My Honest Cozy Earth Review after 3 Years (I Tested Everything)

In today’s article, I’m sharing my brutally honest review after testing Cozy Earth sheets and clothes. If you’re wondering which Cozy Earth products are worth it and which aren’t, look no further. I tested Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets, blankets, pajamas, bathrobe, loungewear and clothes. Read on if you’re wondering if Cozy Earth is worth the hype.

Cozy Earth review

Is Cozy Earth Worth It?

cozy earth pajamasYes and no! I wouldn’t necessarily purchase Cozy Earth at full price, but they’re offering OBL readers nearly half off with code CE-OBL. It also depends on which products you’re getting from Cozy Earth. The Cozy Earth sheets and lounge/sleepwear are worth it, but you do not need to buy their clothes. You can find similar apparel at many other brands, but the quality of their 100% bamboo viscose products are unmatched in my opinion. Nearly everything I’ve used from Cozy Earth has been supremely comfortable and high quality. The Cozy Earth bamboo sheets feels insanely soft and cooling at the same time and the quality has stayed intact. Yes, Cozy Earth products can be very expensive, but so worth it on sale.

Bamboo is by far the softest fabric I’ve had experienced out of all the eco-friendly fabrics I’ve tried. I just WISH they would finally make some bamboo underwear!

I’ve tried sooo many products from the brand and these are the ones that I think a truly truly worth it:
  • Bamboo Lounge Tee and Jogger from their “men’s ultra-soft” line (my partner is wearing it in the photo above. Your man will be obsessed with wearing these.)
  • Bathrobe (this will turn any bathroom experience into a 5-star hotel luxury spa experience!)
cozy earth sheets review

Cozy Earth Sheets Review

I have to say the Cozy Earth sheets are the coziest and softest sheets I’ve used, hands down. Plus, they only seem to be getting softer with every wash. If you’re a hot sleeper, these sheets are more cooling than cotton sheets. I have the Cozy Earth sheets in three colors and each share exactly the same quality. Cozy Earth Sheets are made from 100% bamboo-derived viscose and feature a sateen weave that helps prevent pulling and discoloration. You really don’t have anything to lose if you want to try these sheets out because they have a 100 night trial policy. Don’t like them? Just return them!
cozy earth sheets
Cozy Earth sheets in Walnut
Cozy Earth sheets
Cozy Earth sheets in Clay
Cozy Earth sheets My Cozy Earth sheets feel incredibly soft and cooling at the same time. My partner runs very hot at night and prefers the bamboo viscose to any other fabric, though I can tolerate a wide variety of fabrics. I love how it makes me feel cocooned in a comforting cloud. They almost feel silky soft. Bamboo is the ultimate fabric choice for sheets if you want the most comfortable sleep, especially if you feel cotton is too stiff. It also helps wick moisture away for excellent temperature regulation.  Cozy earth sheetsA little about the quality of Cozy Earth’s bamboo viscose: Cozy Earth produces its viscose from organically farmed and wild-harvested bamboo that is grown pesticide-free. They also use a patented fiber treatment process that recycles wastewater and avoids the use of harsh chemicals.
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cozy earth bathrobe

Cozy Earth Bathrobe

I absolutely loooove the Cozy Earth robe and feel like it’s a necessary luxury. The bathrobe is SO luxurious and plush, and it even has pockets. This is not like any other bathrobe I’ve used and makes me feel so pampered simply by putting it on. It’s thick and not at all flimsy like some of the cheaper bathrobes I’ve used over the years. I love that it has pockets and detailing on the sleeves to give it a premium look. It keeps well through the hottest wash cycles, and I haven’t experienced any pilling. Plus, I love the length of the Cozy Earth bathrobe. It doesn’t stop at the shins and goes almost down to ankles. I’m 5’5 for reference. cozy earth bedding blanket cozy earth blanket throw

Bubble Cuddle Blanket

This is made of polyester, but it’s the coooziest blanket ever! Love the bubble design, thickness, softness and textured look. It’s got a cream and beige gradient look to it and works great as an accent throw and as a blanket to snuggle up in. The regular throw size isn’t enough big enough for two people to comfortably cuddle so if that’s your goal then opt for the oversized throw. cozy earth clothing

