Beauty Shamans Sea Silk Wash

Beauty Shamans Sea Silk Wash


Mary Medellin

I’ve been using the sea silk wash for about a week now and I absolutely love it. The smell is very earthy and calming and the wash leaves my skin incredibly soft. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out its both Vegan and cruelty free as well. Love love love it!

Kylsie best

Iv been using this product for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin, it’s super soft, feels tighter and has improved my acne !!! I have been looking for something like this for awhile and will be ordering more ! I love the smell & it doesn’t dry my face out like everything else ! Love everything about it


I LOVE this cleanser. It manages to leave my dry skin soft every time and I think it might even be helping my acne clear up. It’s pH balanced and doesn’t contain coconut oil, which can clog pores. Too many organic skincare companies rely on coconut oil so I’m really glad to finally have a cleanser without it. It can even be used to wash off makeup and it has probiotics and lots of other great ingredients sure to nourish skin. The scent can be pretty strong if you’re not used to essential oils like me but its a refreshing peppermint smell that can help wake you up in the morning. PS. The label is very sticky.

Tiffany Newman

I recently tried out the Sea Silk Cleanser from Beauty Shamans via the OBL CLUB and man did it take me back to my spa days, reminiscing about the healing, remineralizing seaweed treatments I used to give! This cleanser features 2 star ingredients: – Organic Laminaria Algae: restores minerals and vital elements back into skin and acts as a nourishing natural emollient. Seaweed is naturally hydrating, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. – Lactobacillus: probiotic, pH balancing agent, preserves and protects snatural skin flora. The heavenly scent of lavender, sage and IRISH MOSS was invigorating yet relaxing, and I have to say this cleanser lives up to its name because the texture is like SILK and my face felt so soft afterwards! Tip: I really took the time to work this into my skin and did a mini facial massage before rinsing it off. The only critique I have is the label could be improved, it came with the bubbling underneath the label but other than that I absolutely love it!


I recently switched to Beauty Shamans Sea Silk Wash and I’m in love! It’s the perfect texture and totally lives up to it’s name – it’s beyond silky and has an incredible refreshing aroma. I have dry skin in the winter and this cleanser does not strip my skin of it’s important natural oils nor does it make my skin feel tight or dried out. It actually leaves my skin feeling very clean and if I wipe with a make-up removing cloth afterwards, there is no trace of make-up or dirt. When I use this face wash in the shower, the steam magnifies the scent and I immediately feel transported to a luxury spa. I will definitely continue to use this product after my first bottle runs out.

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