Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer

Hynt Beauty DUET Perfecting Concealer


Jamie D

This product truly has amazing coverage with the smallest amount. It also really covers—including dark freckles. I love this product until it gets into really long wear (8+ hours), then it starts to get dry and make more pores look larger. For shorter time periods, it’s a godsend.

Jessie Cox

I would totally give this more stars if their lightest color was a little lighter. For the pale skin gals, it’s a little orange…and I like my eyes to be Bright! It wears great though!

Luisa C.

I love this product! As everyone here says, a little goes a long way. I thought I was going to ran out of product in 3 months or so, but it has been a little more than a year and I still have a little bit left. It conceals everything which makes it an excelent product for somebody that has acne scars and redness around the face. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great concealer.

Victoria Z

This was the first green beauty concealer I tried but it’s also my absolutely favorite after trying many others at this point. I love the glass pot application/delivery method – using my finger or a small brush works incredibly well to blend this under your eyes or over a blemish. In addition the formula is creamy even though it’s a hard pour (not soft in the pot) so it doesn’t dry or become powdery, it sinks into your skin and if anything keeps a very natural dew to match the skin. It holds up even better if you gently puff some setting powder on top. Love love love! Best performing green beauty concealer!


Concealer was the only product I couldn’t change to green beauty and kept using a toxic one to conceal pimples, until I found this one. The only problem for me is the shade, is a bit too pinky and I am very yellow since I am latin so is for more cool skin undertones, but still is the best I have found for coverage, after trying around six brands, so it deserves a 5 for me ?


I adore this concealer! Talk about MAJA COVERAGE! Seriously a little goes a long way. It can end up thick and crepey if you add too much, but that’s like any cream product. I love it for concealing and highlighting under my eyes. For reference I am 27 and have combo/oily skin. I always set my skin and under eye with powder and never had a problem with mascara transferring. You should try it out if you’re on the fence!


Hynt concealor was the second green beauty concealor I had tried and quickly feel in love. A little truly does go a long way. Just a tiny dab is needed to conceal spots and hyperpigmentation. You can even use it as a foundation or a be cream-just take a tiny amount and mix it with your moisturiser and it will look like your skin but better. The Hynt concealor is really creamy, I find the best way to apply it by direcly with your finger-clean of course and pat it into the place you want. The heat from you ski.n will warm the concealor and give a seamless finish. This is the only concealor that gave the results I wanted and that is conceal major dark spots left behind by hormonal acne and also cover up ginormous red angry acne. I rarely get dark circles but when I do I just swipe a tiny amount under my eyes,set it with powder and I team ready to go. I have combination dehydrated skin with active acne isssues and I need as much coverage as I can get. This is one make up product that I cannnot stay without.


This is absolutely a concealer I never want to be without! The tiniest bit provides incredible coverage and somehow still looks natural. I am able to use it to cover darkness under my eyes and don’t notice creasing or unusual wear. It also covers areas of redness without looking heavy. I always moisturize before concealing and I think that is also key—good skin prep. That being said, I have used the concealer without prepping my skin well and I still feel like it performed well! I will absolutely continue to repurchase!


Great full-coverage concealer! I have drier acne-prone skin, and this works well for me. At first it seemed to stick to dry spots, but the trick is to prep my skin with moisturizer and an oil-based serum first. Then it glides on so smoothly! I even use this as a foundation on days when I need a full coverage look. I love that it doesn’t crease around my eyes too. Very happy with it!

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