NU EVOLUTION Makeup Review and Swatches

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NU Evolution is one of the cleanest most high-performing makeup brands on the market today and even after a few years of first reviewing the line (see blog post of NU’s foundation and swatches¬†¬†here) it still remains one of my few top favorite brands. Not that it matters but NU is also one of Emma Watson’s “go to” brands according to Eluxe Magazine. Besides healthy ingredients and high performance, this…

SIBU Beauty Sea Buckthorn Review

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SIBU is a line of skincare & supplement products featuring Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berries as its star ingredient. According to SIBU, this berry has 90 bioactive compounds, contains an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, and is the world’s richest source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, a fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails. Traditionally Sea buckthorn berry is used for:

COOLA Sunscreen Review

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COOLA is one of my go-to sunscreen brands. I take  their products on all my travels and use their products on an everyday basis. As a staunch believer in SPF 365 days a year, rain or shine, clouds or sun, indoors or outdoors there’s no such thing as having too many sunscreen products on hand for me. For full disclosure this is not a 100% organic brand but they use…

Au Naturale Foundation & Blush Swatches

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I recently tried out a few products by Au Naturale which is one of the cleanest makeup brands out there along with Vapour, ILIA & Fitglow. They offer a very thorough range of foundation shades and I had the opportunity to swatch¬†most if not all of them for you. Below are swatches of their Semi Matte Powder Foundations. Formulated without gluten, parabens, fillers, animal by-products, synthetic preservatives or toxins 100%…

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales 2017

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Earthwise Beauty – 20% OFF SITEWIDE code BLACKFRIDAY Starts Nov 22 This is an exquisitely handcrafted line using only the finest and rarest ingredients sourced from around the world. All products are made super fresh, are highly potent and do not contain any filler ingredients. I recommend : Farizad’s Veil SPF Powder Sungod Mask Nap in the Meadows Face Serum Ferns and Moss Serum (Oil) Ruby Facial Oil Blackstrap Molasses…

OBL Current Favorites: Fall Edition

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Welcome to my Fall Favorites post and if you’ve been following me in my IG stories you’ll have seen me trying out a plethora of new-to-me products and launches. As always I try to cut out all the fluff and marketing language and get straight to my actual thoughts though I do try to provide a certain amount of info about the product. If you have any specific questions please…

Organic Aromas Essential Oil Collection

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I reviewed the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser earlier this year (here) and recently had the opportunity to try their Exclusive Collection of Essential Oil Blends. Through years of research¬†&¬†over 60 different pure essential oils, these 10 blends were developed by the brand’s own in-house aromatherapists and are split into 2 collections – Awaken & Inspire. Each blend has a specific purpose & intent with¬†¬†‚ÄúInpsire‚ÄĚ blends representing Him (strength, poise, the…

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Review

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Australia-based Luk Beautifood creates¬†100% natural lip balms using real food ingredients and offers a range of 12 beautiful wearable shades. ¬†Full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, they don’t contain any ingredients that are known endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic or linked¬†to cancer including preservatives, phthalates,¬†petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrance. Cindy Luken the founder is an¬†entrepreneur, food scientist, product designer, chef and former biscuit baker and together with her small…


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*This is a sponsored post of which funds will go towards operating costs of OBL CLUB, our product testing club, and OBL” COTANOVA is a new online organic beauty boutique offering a selection of some of the best skincare, haircare, makeup and wellness brands: Hannes Dottir Innersense Beauty Rituel de Fille Nu Evolution Skin Owl Vital Proteins Be Biotin Province Apothecary True Moringa and more The founder of Cotanova, Carla…

OBL Current Favorites: July & August 2017

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It’s been far too long since I’ve done a favorites post, so this month’s post will actually include what I’ve been using and loving throughout July & August. I wasn’t able to keep up with my blog & OBL CLUB activities properly while I was working from California for a month, but no longer. Pearl Butter just launched their range of adaptogenic superfood butter made with coconut meat and I…

New 2017 Wellness & Supplement Launches

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Each of these cost $3! Brandless is a new online organic grocery store based in San Fran & Minneapolis that just launched in Jul 2017. I think this is a phenomenal concept and am very excited to have discovered them by chance through Instagram. ¬†They carry a wide¬†selection of the food and household products that we use everyday and every item costs only $3. So how do they do this?…

Lanzarote & Seaside Hotel Los Jameos Playa

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With volcanic landscapes of colored soils,¬†craters, unusual rock formations and gently sloping mountain that evoke complete awe and fascination, Lanzarote may very well be the most interesting¬†island I’ve been to. ¬†I may never step foot on Mars in my lifetime, but I think Lanzarote comes pretty darn close to it. El Golfo – a green lagoon and the ocean separated by volcanic sand I stayed at the Seaside Los Jameos…

Algarve Portugal Travel Diary

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  I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Algarve before even during my 4 years working in Europe and I wasn’t CRAZY excited to go knowing nothing about it. But I wanted a quick getaway and I love discovering new places so I went ahead and got the ticket. I wish I had known of it sooner because Algarve is truly breathtaking with its limestone cliffs, sculpted rock formations,…


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In this OBL Current Favorite’s post I have a hodgepodge mix of products I’m currently using and enjoying. I tried Au Naturale for the first time, a brand that I’ve seen all over Instagram, and fell in love with their concealer. As you may know, NU Evolution is my favorite, because it’s so rich and creamy and provides long lasting full coverage. Au Naturale’s might well be in 2nd place…

