Odacite Hydra Repair Aloe Immortelle Treatment Mist

Odacite Hydra Repair Aloe Immortelle Treatment Mist



I applied to test the aloe + immortelle hydra-repair treatment mist by Odacité with the OBL club because I have always been fascinated by cosmetic products that contain immortelle, since it is a powerful ingredient against redness and other skin conditions. I have used the mist (I still have a drop of it) spraying it on my face (in the morning and in the evening) and then tapping with my fingers all over my face. I haven’t used any other mists or hydrosols for the last month. Now to the ingredients and their effects on my skin: this mist actually contains just a small amount of immortelle oil (it is one of the last ingredients in the list) but I wanted to try it anyway because it contains many other active ingredients too (some of them are even rare to find in a mist) that are supposed to be perfect for sensitive skin (here I am!). This mist, in fact, should also suit mature skin or skin in need for hydration. Since I am 31 and my skin is normal/combination, I also thought that a mist, which contains ingredients with anti-aging properties, would just be perfect. The very core of this mist is aloe juice, which definetely gives my skin a boost of hydration, together with vegetable glycerin (especially in the morning I could even use this mist alone and possibly spray it again and again during the day). Aloe juice is followed by calming and toning chamomille and rose hydrosols and I appreciate that they are among the first ingredients because I can feel them calming my itchy skin. They probably work in synergy with bisabolol (an ingredient derived from chamomille) and willow bark extract, that are soothing as well. The only downside is that glycerin is a bit sticky, especially on the upper eyelids, for this reason I didn’t like this mist used as a final touch on top of makeup (one of the possible uses suggested by Odacité). The anti-aging ingredients such as lupine protein, aspen extract (hyaluronic acid is also one of the ingredients but it is to be found at the end of the ingredients list so I doubt there is much

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