OSEA Advanced Protection Cream

OSEA Advanced Protection Cream



This is a non scented cream that is a silky rich moisturizer. My skin is combination / dry so this formula would be best used in the winter. Alternatively, this would be a great hand cream throughout the year. I personally haven’t seen the results of youthful firmness but am curious to find out. Stay tuned!


skin type: sensitive/reactive and dry, age: 46, duration of use: 1x daily for ~4 weeks. The cream absorbed nicely and it didn’t irritate my skin. It served more as a day cream. I would describe it as neither good/nor bad. My only issue with it was that I had to reapply the cream a few times a day to my dry areas (around the mouth and chin). I did not find it to “lock in moisture” as suggested. I have other products that do a better job. Kudos though for OSEA’s natural, vegan ingredients and their commitment to the environment! I purchased as a part of the OSEA Malibu Hydrating & Age Defying Everyday Essentials Kit.

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