Kuli Kuli Moringa Review + Discount Code

Kuli kuli moringa

I’ve been a Kuli Kuli fan for five years now and wanted to share my experience with their moringa superfood snacks, smoothies and drinks. I love what this company is creating and doing behind the scenes to make an impact beyond selling a product. Kuli Kuli also happens to be the largest US importer of moringa. Moringa leaves are one of the most nutrient-dense greens on the planet, packed with protein, essential amino acids, 27 vitamins and 46 antioxidants. Kuli Kuli’s mission is to turn climate-smart, community-grown superfoods into staple foods to allow them to generate stable income for thousands of farmers while also fighting climate change.

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best natural tinted face sunscreens

(Updated June 21, 2022) If you’re looking for the best tinted sunscreens for face that offer broad spectrum SPF protection and are made of natural and organic ingredients -but without that annoying ghostly white cast – I’ve rounded up the best natural tinted face sunscreens! All brands below are committed to high quality, safe ingredients and bringing you sunscreens that both fully protect and deeply moisturize the skin.

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10 Best Luxury Natural Hydrating Serums (Hyper Luxe)

For luxury lovers who only want the best of what the luxury organic skincare world has to offer, I’ve rounded up the best all natural hydrating serums. Some even count Hollywood’s A-listers like Emma Watson and Kourtney Kardashian as their fans. These eco-luxe serums are great for all skin types including dry, aging, dull, acne-prone and environmentally damaged skin.  With hyper luxe natural and organic hydrating serums, you get the uber chic, expensive looking packaging along with the highest quality, rare ingredients you won’t find in regular serums. While I can’t say the same for the conventional beauty industry (looking at you La Mer), in organic beauty you tend to get what you pay for. Cosmetic elegance, lush textures, cutting-edge green chemistry, and high-tech natural botanicals come together in sophisticated harmony like little skincare works of art. Read on for next level hydration and deep replenishment, hyper luxe organic edition.

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12 Best Natural Organic Tinted Lip Balms of 2022

Best natural tinted lip balms

Looking for natural and organic tinted lip balms that come in pretty colors, use clean ingredients and hydrate lips?  Clean tinted lip balms come in many forms – some are highly pigmented, some give UV ray protection, some are high sheen and others shimmer. But who doesn’t love a barely-there balm with a hint of color and sheen. When you don’t feel like wearing lipstick and you’re not in the mood for a lip gloss, tinted lip balms are simply the best. We’ve come a long way from our Lip Smacker Days, you and I, and our lips simply deserve the best. From chic to granola crunchy, organic tinted lip balms all have one thing in common – to moisturize the heck outta those lips.

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12 Best Natural Organic Makeup Brands That are Truly Clean

Looking for the best 100% natural makeup brands that are non toxic? Natural makeup has come a long way since the days when “natural makeup” conjured up images of DIY lip balms and black charcoal mascara. You now get performance that’s on par with the biggest Sephora makeup brands and safer, clean ingredients. If it’s going on your face, why wouldn’t you want nothing but the best skin-beneficial ingredients? Organic makeup combines the latest innovations in natural chemistry with plants and botanicals that nourish skin and enhance beauty. But with the explosion of clean beauty in an unregulated industry, you now have a myriad of makeup brands calling themselves clean and then you have a handful who are actually 100% natural, nontoxic and clean. While I enjoy using both clean makeup and organic makeup, I wanted to round up the handful of natural makeup brands that are dedicated to being truly all natural without synthetics, dimethicone, petrochemical derivatives and artificial dyes that you commonly find in clean makeup. Read on for the best nontoxic organic makeup brands on the market.

