rms UnCoverup Concealer

rms UnCoverup Concealer



This product has changed my mornings! I use it as a concealer under my eyes and for red spots around my nose and the occasional blemish. Application is so easy, I just use my fingers! It really brightens up under my eyes and once I set it with some powder, stays on blemishes all day. This is by far my favorite natural concealer, since it stays on and the consistency is awesome!


I loved this guy at first. We went together like coconut oil dissolving makeup but we did go south after a month. I found that it accentuated my dry skin way too much and eventually would disappear during the day even after setting (this never happens to me). I was so disappointed because I love the Living Luminizer so much. That being said this product is great as a sheered down foundation and not so much as a concealer. The shades are quite yellow in tone so please be careful.

Jamie D.

I really wanted to love this product. It has really sustainable packaging. However, it is really shiny. I mean, I looked like I could almost be a mirror. This needs a setting powder unless you’re into that glazed donut look.


I love this product! It has a great consistency and coverage, looks very natural and dewy. I use the color 22 and its a perfect match. I was nervous to use it because its main ingredient is coconut oil and that usually leads to breakouts for me but this product did not make me break out at all. My only complaint is the pot is small so if you want to use it as a full coverage foundation you’ll run out quickly but as a concealer it has lasted me for awhile and I always keep it in my bag for any touch ups or blemishes that my foundation doesn’t cover or just apply it minimally for an every day look.


I take a very minimal approach when it comes to makeup and usually like a very natural look, so I tend to be very selective with the products I let into my life. I bought the RMS “Un” Cover-Up in 22 for the days when I wanted to have a bit of coverage in certain areas (since I don’t wear foundation). I tried to use it for a few months before coming to the realization that it just didn’t work for me. The product just didn’t sit well on my skin. While the product does have a beautiful finish and coverage, it would crease under my eyes, cling to any dry patches or texture I was experiencing. I ended up passing the rest of the item along to a friend.


I really like this product. I have it in 11 and its great for my winter skin. It is moisturizing but not shiny. I use it as concealer and foundation depending on the day. I just bought 22 to use during the summer after my skin gets some color.


I love the ingredients in this product! My only problem is that throughout the day it won’t stay on combination skin. I have tried setting and if you have less then perfect skin it highlights any and every flaw and imperfection. The consistency is great. I would say this product is more for people who have fairly great skin and are looking to cover maybe any minor discoloration only .


This is yet another concealer that looks overly dewy and bordering into shiny territory. I definitely cant use this on my undereye area because it will crease immediately, and it will crease even with a powder set on top. It might not crease until later on in the day but it will definitely crease. I reserve this for concealing around the face instead of the undereyes and those areas. Not a repurchase for me.


I honestly think the rave behind this product isn’t all that and it’s not worth it for me. I have tried it as an undereye concealer and I found it to crease so fast even with setting powder and the baking technique. I don’t enjoy it as a spot concealer; since it’s coconut-oil based, it will separate on my face around the third to fifth hour.


LOVE this product. Great coverage: hides redness, brightens under-eye bags/ covers dark circles. Very blendable, can still see my freckles through while still eliminating redness. It is also super moisturizing because it is made of mostly coconut oil. Have noticed less redness and better skin since switching to this product. Only draw back is it can get a little too glossy on hot days

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