OBL CLUB HAS Launched!


A small idea turned into a goal and a vision in the span of 1 week and we could not be more excited. We are now accepting volunteer product testers to test green beauty products for free in exchange for a review!

So how did this initial idea come about? I was actually chatting with my friend in LA and complaining about the fact that I don’t write enough blog posts for organicbeautylover. She joked that I should have ghost writers for the blog which made me think of ghost testers. She then suggested volunteer testers. I owe the start of all this to a conversation with my friend complaining about life & everything else. Cheers to many more!

For some time I had also been trying to figure out how I could make a bigger impact than by just blogging. Even bloggers get tired of blogging from time to time! I had already started working on a community marketplace where people could buy, sell & swap their green beauty products so when this conversation with my friend happened and the idea of volunteer testers came to life I knew I had to find out if this would be interesting to you all.

So I ran this idea by you guys on my Instagram and the response was insane! The only times I get hundreds of comments is on a giveaway post. The overwhelming reaction proved that this is something the green beauty community wants! I finally felt like I had something substantial to offer. I love blogging and I will never stop, but with so many of us bloggers and oftentimes we overlap our content,  I wanted to offer something unique, useful and dare I say revolutionary in the green beauty world.

I teamed up with Rachael (@naturlily) and together we gave birth to OBL CLUB. The green beauty industry is rapidly growing and as a blogger I see new brands, bloggers & green beauty converts popping up everyday in countries all over the world. OBL CLUB will connect all sides of this thriving global community – testers will discover new brands and products without breaking the bank and brands will connect with green beauty consumers & gain exposure. It will give more power to the people and allow your voices, perspectives & advice to be heard. YOU become the drivers of this green beauty movement.

OBL CLUB is not only a product testing platform but also THE online destination for green beauty reviews. Club members will have the opporunity to try products for free and contribute to a major database of reviews. The searchable intuitive database will include product reviews of brands that take part in OBL CLUB’s testing campaigns AND reviews for ALL green beauty products. Wondering if that Fitglow Beauty Super C cream really works or how 100% Pure’s BB cream compares to others? There’ll be no need to scour through the internet trying to find different bloggers’ reviews or going to each individual company’s website to see if there are any reviews for a certain product. OBL CLUB will be your go-to source to find reviews all in one convenient place- how exciting is that!

So this is our vision for OBL CLUB! We’re incredibly grateful for the support you’ve shown us and excited to offer something that will make a lasting impact in the green beauty community & revolution.

If you haven’t already, sign up to be a volunteer tester at www.OBLCLUB.com and take part in the green beauty revolution!

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