Cozy Earth Clothing (Women)

cozy earthCozy Earth regularly releases collections of sleepwear and loungewear in different styles for women combining their signature bamboo with other eco-friendly materials. The Cityscape collection I’ve been testing is basically sweats and pullovers that you can wear both outdoors and indoors. The sweats and hoodie are super plush yet light and breathable. The eco-friendly fleece material on the inside is fuzzy and soft. These are made with mostly modal along with cotton, bamboo and a bit of recycled polyester. The Cozy Earth Waffle Knit clothing work as both sleepwear and loungewear for me. The material is a lot thinner for breathability and the clothes have a kit waffle knit texture. The Waffle Knit Tee is actually a lot cuter in person than on the Cozy Earth website. It has short sleeves so your arms can breathe while you’re sleeping under the covers.
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The Waffle Knit pants and top are designed to be worn year round and are made with a combination of bamboo and graphene poly. Everything I’ve been wearing is just so cozy and comfy.

cozy earth pajamas

Cozy Earth Pajamas

I’ve worn my Cozy Earth pajamas for YEARS, and they are still the softest and most comfortable sleepwear I own. I wear a size Medium and they drape well over my body and don’t cling to my skin. The pajamas are very stretchy and loose on me. After 2 years, the texture isn’t AS soft as when I first received them, but they’re still my most comfortable set of pajamas. The waistband is loose, adjustable and not too tight (my biggest pet peeve) and all the buttons are still in place. If you want something even softer, here’s my secret: Get the Bamboo Lounge Tee from their “men’s ultra-soft” line. It’s only available in the men’s apparel section. This is by far the softest item in the entire Cozy Earth clothing line. cozy earth pajamasCozy Earth pajamas Cozy Earth makes their pajamas in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, because they’re so popular. This past summer I started wearing their short sleeve pajama set and find the bamboo viscose fabric breathable and suitable even for hot summer days. cozy earth review

Cozy Earth Lounge Socks

I purchased Cozy Earth’s lounge socks out of curiosity, since I’ve never tried lounge socks before. Now that the holidays are here, I’ve been enjoying these super cozy and soft socks while lounging at home. I like that they’re warm without being too thick, and my feet can breathe even when worn for long periods. cozy earth socks I don’t recommend putting Cozy Earth socks in the dryer because they shrink. The quality hasn’t deteriorated even when putting them through the hottest temp cycles. I have these lounge socks in both beige and black, and they help to keep my cold feet nice and toasty.

Cozy earth clothing

Cozy Earth Men’s Clothing Review

My man’s favorite Cozy Earth clothes are the Bamboo Lounge Tee and Bamboo Pajama Pants. First thing he does when he gets back from work is jump into this set. Sometimes I also wear his because they’re even softer than mine. In the photo above he’s wearing the Cozy Earth Coastal Comfort Shorts in the color Storm. He finds them comfortable and breathable during the summer, but his favorite outerwear clothing item from Cozy Earth is the Coastal Comfort Cuffed Pants. Both pants are made of 88% Tencel, 12% Linen and he immediately noticed that they’re high quality. The pants are good enough to wear for work or play, making them versatile for all occasions. Here’s what I like about my Cozy Earth clothes:
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    • USDA Organic and toxin-free
    • Durable and high quality
    • Hypoallergenic
  • Supremely soft (nothing is softer than their bamboo viscose)

Why is Cozy Earth so expensive?

Cozy Earth products are organic, high quality and ethically made using their own supply chain. Cozy Earth invests in working directly with every supplier from start to end product, which includes the farmers, the fiber producers, the yarn makers and weavers, treatment facilities, bag makers, label makers and more. Cozy Earth also ensures good working conditions, fair labor practices, avoiding the use of caustic chemicals and a fiber process that recycles water and does not release waste into the environment.

Another noteworthy part of Cozy Earth’s business practices is that they have their own proprietary supply chain. While majority of bedding companies buy ready-made products through middlemen and trade companies then utilize branding and marketing to make it theirs, Cozy Earth developed direct relationships in order to make a superior product all their own.

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Cozy Earth review

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