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Best Luxury Organic Face Cleansers of 2022

Best luxury organic face cleansers

Looking for the best natural and organic face washes that are also luxurious face treatments? The Organic skincare world has no shortage of the most decadent face cleansers, face washes and cleansing oils that not only cleanse the skin but turn your cleansing routine into a luxury ritual. There are luxe natural cleansers for all skin types that soothe sensitive skin, balance oily skin and heal troubled skin. Cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine — dermatologists recommend double and even triple cleansing in the evenings. Any remainder pollution and bacteria in your pores has been proven to wreak havoc and cause premature aging. Luscious textures, scents that transport and botanicals that cleanse, nourish and heal skin galore can be found in the best natural and organic cleansers. The world of luxury cleansing: organic edition awaits.
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Typology Review: Best & Worst of Typology Skincare

Born in Paris, Typology is an affordable clean and vegan skincare line with a focus on actives, simplified formulas and transparency. Often referred to as the French The Ordinary, Typology is like The Ordinary’s sophisticated Parisian cousin, and she’s a little more expensive. The B Corp certified brand uses natural and vegan formulas are trimmed down to only what’s essential (yes they are free from Phenoxyethanol too). The entire line is French made with partner laboratories in Bergerac, Aix en Provence and Compiègne. For a relatively new brand, Typology already has a line of a bajillion products, and I’ve only tried about a dozen. Typology has a wide variety of skincare, natural sunscreens, makeup, hair care, scalp care, and body care. I mean they even have self tanner, tinted lip oils and lip plumping serums. I’m sharing what I felt was the best and worst out of the products I’ve been able to try. Read on for my thoughts on Typology Paris!

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Raw Elements Sunscreen Review (Pros + Cons)

Created by an ocean lifeguard of 20 years, Raw Elements is an OG organic sunscreen brand made completely of natural ingredients and numerous certifications to back them up. Raw Elements was founded back in 2012 and was one of the first organic sunscreens I switched to.  Raw Elements fits a particular type of customer, namely surfers, water sports enthusiasts, and people who enjoy earthy hemp scents and emollient rich consistencies. If you don’t tick any of the above boxes, then I’m not sure you’d enjoy their regular sunscreens. Raw Elements does also offer sunscreen serums for face with a lighter consistency and SPF 30 lip balms (I have repurchased their Pink Shimmer one numerous times over to protect my lips from aging!). Read on for Raw Elements sunscreen review.

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10 Best Natural Organic Sunscreens Without a White Cast 2022

Best natural sunscreens without white cast

Natural and organic Sunscreens have come a long way in recent years and brands have found clever ways to offset the dreaded white cast effect. The fact of the matter is Mineral Sunscreens with zinc oxide as the UV filter will always always always have some kind of a white cast effect. Don’t blame me, blame science. To avoid this, clean sunscreen brands are using hybrid formulas of both chemical and mineral UV filters or adding a small amount of tint to counteract the zinc oxide whiteness. Many mineral sunscreens did not make this list, because this isn’t a “Minimal White Cast Sunscreen” post. I’m not sure how Native sunscreen made it into The Cut’s list of no white cast sunscreens. There’s absolutely some white cast! From OG safe sunscreen brands to skincare brands launching their first sunscreen, no white cast sunscreens made of natural and organic ingredients are finally here.

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Cleo+Coco Deodorant Review

Cleo coco deodorant

Cleo+Coco is an all natural deodorant for those who enjoy a highly creamy deodorant. So if you already know you’re going to hate that kind of texture, then there’s no need to continue reading. But skip to the Cleo+Coco Face and Body Bar because I think these are highly moisturizing, fantastic soap bars that are very affordable! Read on for my Cleo+Coco review.

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5 Best Natural Organic Sport Sunscreens that are Water Resistant 2022

If you’re looking for the best mineral and reef-safe sport sunscreens that are made of natural and organic ingredients, I’ve rounded up the best water resistant natural sunscreens of 2022. All brands in this mineral sport sunscreen post are committed to high quality, clean ingredients and bringing you sunscreens that fully protect you and your whole family. These natural zinc oxide sunscreens are great for sports, outdoor activities, the beach and sweaty days and provide up to 80 minutes of water resistance. Plus they all happen to be affordable and budget friendly! Read on for the best mineral sport sunscreens that are water résistent for summer.

