Best Scented Clean Candles for Fragrance Snobs

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best nontoxic scent candles

Ever since I discovered the world of niche perfumery, I’ve become somewhat of a fragrance snob or a “perfume nerd” as they like to call it. While there are so many factors that go into a “perfect candle,” the most obvious one for many would be the candle’s fragrance. If you don’t like the scent, there’s just absolutely no way you’re going to continue burning that candle. Candles and perfumes are not that different from each other in the end. One is fragrance for body and the other is fragrance for home. In that same vein, what one person adores the other can despise as fragrance is so personal. Keeping that in mind as you read this, scroll through for some of my favorite scented candles and why.

You’re not going to find a ton of loud, cloying scents in this list, so if that’s your preference I suggest hopping over to Byrdie. I personally enjoy more subdued scents that remind me of nature. Living in a cosmopolitan city, candles are another way for me to invite nature into my home and surround my senses with their wonders. Strong synthetic scents can end up giving me a headache, so I find myself drawn to the real thing much more often though I can definitely appreciate the complex fragrances made possible in the lab.

homecourt candle

Homecourt by Courteney Cox – Cece

Monica Geller was definitely a fragrance snob and her real life character Courteney Cox created a candle that she would be proud of. It’s mindfully crafted with ethically sourced ingredients like Guatemalan cardamom, Dried mate absolute leaves, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Carrot seeds and leaves, Indonesian patchouli oil and Vetiver oil. Placed at the top of the list for a reason, this intoxicatingly curious blend is a step above the rest and a must try if you love a good fragrance. Homecourt is priced at the luxury end, but keep reading for more affordable best scents.

Homecourt Website (code OBL saves)

peace sake candle

Peacesake Candle Co – Palo Santo

There’s nothing more sacral than the scent of palo santo in my mind. This deep woodsy scent is layered with lemon, patchouli, clove leaf, and a grounding base of cedarwood. The best part, it’s twice as much as wax as your average candle for an extra long lasting candle.

Peacesake Candles Website

yield candle

Yield Design – Pomelo

I love a good woodsy candle all year round, but for something more juicy for the warmer months, I love Yield Design’s Pomelo scent. You have the sweet juiciness of currant, zest of bergamot and (my favorite) fresh saltiness of Himalayan Salt that really adds an interesting complexity. This is not a cloying sweet that often comes from strong synthetic scents. Pomelo is subdued, elegant and all around lovely. Bonus points for the vessel being a reusable chic glass.

Yield Design Amazon Store

La Lueur Candles – Hinoki Cypress + Cedarwood

This 2-wick luxury candle comes in an artisanal mouth blown glass vessel and turns my home into a Finnish sauna, scent-wise not temperature. If you’ve ever been able to indulge in a spa session with an authentic Finnish sauna and you know that intoxicating smell of wood combined with heat that hits you as soon as you enter the sauna door, then you’ll know what this candle smells like. This luxurious scent combines notes of japanese hinoki cypress, juniper berries, red cedar, rose, balsam, forest pine, amber, cardamon, green musk.

Fernweh editions candle

Fernweh Editions – Roaring Fireplace

I was already in love with the idea of a candle that smells like a burning fireplace before I even smelled it. This smells just like a crackling wood fire complete with a spicy kick that reminds me of what the burnt edges would smell like.

Fernweh Editions Website



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