Vegamour GRO Serum

Vegamour GRO Serum



This serum smells lovely to begin with. A light, natural, slightly floral scent. It is more watery/runny than oily. I usually think of serums as being oily, but definitely not this one. I took off one star since the directions say you can apply to dry hair or towel-dried hair. On a day when I was staying home, I tested it on my already dry hair. It made my hair crispy and greasy looking once it dried, and it would not brush out to look any better. So I learned to apple it to my hair when it was still damp from the shower. It would then blow dry beautifully. I think there were some immediate volume/fullness results, but no long-lasting results after using it for a month. I would still recommend this product for anyone interested. I have fine, thin hair (but a lot of it) that quickly becomes greasy and I think this product is beneficial for my hair overall.

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