SimPure Water Filter Review 2023

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simpure water filter

We all know that to have better skin, better health, better longevity, better EVERYTHING – you need to be drinking a LOT of water, daily. But, one of the most concerning aspects of tap water is the presence of harmful contaminants that can potentially pose serious health risks. While we often assume that the water flowing from our faucets is safe to consume, the truth is far more sinister.

One common contaminant found in tap water is lead. This toxic heavy metal can seep into the water supply through corrosion of old plumbing systems or infrastructure. Even low levels of lead exposure can have harmful consequences, particularly for young children, causing developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.

Pesticides and herbicides are another group of contaminants that can be present in tap water. These chemicals are commonly used in agriculture and can find their way into water sources through runoff or infiltration. High levels of pesticides and herbicides have been linked to an increased risk of certain cancers, hormonal imbalances, and reproductive issues.

Chlorine, despite being used as a disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses, can also have adverse effects on our health. While it is essential for preventing the spread of waterborne diseases, the byproducts of chlorine disinfection can be harmful when consumed over a prolonged period. These byproducts, known as disinfection byproducts (DBPs), have been associated with an increased risk of bladder, colon, and rectal cancers.

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products are yet another concerning group of contaminants that can be found in tap water. These substances, including prescription drugs, hormones, and cosmetic chemicals, can enter water sources through wastewater treatment plants or improper disposal. While the concentration of these contaminants in tap water is generally low, their long-term effects on human health are still not fully understood.

These are just a few examples of the harmful contaminants that can be lurking in tap water. The presence of these substances highlights the importance of understanding the potential health risks associated with drinking tap water. By becoming aware of these dangers, we can make informed decisions on how to protect ourselves and choose safer alternatives for our drinking water.

This includes using water filters, which can help remove many harmful contaminants and ensure cleaner water for consumption. Water filters are available in various forms, from pitchers and faucet attachments to whole-house filtration systems. These filters work by trapping and reducing impurities such as lead, chlorine, and bacteria, providing a safer drinking water option for us.

simpure water filter

SimPure Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

Today, we’re reviewing the SimPure Y7P-BW Upgraded Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Dispenser.

This high-tech water filter features:

  • 4-Stage Countertop RO Reverse Osmosis UV Water Filtration System
  • Zero Installation Water Filter Dispenser (Filters are Pre-installed)
  • Water Shortage and Filter Replacement Alerts, Upgraded 100GPD RO Filter
  • Raw Water and Wastewater Separation Design Countertop Water Filter
  •  4:1 Pure-to-Drain Ratio Countertop Reverse Osmosis System: SimPure Y7P-BW is The highest Water Utilization Rate of RO UV Systems in the Market now.
  • Tested by SGS – According to GB/T 5750.4-2006 and EPA 537 standards – Against NSF/ANSI

simpure water filter

How Simpure Water Filter Works

simpure y7p-bw uv

With UV light, it uses no chemicals and emits absolutely no by-products, effectively disinfecting and treating 99.9% of viruses, germs, and bacteria such as E coli, coliform, Giardia, and Salmonella. Combined with a 3-Stages 0.0001μm RO filtration system, this water filter and the dispenser will give you an additional level of purification for your drinking water.


The setup is very simple and straightforward, taking no time at all. Once plugged in, you have immediate access to clean water.

There are no complex installations or filter systems involved. Once the countertop RO system purifies the water, it’s stored in the internal tank. You then change the water in the removable 1.3 gallon water tank.

simpure water filter

SimPure’s smart touch display panel makes using this water filter effortless. It features:

  • Filter Replacement Reminder
  • Water Shortage Reminder
  • Water Change Reminder
  • 6oz / 12oz / 15oz Auto Dispense
  • One-touch Flushing Function
  •  Transparent Feed Water Tank

At a slight touch of a button, water begins pouring down and dispenses the selected oz amount automatically. There’s no need to manually hold a heavy water filter or hold down on a lever continuously, which can get tedious and tiring.

simpure water filter


The taste of the water once filtered is interesting! It’s almost as if it’s become more mineral-y.


This is going to take up twice as more space than a coffee machine, but because it’s so tall the filter makes efficient use of space so that you’re not filling up the water tank every single day.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to drink clean water, highly recommend checking out SimPure Y7P-BW Upgraded Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Dispenser.

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simpure water filter


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