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17 Best Natural & Organic Body Wash in 2024

In today’s article, I’m sharing the absolute best natural and non toxic body wash products that use certified organic ingredients. When it comes to choosing a natural body wash, all you have to do is look for one without harsh surfactants, detergents, sulfates and preservatives. A good body wash that’s truly non toxic will be full of quality, healthy ingredients and free from harmful ones that can irritate skin. The best body wash will not only cleanse skin effectively but also elevate your entire shower experience.

non toxic body wash brandsIf you’re applying body wash (and lotion) daily over every inch of your skin, it’s important to switch to a safer and more natural body wash. There’s more organic body wash product choices than ever, including an option no matter your body concern, lifestyle, budget or age. Ultimately, the best body wash is the one that works for you and your skin concerns. This article covers all of the best natural and organic body wash brands and why they’re worth trying in 2024.

Aleavia body wash

Aleavia Body Wash

Aleavia’s natural body wash is my top pick if you have sensitive skin and you need a body wash that has no fluff. This has just 10 simple and healthy ingredients that cleanse skin and nourish your skin microbiome. It’s a hydrating gel that feels amazing on the skin, offers a gentle lather and leaves skin feeling actually nourished. Check out my full Aleavia body wash review here.

What I love:

  • Large 16 oz size lasts a long time
  • There’s just 10 simple ingredients

Price: $25.99

100 percent pure body wash

100% Pure Body Wash

100% Pure vanilla bean shower gel is my favorite vanilla body wash that’s made with vegan, gluten-free and made with 100% natural ingredients. This has beautiful clean ingredients like rose hydrosol, red algae and green tea, smells like a dessert and feels so creamy. It definitely moisturizes skin while cleansing. The coconut scent is amazing for summer and transports you to a tropical oasis!

What I love:

  • So creamy and feels moisturizing
  • Has the best yummy vanilla bean scent

Price: $20

By Rosie Jane Body Wash

By Rosie Jane Wake the F∗ck Up Everyday Body Wash

I love the By Rosie Jane Everyday Body Wash as a luxury option. It’s super moisturizing while cleansing well and has an energizing scent of Lemon Verbena, Grapefruit, Geranium & Eucalyptus that really does smell invigorating. The only downside is the glass bottle and being careful that you don’t somehow drop it in the shower and break it. Check out my full By Rosie Jane body wash review here.

What I love:

  • Thick luxurious gel texture
  • Perfume like scents that last

Price: $25

Acure body wash

Acure Body Wash

Acure has a fantastic budget non toxic body wash that’s full of nourishing oils for the body like Argan oil and pumpkin oil and lathers so well. If you’re totally broke but you still want a natural body wash that works, try Acure’s.

What I love:

  • Hydrating gel consistency
  • Very budget friendly

Price: $16.99

Necessaire body wash

Necessaire Body Wash

I’m obsessed with Necessaire’s eucalyptus body wash – it turns your whole shower experience into a spa experience. The eucalyptus smells absolutely heavenly, and they even have an unscented option if you prefer no scent. The thick gel feels moisturizing and hydrating, lathers decently and cleanses well.

What I love:

  • Natural eucalyptus scent turns my shower into a spa

Price: $25

Alaffia body wash

Alaffia Body Wash

The Alaffia Everyday Coconut body wash is such a great affordable natural body wash option and offers the most value for money. It comes in a very generously sized bottle that lasts longer than most other non-toxic body wash products and it’s super nourishing and creamy. Plus, they’re made with only plant based & fair trade ingredients!

What I love:

  • Moisturizing gel consistency feels so hydrating
  • Very budget friendly

Price: $16


Plant therapy body wash

Plant Therapy Body Wash

Plant Therapy has by far the largest natural body wash bottle I’ve ever used and it lasts FOREVER. At 32 oz this huge bottle is the most budget friendly option and the tea tree peppermint scent is invigorating and refreshing. A major plus is men love this scent too.

