A Day at Mercado Sagrado in Malibu’s Canyons

It’s experiences like Mercado Sagrado that make me feel like I belong back in California. I’m able to connect with like-minded people who want to vibrate on a higher level and who are looking to inspire and be inspired by the stories, energies and crafts of others. It’s the kind of event that feeds your soul (and tummy) through healing workshops, talks, music and food- every kind of nourishment you could dream of. The lifestyle annual fair is held in the Topanga Canyons at Paramount Ranch, and it feels like you’ve stepped into an old Western and back into nature. Stylish creatives, artists and designers bustle about in boho chic outfits and flowy dresses, live music plays in the background, and the scent of sizzling vegan food wafts through the fresh, crisp air. I only attended Sunday but next time I’m determined to go both Saturday and Sunday so I take full advantage of all the enlightening talks and workshops.

Pictured above is the session “Clearing The Ancestral Karmic Lineage” with Seevapreet. The premise is the belief that a line of energy called samskaras are embedded in karmic blueprints within your arcline. The energetic patterns include karma from this lifetime, previous ones and your ancestral line. According to neuroscience, one subconscious thought is a MILLION times more powerful that one conscious thought, and that 95% of our lives are created by these subconscious thoughts. Epigenics also shows that trauma can alter DNA and these mutated genes are passed along generation to generation, meaning that we carry ancestral scars in our DNA. This session helped us experience healing while blessing our ancestors and lineage.

I wasn’t able to attend even a small fraction of the super interesting talks I wanted to attend so I’ll provide a brief synopsis based on the brochures that were handed out.

“The Light Diet”

In this talk Matt Maruca discusses how our genetic code is merely a grocery store full of options, and the environment we choose determines the life we get. He believes that the science fo mitochondrial medicine is the first to have clearly proven that the root of all chronic disease is mitochondrial dysfunction and the first cause of this is artificial light frequencies altering biological cycles.

“Scalar Wave Technology”

Dr. Christine Surrago, a naturopathic doctor in Santa Monica, discusses the use of scalar waves in medicine and how they can have an impact on the bioenergetic system to increase health and vitality by enhancing the effects of the immune system, cells and epigenetics. Scalar waves and the morphogenic field interface for healing, while bioresonance machines can pick up on cellular frequencies that indicate disease, mental and emotional states and previous traumas.

“Healing Foods and Herbs to Support Your Nervous System”

Plants sustain us physically, but offer so much more than providing oxygen and food. They are also our allies when it comes to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and wellbeing. They are able to soothe stress, lift spirits, and relieve pain to bring heart, mind, body and soul into a state of peace and equilibrium. Beginning in your own kitchen you can dive deep into the correlation between the physical medicine a plant offers and the spiritual energy it imparts.

“The Transformative Power of Letter Writing”

There is a cultural addiction to immediacy through text messages and simple emojis to express ourselves.  There are proven physiological, mental, and emotional benefits to picking up a pen and writing our words can be a powerful experience that many of us have lost touch with.

“Working With Mugwort”

Mugwort is a traditional medicine of the Chumash people and can be used to treat premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea and menopausal symptoms. The herb is also used as a mild treatment for children diagnosed with ADHD, as a poison oak rash and for addiction.

In Josh Siegel’s talk of “What Is Your Higher Purpose” he talked of how we are all born with a special basic destiny to fulfill in our lifetime, but that we are not supported initially for this mission. This higher purpose is something that we all struggle with and it doesn’t come easily.  As an expert in the field of numerology with more than 20 years of research, he’s developed his system of numerology through identifying a pattern with similar types of stories and challenges in connection with particular numbers in charts of people completely unrelated. Seemingly minor events in our lives are not random- your name and birth date are not an accident and there’s a hidden meaning behind our lives.


In Luke Storey’s talk which I storied most of in my Instagram highlights titled “WELLNESS” Luke talks about present moment awareness, separating yourself from the ego, freedom, the false self, unconditional love, and how to use “metaphysical alchemy-turning shit into gold” as a catalyst for personal growth. It was a profoundly enlightening and inspiring talk that ended in a powerful breathwork session.

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