youthforia byo blush

Youthforia Blush Oil Review

San Francisco-based beauty brand Youthforia came onto the scene through making a splash with their Tiktok, and their BYO Blush quickly garnered a cult following. It’s a color-changing blush oil made of a blend of plant oils and extracts that reacts with your skin’s pH level to “instantly give you the perfect shade of natural flush.” Keep reading for my Youthforia review.

youthforia byo blush

At $36 Youthforia’s BYO Blush is not exactly affordable and the brand reminds me of many other clean makeup brands like Innbeauty Project which are positioned as budget friendly.

Do I think it’s worth it at $36? No, but if you’re already attracted to this product and want it, I feel like you’d probably enjoy it. To me, $36 is basically $40 if you count taxes/shipping, so for that much money I prefer to select a specific color so I can create a specific look. I’m not so into the whole mystery color intrigue from it reacting with your body’s pH.

youthforia byo blush

The brand’s marketing is strongly focused on it being “makeup you can sleep in” which I don’t think people should take seriously. It’s the same as skincare brands saying they’re “skincare you could eat.” Are you actually going to eat your skincare? No. Are you going to sleep in your makeup? You shouldn’t.

The color I get from the Youthforia BYO Blush when it comes into contact with my skin is a pretty pink shade, which is a plus. I’m so glad it did not turn into a funky plum.

However, the consistency is that of an oil, so as someone who prefers a matte makeup look with setting powder I don’t want to add oils on top of my base. In makeup the general rule of thumb is to stick to the consistency type you’re using for your whole look ie powders with powders, creams with creams.

It’s a thin oil so it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy and it gives the effect of a natural flush.

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youthforia byo blush

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