Best NOW Foods Products Review

Now foods review

I’ve been working with NOW Foods for over a year now and during that time I’ve been lucky enough to try many of the products in NOW’s 1400+ product line. In 2019, I was lucky enough to visit NOW’s impressive headquarters and labs in Illinois before the pandemic hit. Even before I knew NOW Foods, I already knew NOW Foods because their products are sold everywhere and have been a longtime staple in many American households throughout its 50 year history.  Even after five decades, NOW Foods remains a family owned company committed to bettering their customers’ lives.

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Odacite Skincare Review: The Ultimate Guide to Odacite

Odacite skincare review

Odacite Skincare is a natural and organic skincare line where understated luxury and high performance go hand in hand. Odacite has a certain je ne sais quoi, like the effortless beauty that French women seem to possess but in the form of a skincare line. Hailing from California, Odacite Pure Elements has been around since before clean beauty became “clean beauty” and remains a staple in my beauty routine to this day. It’s been five years since I first introduced my skin to Odacite’s highly active formulas, and in this full Odacite skincare review, I am finally sharing my thoughts on the products I’ve tried over the years. You can save 15% with my Odacite discount code OBL, as always.

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ManiMi Gel Stick On Nails Review

Manimi Gel Nails Review

I am now addicted to gel nail strips! Where have these been all my life?

If you’re unable to visit the nail salon or are looking to save money on expensive gel manicures I’ve found the perfect non-toxic solution! ManiMe is a gel stick on nail brand and the first to offer custom-fit sizes using a proprietary 3-D technology. Thank goodness for technology making all our lives more convenient! Read on to find out all about ManiMe, my experience and tips on how to apply gel stick on nails.

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Clean beauty gift guide

Clean beauty gift guide

If you’re looking to get your gift shopping for family and friends done during Black Friday, because you’re financially savvy and an anti-procrastinator, I’ve rounded up some fantastic gifts at unbeatable prices for you below. These are the best sales of the year so you might as well gift yourself something as well while you’re at it!

Nuface microcurrent

NUFACE Microcurrent Devices
25% Off + Free Shipping

Skin goals: Lift, tone and tighten the face through cutting-edge microcurrent technology

Thinksport sunscreen

30% OFF + Free Gift for $25+ Orders

Love these affordable SPF 50 sunscreens that smell exactly like a pina colada!

Safety razor

10% Off

These eco bamboo safety razors are a great gift for anyone male or female! They’re precision engineered with 100% recycled materials and come with a pack of 5 extra blades.

Qyksonic zoe bliss vs plus

QYKSONIC ZOE $89 $149 (Use code OBL)


I don’t think anyone who uses their hands to clean is actually doing a proper job at it every night. It’s 2020 and we have machines to do this for us and they’re way better at it. ZOE uses a patented T-sonic technology aka transdermal technology of 7500 pulsations per minute to get rid of 99.5% of the gunk on your face while gently exfoliating. The back side is for product penetration and the bottom is a zinc base that you can use to depuff eyes. Completely waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower for a face and scalp massage and each charge is good for up to 500 uses. It’s $99 for Black Friday and affiliate code OBL saves an extra $10!

ZOE – Bliss

Cocokind skincare

20% off + Credit Towards Future Purchase

The discount is automatic and my code OBL cannot be stacked, but you’re getting an amazing deal because any order that’s at least $50 gets $10 or more towards a future purchase in December! 

Edible beauty

Edible Beauty Skincare Gift Sets
30% off

For the sleek luxe packaging and all natural, wildcrafted ingredients, the prices are already very reasonable and with 30% off even moreso. Perfect for mom or any discerning skincare fan.

Space masks


These are self heating eye masks for interstellar relaxation. They start heating up immediately and have a subtle therapeutic jasmine scent that is uber relaxing and helps you get a better night of sleep. They work for 15 minutes and after you take them off and drift away into dreamland! These are a unique, inexpensive gift that comes in a pretty box.

100 percent pure gift set

Unlock $10 Deals with $45 Purchase

Every year, 100 Percent Pure offers $10 Black Friday deals as long as you make a $45 purchase. This year they’re offering a ton of products in their $10 deals.

Max and me skincare


High vibrational organic skincare Max and Me is an otherworldly skincare line that brings skin and soul healing in a bottle. Every detail about this brand and their products are luxurious and are carefully chosen based on their vibrational quality and ability to bring energy healing.

Getaway house

$35 off or 25% off

  • Black Friday
    • REST35 for $35 off a stay
    • Valid through Sunday 11/29
  • Cyber Monday
    • OFFLINE25 for 25% off a stay
    • Valid only on Monday 11/30

This is the perfect romantic getaway with your partner or family trip with kids in a tiny cabin nestled in nature. You can choose between 1 or 2 beds and more than a dozen cities around the US with outposts not more than a few hours from a major city.