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10 Best Luxury Natural Face Moisturizers for Anti-Aging

Best anti-aging organic face cream

The organic skincare world is a luxury lover’s dream and there’s no shortage of the most decadent all natural face moisturizers and organic anti-aging creams. These luxury face creams combine innovations in green science with artisanal plant formulas. Anti-aging organic face moisturizers will beat your La Mer any day, period. The best face moisturizers for aging skin will contain powerful natural ingredients and actives like advanced peptides, retinol, hyaluronic acid and more. I’m also sharing the best luxury natural face moisturizers with SPF. If you’re looking for the upper echelon of organic anti-aging face creams for mature, dry or troubled skin – or you allow nothing but the very best to touch your skin – read on.

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10 Best Affordable Natural & Organic Face Washes

Best natural face cleansers affordable

Looking for the best natural and organic face washes that are budget friendly? Organic face cleansers will spend the least amount of time on our skin (technically two minutes), so it makes sense to look for the most affordable option. But cleansing is the most important step in your skincare routine because leaving residue on your skin means all the products you use afterwards aren’t going to work. Not to mention the pollution and bacteria remain in your pores and continue to wreak havoc and cause premature aging. So you want something budget friendly that still effectively removes makeup and grime. These clean beauty face cleansers won’t break the bank and use pure, natural and organic ingredients without harsh surfactants.
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30 Best Natural Zero Waste Beauty Brands and Products 2022

In 2022 there are more eco-friendly beauty brands than ever that are putting sustainability first and not as an afterthought. The beauty industry creates 120 billion tons, that’s billion with a b, of packaging waste a year. 92% of plastic never gets recycled and ends up in the ocean and landfills, and since around 50% of all plastic is used for packaging, earth-first brands are needed now more than ever. Sustainable, eco-friendly beauty may be the new weird kid in school, but she’s here to stay thanks to brands who are revolutionizing plastic-free zero waste beauty. Check out the best zero waste beauty brands and products that are giving sustainability a sexy new look.

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Bio-First Review: Best Natural Neosporin Alternative

If you’re looking for a natural first aid brand that creates high quality products, check out the award-winning Bio-First. Bio-First is a line of pure, natural remedies that solves skin issues related to Eczema, Psoriasis, Radiotherapy, Lip Sores & First-Aid. Think Dirty certified, synthetic-free, and radically transparent, Bio-First makes high quality, naturally medicinal treatments for severe skin issues and skin wounds. Toss your Neosporin aside and try something healing as nature intended with Bio-First natural remedies. Bio-First contains no antibiotics, corticosteroids, petrochemicals, PEGs or synthetics. Read on for my Bio-First review and use discount code OBL to save 15% at Bio-First.

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Asutra Review: Venus Williams’ Self Care Brand


Run by Venus Williams and Stephanie Morimoto, Asutra offers accessibly priced clean skin and wellness products. Asutra’s non-toxic self care line combines both skin care and natural remedies for products that target people’s pain points like difficulty falling asleep, joint pain, muscle aches and more. They’re not only beauty products but targeted treatments ranging from foot creams to retinol serums and pain relief lotions to magnesium mists. Asutra is sold everywhere from Thrive Market to Target. I tried a couple of Asutra’s lavender body products and new Bakuchiol serum and am sharing my thoughts in this Asutra Review.

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Bathorium Review 2022 + Discount Code

Bathorium review

Bathorium is a line of clean bath soaks and bombs designed to elevate any bath experience into a luxurious spa-like experience at home. Born in Canada, Bathorium started in 2014 and has expanded to include: premium clean bath salts, bath bombs, bath teas, bath soaks and bubble baths — an emporium of bath products. Today, Bathorium is available across Anthropologie, The Detox Market, and The Four Seasons Hotels. They use decadent ingredients I wish I could bathe in everyday like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut milk and rose hip oil — and nothing I wouldn’t want to bathe in like toxins, artificial fragrance and artificial colorants. Check out my experience with these luxury bath soaks and bath bombs in my Bathorium Review and use discount code OBL to save 10% at Bathorium.

