Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer All-Natural Sunscreen

Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer All-Natural Sunscreen



I had used this sunscreen as part of a test from OBL club. I used it off and on throughout the entire summer. I found the texture to be good. It melts easily into the skin. The tint was too dark and orange for me, but I am very fair. I think it would work better for someone a little more tan. The sun protection was good. I never went swimming in it but it did seem to resist sweat very well. Overall I liked it but the tint would prevent me from buying it. I think I would enjoy the untinted version more.


The texture is thick and I I found it a little difficult to blend into my skin. The color looks nice in the tin but disappears when blended in. Nice for when you want just a tiny bit of coverage with sunscreen.


I love this as a sunscreen! I wouldn’t say that it is a great fit for my skin type as a daily moisturizer (25-30yo, combo sensitive skin) but it works wonderfully as a tinted sunscreen. It is a little bit greasy but it goes on light and doesn’t feel heavy. I have used it several times and will absolutely repurchase!


This is a great moisturizing sunscreen! The tint is a tiny bit dark for my pretty fair skin tone, but since this blends well and has sheer coverage, it works. It blends in best with a sponge in my opinion. This also has a very glowy finish – I enjoy that on its own for casual wear. If I’m doing my makeup with concealer, blush, etc., I definitely set it down with powder. I think the price is very reasonable for a product that is reef safe and cruelty-free, has natural ingredients, and will last the whole summer since a little bit goes a long way.


I really really like this tinted moisturizer! Just for reference, I am a 27yo female with combination, sensitive skin. I wouldn’t use it as a tinted moisturizer for everyday wear as it is a little greasy but it works beautifully as a tinted sunscreen! It goes on light and doesn’t feel cakey or heavy after being in the sun. I will absolutely repurchase when I run out!


I would recommend this product compared to the typical sunscreens. It is more of a balm consistency compared to a moisturizer, as it is thicker than a normal moisturizer. It made my skin shiny as it has a oil base and I have oily skin to begin with. I was able to blend it into my skin, but wouldn’t recommend layering makeup over it. The tinted color was a nice touch to even out my skin color since I didn’t use it under makeup.


This is very different from any tinted moisturizer and spf I’ve ever used! It’s a really thin but creamy texture, like not an oil but not a lotion. It melts into the skin very nicely and adds a warm glow to my skin tone. I have combination skin and it makes me skin slightly more oily but it’s nothing terrible. I still really like. I can see myself not only repurchasing this product but also trying others! It’s just so different from your average spf. I recommend it ❤


My new favorite face sunscreen! I love that’s it tinted so I don’t need to worry about a white cast. Blends in very easily. Great for on the go. I would repurchase. Price is very affordable as well.

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