Derma e skincare

30% Off + Free Gifts

Derma E offers just about every kind of beauty product imaginable for every skin type and concern. The prices are so affordable making 30% off a great steal. I particularly love their:

  • Universal Cleansing Balm
  • Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water
  • Vitamin C Bright Eyes Gel Patches
  • Mineral SPF Powder Brush
  • Radiance Face Oil
  • Cloud Cleanser


Fitglow makeup


For the makeup lover, Fitglow offers some of the highest quality organic makeup available. While their price points are on the steep end, on the rare occasion they offer some unbeatable deals.

Vegamour hair growth

VEGAMOUR Hair Growth Kits
30% off code FRIDAY

Vegamour offers natural and non-toxic hair growth products using clinically researched Natural ingredients. Their original GRO hair growth serum is already a cult favorite in the beauty community and they’ve expanded their line to include hair growth focused hair care and styling products all designed to work at strengthening and growing hair. 

The best part: Free and super fast global shipping!

Chasin unicorns box


For someone who loves self care and crystals, Chasin Unicorns offers their previous boxes as one time purchases so no need for a subscription. You get an already curated box for a great discount and my code OBL saves further. Chasin Unicorns is a vegan and organic beauty brand with a focus on crystals!

Evolve organic beauty


Evolve is an organic skincare line from the United Kingdom that has grown into a wide range of skin, body and hair care products — all at a pretty affordable price. They have a variety of stocking stuffer and small holiday gift set options if you’re looking for a beautifully packaged and presented gift!

Shipping: FREE USA/EU/UK delivery with orders over 25!

Juice beauty gift set

Or 25% off + free shipping

Juice Beauty has curated a beautiful range of holiday gift sets that have built in discounts, but they’re also having a major Black Friday sale for 30% off their most popular products!

Organic aromas

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffusers
30% Off – Cyber Monday only

Use code CYBERMONDAY30 to get 30% off their no heat, no water, no plastic essential oil diffusers! These are made entirely of glass and handcarved wood and don’t require any use of heat or water to dilute the oils. 

Clove and hallow

Clove and Hallow
30% Off

Clove and Hallow is a clean makeup line that has one of the best affordable concealers available! While not all natural, they offer a variety of stunning vibrant shades with their super popular lip products. Now they have a large offering of skincare and holiday launches.

Osea skincare

OSEA Skincare Sets
Free Hyaluronic Sea Serum (value $88) with $135 order

OSEA is an OG in clean beauty and their Atmosphere Protection Cream, Blemish Balm, Hyaluronic Sea Serum still stand out as superb products against the competition.

Mahalo skincare

15% off Sitewide

Truly a decadent Hawaiian treat for your skin. Mahalo’s products are sure to impress anyone who receives these.

Odacite skincare

Tiered Discounts + Free Shipping + Ayurvedic Soak

Another cult favorite, Odacite has an incredible micellar cleansing water, pimple serum that works wonders, and a superb range of high quality organic skincare. 

Edible Beauty Review

Edible beauty skincare

As the name suggests, Edible Beauty is a natural skincare brand that’s so pure you could eat it! Hailing from Australia, these luxurious products are made of 100% mineral, vitamin and botanical derived ingredients and are vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in completely sustainable materials. Edible Beauty carries a wide range of products from natural skincare to teas and sunscreen to multi-purpose balms. In this Edible Beauty review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on their tonic serums and their Sephora bestseller No. 3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum. Plus an Edible Beauty discount code for 20% off!

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5 Eco-Friendly Accessories to Have On Your Radar

Nordgreen watch

Making better shopping decisions when it comes to my clothes and closet is one thing I’m working on since I advocate for conscious beauty shopping. Our options for fashionable, sustainable, and cruelty-free Clothes and accessories are getting better each year as more companies turn up to meet our changing demands.

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What Do Bloggers Do All Day

Life as a blogger

What do bloggers actually do all day? For anyone curious about what I actually do all day as a green beauty blogger and my full time blogger schedule, this is for you.

Managing a blog requires a lot of different skills including writing, editing, photography, social media management, and learning how to run a successful business. While it doesn’t look like a respectable or demanding profession from the outside, I actually find myself working longer hours than I did at my corporate job. The flipside is that I get to make my own schedule, work from anywhere and take days off if I choose to.

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QYKSonic ZOE Review: ZOE Bliss vs Plus

Qyksonic zoe bliss

The QYKSonic ZOE is my go-to facial cleansing device and I could not imagine my skincare routine without this gamechanging “skinnovation” that does so much more than cleanse. I have both the QYKSonic ZOE Bliss and ZOE Plus and will cover how to use QYKSonic ZOE and compare both devices in this review. The Orange County, California based company first reached out to me in 2018, so I’ve been using this device for almost 2 years now. As always, my affiliated QYKSonic ZOE discount code OBL saves.