What I love:

  • HUGE bottle of 32 oz
  • Tea Tree Peppermint scent wakes me up in the morning

Price: $24.99

Tree to tub body wash

Tree To Tub Body Wash

Tree To Tub makes an affordable natural body wash made with wild soap berries that are sustainably harvested. This gives the body an amazing cleanse using nature’s alternative to soap.

What I love:

  • Uses nature’s best soap – soap berries!
  • Very budget friendly

Price: $17.99

Native body wash

Native Body Wash

Native Body Wash is a cult favorite because they’re wildly affordable and come in delectable scents like Coconut & Vanilla. This is a great budget friendly clean body wash that’s made for both men and women.

What I love:

  • Unisex body wash that men like too
  • Very budget friendly

Price: $9

Rosemary & Clary Sage Body Wash - Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate Body Wash

This Los Angeles-based brand makes one of the most standout natural body washes in luxury clean beauty. It has 6 times the regular amount of essential oils and a luxurious thick texture. The purest Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, and Eucalyptus hand harvested by people they trust gives this clean body wash the most exquisite heavenly, natural scent. It truly feels like you’ve been transported to an herb garden and are smelling the actual herbs!

What I love:

  • Amazing scent power and absolutely loaded with essential oils
  • Large 16 oz bottle of eco friendly aluminum

Price: $46

Cleo & Coco Body Bar

cleo coco coconut cleanse bodyCleo & Coco makes the most nourishing and largest zero waste natural soap bar for face & body. This isn’t chalky at all and feels incredibly moisturizing – something I rarely find with soap bars!

What I love:

  • A body bar that actually feels moisturizing not stripping
  • Zero waste and eco friendly

Price: $16

Bathing culture body wash

Bathing Culture Organic Body Wash

Bathing Culture’s certified organic body wash is actually an all purpose soap that can be used any which you like. This hydrating body wash is made with certified organic olive oil, sunflower oil, essential oils, aloe, shea butter and they offer eco-friendly refills.

What I love:

  • Certified organic ingredients only
  • All purpose and versatile body wash with huge refill options

Price: $36

red flower natural body wash

Red Flower Organic Body Wash

Red Flower makes the most beautiful and luxurious natural body care products and their body wash is made with certified organic fruit, flowers and leaves, including certified organic cucumber, apple, chamomile, green tea and ginger. This thick gel body wash feels so hydrating and purifying, and basically feels like a love letter to nature.

What I love:

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • An ode to nature with organic fruits, flowers, leaves and herbs

Price: $43 (code OBL saves 20%)

Weleda body wash

Weleda Hydrating Body Wash

Weleda is so accessible and affordable and their natural body wash is made with non toxic ingredients only.

What I love:

  • Easily accessible at major stores
  • Extremely budget friendly

Price: $12

Everyone soap

Everyone 3-in-1 Soap

I discovered Everyone soap at Target and this one is fun because it’s a body wash, shampoo and bubble bath in one. I mainly use this as a body wash and love that it’s made with clean ingredients and scented with essential oils.

What I love:

  • Easily accessible at major stores
  • Extremely budget friendly and versatile

Price: $9

The seaweed and bath co body wash

The Seaweed and Bath Co Body Wash

Seaweed Bath Co is at Target and they have an affordable non toxic body wash made with skin nourishing ingredients like blue green algae, sustainably harvested seaweed, Hawaiian Kukui Oil.

What I love:

  • Thoughtful ingredients for a budget body wash
  • Easily accessible at Target

Price: $8.99

Everist body wash

Everist Body Wash Concentrate

Everist makes a great waterless body wash where you simply add water to a bit of product in the shower. It takes a bit of getting used to, but is a fantastic cause to support plus it’s travel friendly.

What I love:

  • Innovative sustainable body wash alternative
  • Travel friendly

Price: $24

Necessaire body acne wash

Best for Acne: Necessaire The Body Acne Wash

The Necessaire Body Acne Wash is the strongest medicated body wash for acne that is cleaner than other body acne wash products. It not only treats but also prevents acne with 2% Salicylic Acid, 10% Glycerin, Zinc PCA to regulate sebum and Niacinamide to help fade blemishes.

Necessiare body wash for acne

non toxic body wash

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