Narwal Robot Vacuum and Self Cleaning Mop Review 2022

The Narwal Robot Mop and Vacuum is an award-winning brand new invention that started out as an uber successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Narwal reached out to me to send over their Narwal T10 and they had me at self cleaning. Narwal is the world’s first, I repeat first, self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum. Meaning, the mop cleans itself so you don’t have to lift a finger. This technology is so impressive that it won CES 2020 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT for its unique mop self-washing and deep cleaning technology! Read on for my Narwal review – and save 22% at Narwal’s Amazon Store on Amazon Prime Day July 13, 2022!

Narwal T10 Review

The technology behind the Narwal T10 is nothing short of INCREDIBLE:

  • Vacuum and mop 2-in-1
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • LSD laser mapping algorithm
  • Pressurized mopping with 10N force to remove stubborn stains
  • 1800pa strong vacuum suction that leaves no dust/hairs behind
  • Separate cleaning maps for vacuuming and mopping
    • Mopping starts at the farthest distance from the base station to avoid dirty mops covering already-cleaned floors.
    • Vacuuming begins from the base station and starts cleaning along the edges of the walls.
  • Quiet
  • Pet-friendly
  • Auto-detects obstacles

Narwal robot mop vacuum

Not exaggerating, I was blown away by how smart and efficient the Narwal is. This sleek little robot was able to navigate over tricky areas, sense when the mops were dirty and needed to go back to the base station to self-clean, get under tables and bed easily, and it left the floors spotless and sparkling. The Narwal went back to the base station a handful of times to self-clean a small apartment so it does go back to the base station frequently. It did a much better cleaning job in one session than I have ever done, embarrassingly enough.

Narwal vacuum mop

Narwal’s vacuum function is great but what’s truly impressive is its mopping function. Narwal T10 has two mop mads that swivel simultaneously at high speed rotations of 180/rpm and cleans more effectively than manual mopping. The base station has both a large clean water tank and a waste water tank that’s designed to cover mopping for up to 3000 sq ft. Once Narwal was done, let me tell you the waste water tank was BLACK (see picture below).

Narwal t10 mop


Does Narwal Make Sense For Your Home?

So does this thousand dollar fancy robot machine make sense for your home? While I know some people must have the latest invention, I feel that Narwal wouldn’t make sense for people living in studios or small one bedrooms – unless cleaning floors is the bane of your existence like me.

Narwal robot

I can see how the Narwal T10 Robot would be a lifesaver for larger homes with either kids and/or pets. If you find yourself constantly having to clean the floors or vacuum up your pets’ fur balls, the Narwal robot will make your life infinitely easier.

Narwal robot mop vacuum

Narwal Cons

  • Narwal requires its base station in order to self clean so you must keep the base station around
  • If your floor has multiple levels you may need to move the entire base station and device to the floor you wish to clean
  • I didn’t find the dustbin container that large, so if you have a ton of surface area to cover in your home you may find yourself emptying out the dustbin multiple times
  • Steep price tag (check below for a discount code that helps save)

Shop Narwal Amazon Store

Check out how debris-free and shiny the floors look after!

Narwal robot

Narwal robot review

Narwal robot



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