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Elix Healing







Got a 1 month supply to try and here’s my honest review.

The bad: the taste. I was not a fan however if I mixed it in lemonade and chugged it then it was tolerable but the instructions don’t tell you if it’s ok to mix it in something or if that’ll mess anything up. Definitely could not have tolerated it without mixing it though.

The good: As a adenomyosis sufferer this gave me what was probably much closer to a “normal” period than what I usually experience. I didn’t spend 4 days in bed curled in the fetal position so that alone is a win. Also, I noticed that my regular monthly period bloating seemed to dissipate WAY quicker. If I had the budget to continue taking this I have no doubt I’d continue to see even greater benefits. While every body is different it’s definitely a product that’s worth giving a try.

4/5 stars


This has been great in my morning tea. It does have a slight licorice taste from the fennel but in my cinnamon tea it blends in nicely. I have felt a slight mood boost which is something I had been struggling with the gloomy winter blues.


Pleasant sweet tasting tincture. Helped a lot with my premenstrual symptoms. I had less mood swings and more pep in my step leading up to my period when usually that week is horrendous for me. I am very impressed with the results in such a short time and looking forward to ordering more and taking it for a longer duration of time to see even more improvements.

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