Mychelle Sun Shield Stick SPF 50

Mychelle Sun Shield Stick SPF 50


Samantha J

My ONLY issue with this product is the price. $13 for a very small sun screen stick, probably half the size of standard deodorant sticks, and you go through a lot of it with one application. I understand this is made with the best ingredients, but I’d like a bigger product for the price. Other than that, this is the BEST sunscreen I’ve EVER used!! It feels like butter, which really makes it water proof! I washed my hands and it was still there so it’sperfect for swimming days. It smells very subtle (I HATE the smell of sunscreen, so I’m glad), it glides on very easily, it stays on a long time, and it’s portable! Plus with the stick, no mess! It definitely works, too, because I burn easily and I was outside for probably 30 minutes to an hour with no issues, and it’s over 100° here. I highly recommend it.

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