Dermatologists Review LED Red Light Therapy

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dermatologist led light therapy

We are living in the era of social media famous dermatologists who are also now influencers. Let’s call them dermfluencers. They’re doing La Roche Posay and Cerave ads right alongside their beauty influencer counterparts, while also dishing out free professional advice. There’s no need to drive over and pay for a consultation anymore nowadays, a win in our book. However, be wary of doctors who care more about marketing and social media than integrity, as evidenced by the Tiktok-famous plastic surgeon “Dr. Roxy” who got her license revoked for livestreaming procedures and costing her patients’ well-being for the sake of social media fame. Since many of our readers will never download the dancing app, we’ve rounded up some insightful videos of dermfluencers reviewing LED red light therapy.


@dr.mamina Red Light therapy is becoming more popular, but does it actually improve your skin? LED light can have a positive impact on your skin by helping with collagen remodeling to tighten and lift the skin, improving appearance and smoothness. However, there is not a standard strength for LED light, so I cannot make a strong recommendation for one product over another. There needs to be more studies comparing different red light therapies to really say for sure which is most effective. #redlighttherapy #ledlight #ledlighttherapy #collagenremodeling #antiaging #antiagingtreatment #smoothskin #glowingskin #antiagingtips #drmamina ♬ original sound – Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD

@drchizikeji I hope this help you understand why LED light theepay can be beneficial! #skintok #acnetreatment #redlighttherapybenefits ♬ Calm background music with acoustic guitar and saxophone(1288148) – ame

@dr.mamina I find this to be a fun accessory if you’re looking to up your skincare game. It’s optional, but overall beneficial. There is a mixed consensus on it increasing the risk of hyperpigmentation. Melasma can worsen with heat, so I would be cautious in that scenario. @Sam #redlighttherapy #skincare routine #skincaretips #skincarehacks #dermatologist #derm ♬ original sound – Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD

@drsomjiskin Have you tried LED mask before? #ledlighttherapy #ledfacialtreatment #drmedispa ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

@drdennisgross Answering all of your LED questions! 🚨 #drdennisgrossskincare #ledlight #ledlighttherapy #ledmask #skincaretips #skincarequestions ♬ follow meee taytlaurel – taytlaurel


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