Narwal Robot Vacuum and Self Cleaning Mop Review 2021

Narwal robot vacuum mop

The Narwal Robot Mop and Vacuum is an award-winning brand new invention that started out as an uber successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and Kickstarter — and will be launching June 1, 2021. Narwal reached out to me to send over their Narwal T10 and they had me at self cleaning. Narwal is the world’s first, I repeat first, self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum. Meaning, the mop cleans itself so you don’t have to lift a finger. This technology is so impressive that it won CES 2020 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT for its unique mop self-washing and deep cleaning technology!

Before I go further with this Narwal review, I have to mention that the price is steep – while it retails for $1099, my readers can use code OBL to save $200 off Narwal’s price from launch date June 1, 2021. (You can reserve yours by pre-ordering with just $1 now then use code OBL at checkout on launch day.)

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