Evolvh SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner

Evolvh SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner



I dont normally use leave in conditioners, so this was a nice change for once. I was glad to get it before my two week trip in Las Vegas and boy did it help! Las Vegas is known for its hot dry climate with the sun beating down, drying out your skin and hair. Yeah you can moisturize your skin, drink plenty of water and all that jazz…but what about your hair? So before I would leave my hotel, after I would shower, I would spritz a nice amount in my hair and run my fingers through it and let it air dry. Let me tell you, the whole time in Vegas was mostly walking around the strip and my hair did not feel dry one moment during that trip, even after I had got back, refreshed, the leave in still kept my hair feeling soft and moisturized. I would definitely suggest this leave in for every day use, especially if you’re prone to your hair drying out.

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