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60 Clean Makeup Brands (Ultimate 2024 Guide to Organic Makeup)

Welcome to the ultimate clean makeup brands list of more than 60 amazing brands you should know in 2024. From certified organic makeup to Sephora bestsellers, this list has every single clean makeup brand on the market. 

Clean Makeup vs Organic Makeup

There is no real definition for clean makeup, and every individual and brand defines it on their own terms. As a result, there is a lot of greenwashing and misleading marketing being done. I like to think of clean makeup as an umbrella term for “all of the above,” covering all brands on the spectrum of the clean.

Almost all popular clean makeup brands today use synthetics, plastics, petroleum byproducts and lake dyes in their products. Beautycounter, Kosas, ILIA, Tower 28, Well People, Saie Beauty, Jones Road and Westman Atelier are just a few examples of clean makeup brands that use synthetics.

Keep in mind that most popular Sephora clean makeup brands are not all natural. By using synthetics they’re able to cut down on costs, increase profits and improve product performance.

clean makeup brands

Organic makeup brands, on the other hand, must have at least 70% organic ingredients in their products. Makeup with the USDA Organic Seal must have least 95% organic ingredients.

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If you want organic makeup, be sure to check the back of the product packaging or the label to see the percentage of ingredients that are organic. Certifications are really the only way to know for certain if a product is truly organic. But remember, organic certifications can be extremely costly for brands to obtain, so not all of them will have certifications even if they are organic. Ultimately, you should choose a non toxic makeup brand that aligns with your needs and concerns. 

natural makeup brands

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Makeup

Here are the ingredients you want to be aware of when choosing a clean makeup brand:

  • Parabens (e.g. Propylparaben and Isobutylparaben): These are linked to skin irritation, endocrine disruption, and harm to the reproductive system.
  • Petrolatum or petroleum jelly: Petrolatum can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  • Polyethylene (PEGs): These have been linked to various types of cancer.
  • BHA & BHT: These are preservatives that can cause liver, thyroid and kidney problems and act as a tumor promoter.
  • Phthalates: These chemicals are often used to enhance fragrance in cosmetics and can also be found in certain plastics. Phthalates have been associated with potential reproductive and developmental issues.
  • Talc: A mineral ingredient widely used as a filler in various cosmetic products. Talc has been associated with potential respiratory issues and possible contamination with asbestos.
  • Formaldehyde & formaldehyde-releasing preservatives: Avoid DMDM hydantoin, polyoxymethylene urea, diazolidinyl urea, bromopol, imidazolidinyl urea, glyoxal, methenamine, quaternium-15, and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, which can cause irritation and rashes
  • Fragrance: Companies don’t have to disclose fragrance ingredients by law because they’re deemed “trade secrets.” Fragrance can potentially cause allergies, skin irritation, and hormonal disruption.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA): DEA can cause skin and eye irritation and is classified as harmful by the European Union
  • Triclosan: This is an ingredient that fights bacterial contamination, but is not considered safe for humans.
  • Siloxanes or silicones: Some are considered toxic and can harm hormone function. 
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clean makeup products

Clean Makeup Guides by Product Type

  • Organic Foundation
  • Clean Concealer
  • Organic Lipstick
  • Organic Lip Gloss
  • Cream Blush
  • Clean Mascara
  • Clean Talc-Free Eyeshadow

Budget Clean Makeup Brands using Synthetics

honest beauty mascara

Honest Beauty

well people bio brightener

Well People

tower 28 beauty lip jelly

Tower 28

innbeauty project bronzer

Innbeauty Project

clover by clove and hallow blush

Clover by Clove and Hallow

mineral fusion blush

Mineral Fusion

honeybee gardens blush

Honeybee Gardens

seraphine botanicals lip

Seraphine Botanicals


Budget Clean Makeup Brands 100% Natural

lily Lolo natural makeup

Lily Lolo

olio e osso balm

Olio e Osso

han cosmetics makeup

HAN Cosmetics

zuzuluxe eyeliner


alima pure makeup

Alima Pure

Certified B Corp Alima Pure is a line of luxury mineral makeup without dimethicone, petroleum, talc, and bismuth oxychloride. They make natural makeup with a focus on minimalism, both in ingredients and packaging. I recommend trying their powder face products.

hynt beauty makeup

Hynt Beauty

gabriel cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics

noyah lipstick

Noyah Cosmetics

Sappho organic makeup

Sappho New Paradigm

root pretty foundation

Root Pretty

Clean Makeup Brands using Synthetics

ilia beauty foundation

Ilia Beauty

kosas concealer


saie glowy super gel

Saie Beauty

jones road miracle balm

Jones Road

merit foundation


westman atelier complexion drops

Westman Atelier

jane iredale foundation

Jane Iredale

youthforia foundation


typology tinted face serum


exa foundation

Exa Beauty

rituel de fille blush

Rituel de Fille

lys beauty blush

LYS Beauty

highr collective lipstick

HIGHR Collective

mob beauty

MOB Beauty

johnny concert lip

Johnny Concert

flavedo albedo eyeshadow

Flavedo & Albedo

manasi 7 makeup

Manasi 7

la bouche rouge lipstick

La Bouche Rouge

saint Jane beauty lip oil

Saint Jane Beauty

madame gabriela lipstick

Madame Gabriela

beautycounter lipstick


crunchi foundation


plume brow


iris & romeo concealer

Iris & Romeo

Yensa Beauty foundation

Yensa Beauty

tok beauty mascara

Tok Beauty

Clean Makeup Brands w/ Organic Ingredients

100 percent pure makeup

100% Pure

SAVE: Discount code OBL saves 20%

juice beauty natural makeup

Juice Beauty

lovinah natural makeup


ere perez bronzer

Ere Perez

Gressa foundation


Organic Makeup Brands

Inika Organic makeup

INIKA Organic

fitglow beauty serum

Fitglow Beauty

SAVE: Discount code OBL15 saves

Araza organic makeup

Araza Beauty

SAVE: Discount code OBL saves 15%

zao organic makeup

ZAO Organics

Au Naturale makeup

Au Naturale

rms natural makeup

RMS Beauty

Mango People clean makeup

Mango People

Luxury Clean Makeup Brands

kjaer weis makeup

Kjaer Weis

Zero Waste Clean Makeup Brands


elate beauty tinted balm

Elate Beauty

River Organics

4 responses to “60 Clean Makeup Brands (Ultimate 2024 Guide to Organic Makeup)”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Thank you for your list of natural and organic cosmetics, I did want to also bring up another subject though and that is price. Those of us not rich struggle to afford the high end prices some makeup brands charge. What advice do you have for people that care about natural organic ingredients in their makeup, but find higher end prices difficult to afford?

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Hey Lisa! There’s actually quite a few affordable clean makeup brands out there! I just published a post on 17 of them if you search for “affordable makeup” on the site.

  2. Natasha Vaidya Avatar
    Natasha Vaidya

    Your article provides a helpful guide to discovering the top natural and organic makeup brands, making it easier for beauty enthusiasts to choose safer and healthier options. It’s an excellent resource for those seeking eco-friendly and non-toxic alternatives in the beauty industry.

  3. Rachel Ziegler Avatar
    Rachel Ziegler

    Can you now do a list of organic/natural brands who use Acne safe ingredients. Many all natural brands use coconut oil or a derivitive.

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