100 Percent Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

100 Percent Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream



The Coffe Bean Eye Cream is the most populair eye cream in the 100% Pure range, maybe even the overall most populair product from this brand. Obviously I was curious, so I bought the 8ml version. The gourmant scent was a little overwhelming at first, but I could used to it quickly. The scent doesn’t linger either, a big plus for me. It’s a thick cream consistency that almost melts into the skin like a balm or butter, but much lighter. I helps to keep the under eyes plump and hydrated. Since dark cirkels aren’t a problem for me, I can’t say anything about its diminishing properties in that area. It’s a nice, straightforward cream that will work for most skin types and I probably would repurchase, though I do love to try lots of different products in hopes of finding my holy grails.


100 Percent Pure coffee bean caffeine eye cream is by far my favorite eye cream. Since first discovering this product I have gone through several tubes. Just using this one time at night I could already tell a difference my under eye area felt so soft and smooth the next morning. I am only 32 and just barely have any lines and wrinkles. This eye cream has helped prevent lines and wrinkles plus made my eyes so soft and smooth. For anyone looking for a light weight under eye moisturizer I would definitely recommend this one.


I think this is one of the best natural, vegan, and cruelty free eye cream I have ever used. I have been using this item for almost 2 years morning and night routine. First the smell is great!!! If you love coffee it is bit addicting. I don’t think it is too strong and is a right amount of the coffee scent. Second with a little amount to use it is very affective. I see that my dark circles and puffiness goes away using it. And if I don’t use it for couple of days ( when I forget to) I see the difference that you see the dark circles again. A wonderful product from 100% PURE !!!!


100% Pure’s Coffee Bean eye cream absorbs well and smells absolutely delicious. Its an organic product that is perfect for that sensitive under eye skin. I would recommend this product and use it every morning.


Amazing eye cream that smells so amazing and I love all of their products because they are all made from food and plant extracts!

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