KYPRIS Moonlight Catalyst

KYPRIS Moonlight Catalyst



I have been using green beauty products almost exclusively for a few years now. The one product that I was never able to give up was prescription tretinoin(Retin A). I am in my late 30’s and was so worried that if I stopped using a harsh retinoid that I would start developing lines and wrinkles! I decided to try Moonlight Catalyst after using and loving all of Kypris’s other products. I can honestly say that since switching over from tretinoin to Moonlight Catalyst(a natural retinoid alternative) approximately 8 months ago, my skin has never looked better. I very rarely have a blemish, the little bit of hyperpigmentation that I had on my cheeks has faded and I have not developed any fine lines/wrinkles. Despite truly believing in the power of natural skincare, I still had my doubts about anything being able to take the place of a prescription retinoid. Needless to say, the performance of Moonlight Catalyst proved me wrong! I would very much recommend this product for someone who is looking for a non-toxic alternative to retinol or to someone that wants to even out and brighten their skin!!!


I love this product! It does not dry out my dry skin, and it helps to exfoliate the dead skin I have on my forehead causing it to be rough. This product makes my skin super smooth and clear.

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