My Review of Pact Clothing After 4 Years (+ a Discount)

In today’s article, I’m sharing my detailed and honest review of Pact Organic clothing and sheets after testing their products for four years. Pact makes 100% organic cotton clothes, including baby clothing, sleepwear, bedding, bath textiles and loungewear. I can confidently recommend Pact clothing and underwear, but I would say pass on Pact sheets.

I made my first Pact clothing purchase back in 2019 and I did NOT enjoy my first experience as a Pact customer. There were two reasons I wasn’t a fan of Pact. 1) Their designs were limited to basics while I was looking for more stylish pieces. 2) Shipping was embarrassingly slow. I must have received my order almost a month after I made my purchase.

A lot has changed since then, so I’m sharing my updated review of Pact clothing.

Read on for my Pact review and use discount code OBL to save 15% at Pact. Free global shipping!PACT clothing

Pact now has a wider variety of clothing styles, but much of their focus is still on basics.

If you’re looking for trendy, stylish eco fashion there are plenty of clothing brands making just that out there, but they’re naturally more expensive.

If you’re looking for quality organic underwear, basics and loungewear, Pact is a great brand to check out. Let’s dive into my Pact clothing and bedding review.

Pact organic sheets

Pact Sheets Review

I’ve been using Pact organic cotton sheets on and off for the past year, and I would only recommend these to hot sleepers and those who want thin sheets. Pact sheets are made with organic fair trade cotton and come in 8 colors. I use Pact Room Service Sateen sheets and the quality is adequate but not impressive. As someone who has tested a wide variety of organic sheets the Pact sheets aren’t as soft and luxurious as some of the other brands I’ve tried. They do hold up well through washes and they are ideal for hot sleepers thanks to their cooling effect.

PACT underwear

Pact Underwear

In the spirit of trying to provide the most helpful Pact clothing review, here is a pic of myself in their organic cotton underwear. I’m always testing out organic cotton underwear to find the very best, so I purchased the  Pact Organic Cotton Cheeky Hipster 6-pk.PACT underwear

I am a US size 6 in pants and either a Medium or Large when it comes to underwear, and Pact’s Large size fits me snugly.
PACT underwear

I’m so glad I didn’t purchase the Medium size. Organic cotton isn’t as soft as bamboo, but it’s a perfectly decent fabric that’s as healthy as can be for my lady parts.

Pact clothing

PACT Loungewear

I’ve enjoyed my  Pact loungewear purchases and find them so comfortable. What is Pact’s clothing actually like? They’re well constructed, durable and made with quality materials.

Pact clothing

PACT Shelf Bra Cami 

I purchased the Large size but probably could have gotten away with a Medium. This is a well designed tank that has:

  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Adjustable straps
  • Built in shelf
  • Pre-washed and shrink resistant fabric
Pact clothing

It’s made in India where Pact’s Fair-Trade Factory ensures fair wages, safe conditions and sustainable livelihoods.

It has a stretchiness to it and the material is not shabby or flimsy. For only $20 this is a great quality staple to have and it comes in a dozen colors.

Pact pants

PACT Split Hem Lounge Pant

Another affordable Pact clothing piece I bought was the Split Hem Lounge Pant. I don’t know why most of Pact’s loungewear pants for women are ankle length. This was one of the small handful of lounge pants that were full length.

  • Wide-leg silhouette with slit at side of hem on each leg
  • Contour elastic waistband with internal stash pocket
  • High-rise style
  • Full length

I’m 5’5 and ordered the large and it fits perfectly around the waist but drags a bit at the feet. It’s more important that my pants be comfortable around the waist, since I can always hem the length.

These pants feel more elastic as they have 11% Elastane.

Pact clothing

Pact clothing

Pact waffle pants
PACT Women’s Thermal Waffle Kick Pant

I got the Pact Thermal Waffle Kick Pant in a size medium, and though the Pact website says they hit above the ankle for most, mine are full length, hitting the top of my foot. I prefer that! Again, I’m 5’5.

Pact clothingPact organic clothing

These are 100% Organic soft comfy lounge pants perfect for working from home or getting your hygge on during the winter.Pact pants

Here I’m wearing my Pact purchase from several years ago with my new Pact waffle pants! Love the thick drawstrings.Pact clothingPact

Pact men’s clothing

PACT Men’s Woven Twill Roll Up Pant

If you’re wondering if the Pact clothing for men are worth buying, I’m updating my review with my thoughts today! I got these for my partner because he really loves this specific look of formal looking lounge pants that’s been on trend for men lately. He has been wearing the Pact Men’s Twill Roll Up Pant for several months now through summer and winter, and he LOVES them. I’m actually quite surprised by how much he loves wearing them. The Pact pants are very high quality and stylish and are still in perfect condition.

Pact clothing

This isn’t the best lighting, but here’s how the Pact pants look when worn. My partner has thicker thighs and can’t always find jeans that fit him right, but the Medium size still fit him comfortably.

Pact men clothing

Pact clothing

They can be dressed up or dressed down, and the stretchy waist is very comfortable.Pact clothing

The Olive color is beautiful and the fit is flattering.

Pact underwear

PACT Organic Cotton Socks

The PACT socks feel ok but not amazing. Some of the socks are softer than the others. Pretty standard.

Pact socksPact clothingPACT clothing

Pact Discount Code – OBL saves 15%

Discount code OBL saves 15% at Pact Clothing.

PACT Website

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