Hynt Beauty Notoriously Nude Blush

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Hynt Beauty Notoriously Nude Blush
Ending in: 20 days 2 hours 47 minutes 36 seconds

Used 2-3x, retail $28. US only and free US shipping! "Our gentle, no shimmer matte blush for women who are sensitive to Titanium Dioxide. For a modern, gracefully contoured look without the drying, streaking or caking, Hynt’s Titanium Dioxide-free matte blushes provide a subtle hint of color to the cheeks. Gives a healthy sheer flush to the complexion without stealing attention away from the eyes and lips." NOTORIOUSLY NUDE: A collaboration with Youtube sensation, The Green Bunny. Ashley worked with us to get just the right nude shade that she says is the perfect balance for a natural looking contour that aids in not taking away from the focus on the eyes. A combination of cool and warm tones.

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