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The Best Organic Beauty Shopping Guide 2020

Organic beauty buying guide

I created the ultimate Organic Beauty buying guide to help anyone looking to price compare and shop the best organic and natural skincare products. In this clean beauty shopping guide you’ll find skincare products that range from affordable at less than $10 to hyper-luxe at $300 in nearly 20 different skincare categories. Whether you’re looking for a cheap face scrub or the best organic anti-aging skincare routine, you‘re sure to find some natural beauty inspiration in this ultimate organic skincare shopping resource.

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EVOLVh Review + Discount Code

evolvh haircare review

Affiliate code OBL saves sitewide

Looking for effective organic hair care? After using Evolvh products for years I’m finally getting around to documenting my thoughts on the world wide web. A luxury natural haircare brand based out of the Bay area, Evolvh has certainly evolved a lot over the years with many new additions to their expanding line.

They also switched to an all-natural grapefruit essential oil fragrance!

What I appreciate about Evolvh Hair products is that instead of using ingredients that simply coat the hair to make it “look” healthy, they use ingredients that are backed by science to meet the molecular needs of strands at their very core. They are also a “no nasties” committed brand that is:

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Bellasonic Review: Electric Nail File for At Home Manicures


I’ve been using the Bellasonic electric nail file for the past few months and wanted to share a quick Bellasonic review for anyone interested in this new nail tool. The Bellasonic nail grooming system features patented oscillating back-and-forth movement using 4 interchangeable round discs. Each disc serves to either shape, smooth, buff or shine nails.

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Hey Dewy Review: Portable Facial Humidifier

Hey dewy humidifier

I recently discovered the Hey Dewy portable humidifier and was curious to see for myself why celebrity esthetician Shani Darden uses it. I saw it was already sold at Revolve and Urban Outfitters, but couldn’t find any real reviews. I don’t typically review devices, but I thought a Hey Dewy review might help anyone considering whether to purchase or not.

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Code Of Harmony Review: Clean CBD Skincare

Code of harmony

Even with the thousands of CBD brands that have popped up in the last few years alone, my favorite clean CBD skincare brand remains Code Of Harmony. I first met Code Of Harmony at Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles a few years ago and have been hooked ever since! Based out of Long Beach, California with their very own spa called The Skin Lab nestled downtown, Code Of Harmony crafts clean, small-batch CBD skincare with bespoke formulas developed by founder Janet Schriever.

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The Ultimate Ursa Major Review: Natural Skincare for Men and Women

Ursa major skin care

Ursa Major is a premium natural skin care line I’ve used and loved for several years now. I have tried every Ursa Major product there is and am ready to share a full Ursa Major review on the ”Patagonia of Natural Skincare.” This gender-neutral line from Vermont offers skincare that appeals to both men and women, is accessibly priced and comes in generous sizes that you rarely find in clean beauty.

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Affordable Organic Beauty: 60+ Best Budget Organic Beauty Brands

Best Budget-Friendly Organic Beauty Brands cheap

I created the ultimate BUDGET organic beauty brands list full of affordable natural and organic skincare brands. This is the broke girl’s guide to the best affordable natural and clean beauty brands. Even at full size these are the really, really affordable organic skincare products that are all under $30, mostly under $20 and often under $10 – at full size NOT sample or travel size.

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Beauty By Earth Review

Beauty by earth review

Looking for affordable organic skincare? Organic no longer has to break the bank thanks to brands like Beauty By Earth. Their mission is to create the most effective skincare products possible using the cleanest ingredients available. This isn’t an easy feat, but Beauty By Earth makes it look effortless. Beauty By Earth was birthed from outrage – outrage at the skincare industry’s disregard for our health, outrage at hidden toxins and outrage at the sky high prices for natural high-quality skincare.

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The Best New Mineral Reef Safe Sunscreens for Summer 2020

Best organic sunscreens

We are all hoping and praying that summer 2020 is not lost, so I am throwing out more good vibes into the internet universe with this mineral sunscreen review. I deemed March to be Sunscreen Madness month on social media (really just to hype myself up) and tested a dozen of the latest and greatest reef-safe sunscreens throughout the month. I love sunscreen, can never have enough of them, and probably own at least a dozen at any given time.

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The Ultimate John Masters Organics Review

john masters organics shampoo

John Masters Organics has a fantastic range of natural and organic hair care products widely available and priced mid-range that includes clean shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products. Celebrating their 25th year this year, John Masters Organics is practically a household name for holistic and natural lifestyle enthusiasts. Their hair care is famous worldwide with 70+ stores across the globe. Even the itty bitty hair salon on my street when I was living in Lugano used John Masters Organics products. And of course, every single product in this range is made of at least 70% organic ingredients.

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