who suffers from pretty bad allergies, that his friend lent him a humidifier and it made a HUUUGE difference.

A humidifier basically increases the humidity in the home, hence the name humidifier (duh).  It decreases dry air and can help with a bunch of things like:

  • Allergy relief and asthma relief by soothing nasal and throat passageways
  • Moisturizes dry skin and soothes eczema
  • Alleviates dry eyes and chapped lips
Taking my Canopy humidifier on my travels

My Experience with Canopy’s Portable Humidifier

While a large bedside machine might make sense for many, I actually prefer the compact-ness of Canopy’s portable humidifier.

I have to travel between two cities all the time, and it doesn’t make sense for me to get one in each home at the moment, so a travel-friendly machine is insanely practical for me. It’s soooo light and can fit into any tote bag or backpack easily. I’m surprised by how sophisticated it is for something that feels as light as a feather! 

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There’s 3 power settings with a very gentle, slow mist on level 1 and a continuous stronger mist on level 3.

I would say on level 1 it could last through one to two full nights. So my one complaint is that I wish it could last as long as a week between charging.

On level 3 it lasts even less and stops at some point in the middle of the night. 

canopy humidifier aromatherapy portable

Another aspect I love about Canopy’s humidifier is that it doubles as an aromatherapy machine. And in a cute way too. It comes with a magnetic diffuser stone that attaches to the center of the machine where the mist comes out.

They’ve also got a decent variety of interesting essential oil blends that are far from boring. Right now, I’m loving Salt Cave and Indigo Sage! But I go through phases – all their blends smell amazing. Salt Cave is a blend of chamomile, sea salt and lime oils and reminds me so much of a popular Ellis Brooklyn perfume called Salt, go figure! It’s perfect for summer by the way.

how to use canopy humidifier aromatherapy portable tutorial step by step guide

I couldn’t find any tutorials online on how to use the portable humidifier (only the bedside one). Either I didn’t look hard enough or it’s just too new for the moment. But it’s sooo simple.

Just screw off the pink cap inside the top part of the machine and fill it with water. Don’t make the mistake of filling the bottom part with water! 

Press the power button once for the lowest power level and press again to increase the power setting. To travel lock the machine just hold the power button down for three seconds. Easy peasy!

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I’m loving using this device so far and it combines wellness and skincare – can it get any better?! There’s no need to buy a separate aromatherapy diffuser thanks to this nifty little invention.

canopy portable humidifier travel aromatherapy

I take it on the train and if I have to take a long haul flight I’ll certainly take it with me on the plane too.

The portable humidifier is super silent and so sleek looking. It comes in three colors and costs $100.

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