NATURALLOGIC Ancient Earth Dual Action Micro Exfoliate

NATURALLOGIC Ancient Earth Dual Action Micro Exfoliate



This face scrub is so gentle , even though it’s highly concentrated and 100% bioactive, that it doesn’t really feel like I am exfoliating while using it. It feels so rich and creamy on my skin but it also gently removes dead skin and impurities. My skin looks fresh, clean, radiant, smooth and clear. This product contains activated fruit enzymes, super foods, fresh herbs, raw plant materials, herbal & floral infusions, earthen clays, salts, roots, barks, plant & flower oils and natural peptides, which helps to brighten and even out skin tone. Did I also mention that it smells amazing? It has an earthy scent to it that I love. It certainly helps in relaxing me while using it in my skincare routine.

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