Herbivore MOON FRUIT Retinol Alternative Sleep Mask

Herbivore MOON FRUIT Retinol Alternative Sleep Mask



The Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment is one of my favorite night time skincare products. Herbivore is an amazing brand and I love everything they stand for! This product is so unique and as soon as it launched I knew I had to try it and I’m very glad that I did! Everything about this product is amazing and I’ve seen nothing but positive results. I’ve never used a product like this before and that’s one of the many reasons I love it. The buttery texture feels heavenly when I massage it into my skin and I absolutely adore the aroma (Smells like ylang ylang). The fun purple color enhances my mood and makes it even more enjoyable to use. But, when you are applying it you have to make sure you don’t apply too much and thoroughly massage it into the skin so it doesn’t leave a purple hue on the skin. If you’re using it at night though it’s not a huge deal anyway because you’ll be sleeping anyway! This product is such a delight and I use it as much as possible. I usually have dry skin and this really helps with that and makes my skin feel very smooth and hydrated. My complexion is more even and bright and it doesn’t break me out at all. If you’re looking for a new night time treatment I highly recommend this and you’ll be able to incorporate it into any skincare routine. I use tons of skincare products and this is one of my favorite night treatments to use which is a big deal because I’ve tried so many products. The ingredients in this are beautiful and have many benefits for your skin. Some people are set off by the scent but I personally love it! I couldn’t say any more good things about this product except to recommend it to anyone looking to try it.

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