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Affordable Organic Beauty: 60+ Best Budget Organic Beauty Brands

Best Budget-Friendly Organic Beauty Brands cheap

(Updated June 1, 2022) I created the ultimate BUDGET organic beauty brands list full of affordable natural and organic skincare brands. This is the broke girl’s guide to the best affordable natural and clean beauty brands. Even at full size these are the really, really affordable organic skincare products that are all under $30, mostly under $20 and often under $10 – at full size NOT sample or travel size.

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15 Best Natural Body Lotions and Oils of 2022

Best natural body lotions

The best natural and organic body lotions for dry skin provide long-lasting moisture with pure and clean ingredients, leaving your body soft and supple. If it’s something we’re slathering over our entire bodies on the daily, we want to make sure that our body moisturizers are as natural as possible. Whether it’s summer or winter, it seems our skin is always in need of extra moisture and hydration. This is where natural body lotions, creams and oils come to the rescue with their skin nourishing, plant ingredients full of living nutrients and therapeutic aromatherapy benefits. From silky oils to fluffy creams, unscented to strong aromatherapy and every consistency from ultra thin to rich, there’s an organic body moisturizer for you. I’m sharing both budget and luxury options among the best natural body lotions and oils for dry skin.

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Corpus Naturals Deodorant Review 2022

Founded in 2018, Corpus Naturals deodorant is an all natural, vegan and plant-based deodorant made in California that’s already gained a cult following. Corpus is a deodorant for people who want to go the nontoxic deodorant route but don’t want to have to compromise on performance and design. Corpus places the utmost importance on every detail of the product they’ve created from design, texture, packaging and efficacy. They use a family run factory that uses 100% hydroelectric power, sustainably forested pulp, and recycled content. Corpus Naturals Deodorant is a water-based formula that contains naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts to eliminate body odor — all without the use of baking soda, which can irritate underarms. Read on for my honest thoughts on Corpus Naturals Deodorant.

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Best Clean Beauty Dupes for Luxury Products

Best clean beauty dupes

Here are clean beauty dupes, not for conventional products, but for luxury clean beauty favorites! Green and organic skincare can get very costly, because well, they’re superior. Whatever your opinion is on the sweeping term that is “clean beauty,” the fact is green beauty is made to THE highest standards. But you don’t have to break the bank to experience healthy, clean skincare. By now, many luxury organic skincare brands and products have reached cult status. Meanwhile, new clean beauty brands have been continuously cropping up, many of which have chosen the affordable and accessible route, which means there are plenty of options for us as consumers to choose from no matter what our budget!
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Trilogy Skincare Review

New Zealand cult favorite brand Trilogy is a clean, natural skincare line that shot to fame with their Rosehip Oil. Widely available at ULTA stores and online, Trilogy began back in 2002 by two sisters long before clean beauty became a movement. Their NATRUE certified products are a masterful blend of pure plant oils, natural extracts and potent botanical complexes. Trilogy fans include the likes of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Trilogy’s Rosehip oils and creams are widely loved, and after having used the brand on and off for the last several years, I’m sharing my thoughts in this Trilogy review.
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Bite Toothpaste Bits Review

Bite Toothpaste Bits is a zero waste brand based out of Marina del Rey, California creating plastic-free, clean toothpaste, mouthwash and body care products. The small company hit it big when they appeared on Shark Tank and count celebs like Kristen Bell as a fan. Today, their innovative eco-friendly toothpastes bits are fluoride free, vegan, made with nano hydroxyapatite and plant-derived, high quality ingredients and sent off in sustainable packaging. I tried Bite Toothpaste Bits (fluoride free), Mouthwash Bits and Solid Body Balms and and am sharing my thoughts in this Bite review.

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YINA Skincare Review

YINA is a luxury organic skincare line rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and enhanced by green science. Based in California, YINA was founded by Licensed Acupuncturist and formulator Angela Chau and Dr. Ervina Wu, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and registered TCM Dermatologist. Who better to create TCM-inspired skincare than a TCM Dermatologist. YINA’s reparative skincare line offers something unique with artisan formulas highly concentrated in traditional Chinese herbs and Chinese medicinal plants and made in-house. The YINA Bio-Cellulose mask is the highest quality organic sheet mask in the game to this day. I’m sharing my thoughts on YINA skincare in this YINA review.

