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My Honest Review of Alteya Organics

Let me start off by saying I’m just blown away by the quality and luxury of Alteya Organics skincare for the price. So many of the affordable clean skincare brands have had to raise their prices that they don’t even feel that budget friendly anymore! Prices are skyrocketing so I was dumbfounded to find out that their certified organic moisturizer barely costs $25 because it looks AND feels like a $50+ face cream!

alteya organics rose moisturizer face cream affordable clean beauty

Alteya Organics has been around for a reaaaally long time (25 years in fact!) but I only recently tested them out, because I wanted to discover more cheap but good products. They’ve really flown under the radar for too many years because all the big brands have overshadowed them. But no longer (I hope)!

Organic roses are at the heart of this skincare brand. This is a family-owned business that has cared for their organic rose fields in the Bulgarian Rose Valley for over a century. They use generations old methods to grow and harvest their roses and lavender and use a proprietary steam-distillation method to retain all the beneficial properties of the plants.

I learned a little something in my natural perfume obsession and that is that there are so many different varieties of each flower, including rose, and each has its own qualities and characteristics. For instance, there’s damask rose, rose cabbage, rose de mai and more! Bulgarian rose is known to be the most valuable rose oil on the market.

So here’s what I think of Alteya’s Bio Damascene Rose Otto Moisturizer. It is truly a diamond in the rough…a hidden GEM in organic beauty! For barely $25, which is unheard of these days for something certified organic, it ticks all the boxes.

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I’m talking luxury dark glass packaging, sanitary pump dispenser, luscious creamy texture, silky smooth consistency, luxurious rose scent and an ability to moisturize of course!

I would not be this excited to share this product if it were $40, $50, $60 bucks but this is so affordable I don’t know how long they can keep the price that low! Brands that line Sephora’s aisles charge double, triple or even quadruple for similar formulas and textures without even using certified organic ingredients. It’s one of the main issues I have with the clean beauty industry, which is just wilding out these days.

Alteya Organics Rose Otto Facial Toner is also a gem of a find and is sooo luxurious and certified organic. It’s got certified organic rose flower water, rose oil and some other essential oils that provide the most exquisite spa-like scent. The rose toner is super soothing and softening. I like to use this not just as a toner but as a hydration boost throughout the day and a scalp mist!

Be warned though! Alteya Organics is not a skincare line for people who are sensitive to essential oils. The entire line is centered around certified organic essential oils so these are their hero ingredients.

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