Raw Elements Face and Body All-Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Raw Elements Face and Body All-Natural Mineral Sunscreen


Claudia Velasco

I’m 19 and my skin usually adjust very well to new products. After I read and article about how our sunscreens can be bad for the coral reef and marine life, the opportunity to try this one fit perfectly. The first time I tried it I thought it was too thick for my face and it cause me to break out, but after I used it a second time I realized that I have to use it in weeks that’s my face is least likely to break out. The smell of the product is great and your skin gets really soft after using it and even though it’s consistency is thick is not sticky or uncomfortable with sweat or water.


This sunscreen is a bit strange at first, but I ended up liking it. It’s quite oily, but not sticky or thick like many sunscreens are. It doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t take too much work to rub in. It does smell earthy, a little like a hemp latte at first, definitely not tropical or artificial. It’s sweat resistant. I used it multiple times on both my face and body. I didn’t burn or break out. I would consider re-purchasing, although the price point is a little high.

Amanda S.

I’m very impressed with this. I’ve tried the stick version and felt the tin version before and they felt very thick on the face and was hard to blend in. But this product is the opposite. It is truly waterproof and great for the skin. I’ve used it during the times I was outside in the pool and I felt it did a great job in protecting my skin. I didn’t apply it on my face as I use something else for my face but for my body, it was great. I also liked how it wasn’t as thick as the other products in the brand. It does take a bit to blend it but it’s very worth it.

Brittany Bradley

I was really happy with this sunscreen! I like that this company uses non nano zinc oxide, and the ingredients are good for my skin. It’s formula is thick, but it is easily rubbed in. This is the first sunscreen I’ve used that has zinc oxide and is easy to apply. It does leave a slight white cast, but I don’t mind that as long as it is safe/nontoxic ingredients going on my skin and my kids’ skin. It has a slight earthy aroma. It feels hydrating, and I didn’t have any burns while using. I’m excited to tell my friends about this company, and have a product that doesn’t break me out! I will be purchasing once this tube is gone!

Laura Bruj

This is a zinc oxide 23% based sunscreen with an SPF 30,and I never had any burns while using it.It has a very thick consistency and it’s highly moisturizing.Because it has many oils and butters in it, it tends to sit on the skin, and I love that it creates a barrier, that protects me of the chlorine in the pool I go to.It does leave a slight white trace and you need to massage it in the skin, if you don’t desire to look like a ghost.


One of my favorite sunscreens! I have tried many natural sunscreens and this is in my top 2. This formula is a thick cream that truly is water and sweat resistant, you can see the water bead up against your skin. Great for vacations in the sun all day or just for everyday use going to the park. The only con is that can leave a slight white cast if not rubbed in thoroughly,but this is common with all zinc oxide based sunscreens. This is my 3rd bottle and will definitely buy again. Also, love the new packaging and logo redesign.


I have very sensitive skin and often get a rash after sunscreen. Not with this! I just got back from Maui and I’m happy to report that I didn’t burn at all with this, even after swimming. It spreads pretty easily and felt nicer on my skin than some other natural formulas. A little thick, but not overly sticky. I definitely plan to repurchase, only I’ll get the metal tin next time so there’s no plastic. ?

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