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The Top 3 Best Organic Socks (I finally found them!) 2024

I finally found the absolute best organic socks that beat all the other ones I’ve tried. You might not be think of socks as a priority, but trust me, having comfy socks can change your entire day. Scratchy socks made of artificial fibers simply suck. If you’re looking for that diamond in the rough, I got you! In today’s article, I’m sharing the best organic socks for women and men that feel amazing after years of trying out different organic sock brands. These are my absolute favorite socks that are super comfortable, breathable and made with high quality eco-friendly materials.

Q for Quinn organic socks

Q for Quinn Organic Socks

For everyday wear, my top pick is Q for Quinn organic cotton socks. Q for Quinn makes the most comfortable organic socks ever, and they come in various styles and weights for men and women. These are comfortable to the MAX! Q for Quinn feels so much more comfortable than Pact socks. I’m not sure how Pact is in every ‘ best organic socks ‘ list on the web, when I didn’t find them that comfortable or amazing. I have to wonder if they actually tried the socks!

I like that Q for Quinn socks have a decent amount of stretchiness, and so far they have passed the test of durability. There’s also no dyes or bleaches used and they have 98% cotton and 100% cotton options.

organic cotton socksorganic cotton socks

Their organic socks fit snugly all around with zero tightness. The inside of the socks are even softer than the outside and are such good quality. I wear Q for Quinn socks all daylong and don’t even care to take them off, because they feel amazing. I truly believe this is the organic sock to end all socks, and you will not need any other kind.

cozy earth bamboo socks

Cozy Earth Lounge Socks

For the coziest plush socks perfect for winter, my top pick is Cozy Earth Lounge Socks. These socks are incredibly soft and cozy and made of organic bamboo. Cozy Earth’s socks are thicker and plusher than your average sock, so they’re great at keeping cold feet warm and toasty. Don’t put them in the dryer though unless you want them to shrink! I wanted to include other organic socks options in case you’re looking for something special. (Affiliate code OBLCOZY saves 40%)

cozy earth bamboo socks

These socks are great for lounging around at home and winter boots, because they’re very thick.

sheec socks modal ankle

Sheec Socks

The best sustainable ankle socks I’ve found are the Sheec Modal Socks. Sheec Modal socks are thinner than organic cotton socks so they’re really breathable and great for long periods of wear. These have a ton of stretchiness but aren’t flimsy at all. The construction is high quality and detailed, with no irritating seam on the inside. Sheec Modal socks are super snug and comfortable all daylong – I highly recommend them if you’re looking for eco-friendly ankle socks. (Affiliate code OBL saves 20%)

I’ll continue to try out organic sock brands, and if any of them make the cut, I’ll be sure to update this article.

cozy earth lounge socks

maggies organic socks

Maggie’s Organic Socks

If you want thicker ankle socks Maggie’s Organic Socks are made with 81% organic cotton and have a thick feel to them. This is a great ethical and sustainable sock brand that works directly with small organic farmers in the US, Tanzania, Argentina and India. Their socks are knit and dyed in the US with certified organic, fair trade cotton fibers.


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