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Clean Classic Perfume Review 2022

Founded in 2013, Clean Beauty Collective has been making clean perfumes with natural and safe synthetics for over a decade with their Clean Reserve and Clean Classic fragrance lines. Clean Beauty Collective works with partners that use green manufacturing practices and chooses responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients that give back. Their Clean Classic perfume line are linear fragrances, meaning they are designed to remain the same scent from first spritz to end of day. Simple, classic and casual scents that are easy and universally known like Rain, Skin, Fresh Laundry and Pure Soap make up the Clean Classic line.

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Axiology Lip-To-Lid Balmies Review 2022

Axiology Lip to lid balmies

Axiology lip-to-lid balmies are plastic-free color crayons for eyes, lips and cheeks. Made with just 9 ingredients, Axiology balmies are packed with oils, butters, and antioxidants like hemp and plum oil to nourish skin while imparting color. Widely available at ULTA stores, these miniature all natural face crayons are 3-in-1 and can be used for cheeks, lips, and eyes but I personally like them best as blushes. Axiology makeup is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free. It’s been about four years since I first got my hands on an Axiology balmie set and I’m sharing my in-depth review (including Axiology swatches) with this zero waste makeup innovation.

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10 Best Natural Cream Blushes that are Lip Cheek Tints

Best natural cream blushes

There are SO many good natural cream blushes that act as both a cheek and lip tint! These multi-use organic cheek and lip creams are made with clean ingredients so you can continue to take care of your skin for healthy cheeks, lips and even lids. There’s a clean cream blush and lip tint for every budget ranging from under $10 to over $30. One of these organic cream blushes is a Hailey Bieber favorite! If you’re looking for an organic cream blush that will give you flushed rosy cheeks AND lips, check out these best nontoxic cheek + lip creams.

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15 Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens 2022

Best natural sunscreens 2021

If you’re looking for the best new mineral and reef-safe sunscreens that offer broad spectrum SPF protection and are made of natural and organic ingredients, I’ve rounded up the best new natural sunscreens of 2021! All brands in this 2021 mineral sunscreen post are committed to high quality, safe ingredients and bringing you sunscreens that both fully protect and deeply nourish the skin.

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EVOLVh Hair Care Review + Discount Code

evolvh hair care

EVOLVh clean haircare products have long been a staple in my shower, because they’re high performance, luxurious and completely natural and organic. While I may switch brands to ensure my hair doesn’t get too used to whatever I’m using, EVOLVh will always be my default. Unlike conventional hair care brands that use synthetics that simply coat hair temporarily and cause product buildup, EVOLVh organic hair care is designed to solve the root of the problem so that your hair grows healthier and shinier. As someone who’s been bleaching her hair for over a decade, making my hair in much worse shape than the normal female population, I need products that actually work for the most damaged and distressed hair. True to its name, EVOLVh has evolved to include many new and exciting hair product launches like their InstaVolume line, DreamGel and UltraFlex Hairspray (I’m still waiting on a purple shampoo!). In this updated EVOLVh review, I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts on their latest clean hair care products PLUS an interview with EVOLVh founder and hair expert Boris Oak! As always, you can use my affiliated Evolvh discount code OBL to save 15% sitewide.

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Best Clean Beauty: May 2022 OBL Favorites

I’m bringing back my monthly OBL favorites posts that I used to do several years ago! While I’m not sure I’ll be doing this on an ongoing basis, I was surprised that an overwhelming majority of the community actually wanted a separate blog post on top of Instagram stories coverage. I’m continuously sharing clean beauty products I’m enjoying, testing, or trying for the first time, and a lot of times I’m talking about products solely for the purpose of testing and disseminating information. I do feel like this is a good way to give a little extra love to products I personally have taken a liking to.
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