Raw Elements Face and Body Natural Mineral Sunscreen Tin

Raw Elements Face and Body Natural Mineral Sunscreen Tin


Lynn Wurtz

My husband and I both tried the sunscreen and did not like it at all. We are in our 50’s. My husband is a golfer and is very fair skinned and has also had some pre-cancer treatments at the dermatologist so a sunscreen is a critical. The suncreen turned his face completely white so he did not like to use it. He used it for about two months and just told me the other day he does not want to use it anymore. Sorry Raw Elements. I tan easily but am fair skinned. I too didn’t like how it went on, very hard to smooth into the skin and also turned my skin white. I am desperately trying to find a non-toxic sunscreen and was hoping Raw Elements would be the answer but I have to say it is not. I will carry on and try some other brands.


I love this sunscreen! It comes in a cute tin instead of plastic which is a major plus. It is also reef safe! All the ingredients are clean and organic. It has only a very light, nice smell unlike most sunscreens. Goes on easily, kind of like a lotion.


My husband and I (both of us are in our early 30s with light complexions and normal skin) have used this sunscreen a few times (including afternoons at the park and while doing yard work) and I’m happy to report no sunburn whatsoever for either of us! I love the ingredients in this truly natural sunscreen and that it’s reef safe. The tin its housed in can easily be recycled/upcycled and I don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze that last ounce out as I would with a plastic tube. I do have to note that this sunscreen leaves a sheer, white-ish tint but that’s expected due to the zinc oxide. That is a small price to pay, however, as the product contains high-quality natural ingredients, goes on smooth, and very importantly, it works!


This is the first time that I tried something from Raw Elements. This sunscreen is definitely unique. It has almost a neutral smell to it, though slight nutty/almond like smell. It’s easy to apply. It comes in a solid form but which is quite easy to rub off and use on your skin and body. What I like the most about this sunscreen is that it is completely natural and it’s also water proof. It feels gentle and lightweight on the skin. I didn’t see or feel any side effects. It’s also non-GMO. It’s safe for all ages! My skin is dry but this helped a lot. I have used it for a few weeks now and I am glad that I got a chance to use it. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.


This sunscreen is absolutely amazing! It quickly became my favorite sunscreen and is the only one I use now. I have very fair and freckled Irish skin that is sensitive and prone to rosacea so I have to be very careful with my skincare choices. I love the ingredients for this product – all pure and natural. It applies so easily out of the tin. I applied it in light layers after melting it a bit in my palm. It smooths on so evenly and nicely. It absorbs very well and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I didn’t have any issues with a white cast, but I’m also very fair. I love the smell too, which makes it even nicer to use ( I have a sensitive sense of smell too). As for performance – this stuff is awesome! I had absolutely no burning using this in the middle of summer in Florida, even during the hottest parts of the day. This is what makes it my favorite – it protects my precious fair skin. When I run out I would probably be more likely to order the tube over the tin, just for easier and cleaner application, especially when outdoors, like at the beach or hiking in the woods. I’ll definitely be keeping this always on hand and I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of the line!


I have used many many sunscreens, and this one certainly goes up there on the top! First, I like that it’s a solid balm-type since that way, like Corinne mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about wasting any product squeezing out of a tube. You can also easily control the amount you want to apply on your face or your body. Second, like it states in the descriptions, it is very long-lasting and absorbed quickly. I run A LOT outside, and I am drenched in sweat, but this sunscreen is still there! I know it because my skin definitely gets red and feels burnt under mediocre sunscreen, but this one protects me thoroughly after long hours. Third, it is heavy and concentrated so just a little goes a long way, and I know I will be able to use this sunscreen for a long time. And most of all, NO breakouts and NO clogging on the face!

Jamie D.

Overall, I love this product! First off, huge compliments to Raw Elements for (1) using zinc oxide which doesn’t hurt the reefs and (2) having an eco-friendly, recyclable (no downcycling!) tin. The product itself is neutrally scented (fairly unscented). It does not leave a cast on my fair skin. It rubs on my fingers slightly white but then it disappears. It leaves a bit of a shine, but works as a great primer! I just used some powder on top, which I do anyway since I use facial oils. I am really glad that I got this product & would happily purchase it for my family! This is my favorite sunscreen that I have ever used.

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