HUM Nutrition Review + giveaway

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HUM Nutrition¬†is a super high quality supplement line exclusively sold at SEPHORA and their website and they recently gave me the opportunity to try 3 of their products: RED CARPET, DAILY CLEANSE & OMG!. The first things that popped out at me, and which lends to their strong brand recognition, were¬†their bright colorful labels & catchy names. One of the first things a friend of mine asked me after she…

Natural & Organic Foundations

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Makeup is such a tricky area in green beauty and when it comes to foundation,¬†with everyone having different preferences, skin types & a hard time color matching, it can be the most difficult item in green makeup to purchase. I’m sharing my thoughts today on my entire current collection of natural & organic foundations, BB creams & primers. ¬†Plus I created a chart for easier reference. To not make this…

Northern Sardinia & Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

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Sardinia, known as The Forgotten Isle, is¬†a large breathtaking Italian island that’s still relatively unknown. ¬†Its long white sandy beaches, rugged landscapes, sapphire waters & delicious cuisine will seduce you. If not in real life, then at least by these pictures (I hope). Mr. Organic Beauty Lover and I landed into Olbia airport and rented a car to take us around the island. ¬†We then drove about 40 minutes to…


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Earthwise Beauty has evolved significantly over this past year alone if you see my first blog post from 2016 here, but as always you will find meticulous¬†sourcing practices, top quality quality ingredients & innovative formulations. Besides many exciting new product launches (Cistus & Moonlight Face Mist, Nap in the Meadows Face Serum, Passion Eye Serum, Pacific Northwest Body Oil, Ruby Facial Oil, Farizad’s Veil), Earthwise has also upgraded their labels…


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I usually focus on one brand in each blog post but this time I’m switching things up with my first Current Faves post. I’ll highlight a variety of products that I’m currently using and loving. Odacit√© EYE CONTOUR SERUM & PIMPLE SERUM I add a few drops of this around my eye contour before bed when this area is looking particularly shriveled and I wake up to smooth & hydrated…


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This post was kindly sponsored by SHEA BRAND whose funds will help with operational costs of running OBL CLUB. SHEA BRAND is a Brooklyn-based company offering 100% Certified Organic Shea Butters in 4 different blends that nourish, protect & soften skin. Their¬†Shea butter¬†is sustainably extracted¬†from¬†the¬†kernels¬†of African Shea Trees and then hand-whipped to perfection, enriched with¬†Vitamin¬†E,¬†and¬†imbued with essential oils. Before I talk about the benefits of shea butter, here is why…

5 Top Nutritionists on the supplements they use

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Find out what supplements the experts trust I asked 5 top nutritionists (and a naturopath doctor) in New York & London what supplements they use themselves for beauty. Here’s what they shared with me: Andrea Moss, New York I’ve found the following supplements really help with supple, glowy skin: High quality fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids do wonders for fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation in the skin and…

Cannes Travel Diary Part 1: Hotel Majestic Barriere

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The Hotel Majestic Barriere is an iconic 5-star hotel located right on Croisette Avenue and just steps from where the star-studded Cannes Film Festival takes place in May. The hotel has 365 rooms, 2 penthouse suites and spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. With¬†4 bars & restaurants including a beautifully redecorated Fouqet’s restaurant, the NEW Spa Diane Barriere, private beach, pool, projection room & fitness center, the Barriere world…


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This post was kindly sponsored by Bella Aura, whose funds will help with running OBL CLUB, a product testing platform for organic beauty lovers. Bella Aura combines Swiss skincare technology & ancient Berber skincare traditions in a focused line of 5 superior beauty elixirs. All 5 products are a serum-moisturizer cross with a unique emulsion consistency and was created because the ingredients featured in each of Bella Aura’s products helped…

Goodbeing Subscription Box May 2017

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I loved the May Goodbeing box I received and had to whip up a quick post about it. As I’ve previously said about this sub box: Goodbeing is a discovery box with 4-5 trial size products delivered monthly to your door featuring Healthy beauty products Non-toxic cosmetics Natural wellness Sustainable, toxin-free living goods. This is one of the most popular natural beauty subscription boxes and for good reason. For $21…


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Over the long Easter weekend in Europe I went to visit the French Riviera and cities of Cannes, Nice & Monaco. My favorite out of the 3 was Nice, a seaside city full of cosmopolitan vibes, old world charm & sunshine.


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Image from VoyageLA Welcome to the April edition of SKIN FIRST! This is a monthly series of interviews with skin professionals (who also love organic beauty) to help you achieve your best skin possible. This month features pro esthetician Sepi Bakhtiar of Sepi Spa, a boutique spa offering a full array of skincare services using natural & organic products¬†in Santa Monica. And she’s a believer in wearing SPF everyday no…


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This post was kindly sponsored by Triesta Organics, whose funding will help with running OBL CLUB, a product testing platform for organic beauty lovers. Triesta Organics is a brand new haircare line that’s 100% Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO & Gluten-free¬†& features a Clarifying Treatment, Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Gel – and today you’ll be able to try out the entire full-sized set (value $110) for FREE! (US only). ¬† I’ve…

Tamanu Oil Lab’s Radiant Oil Review

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This post was kindly sponsored by Tamanu Oil Lab, whose funding will help run OBL CLUB. All thoughts are my own. Known as the ‚ÄúForgotten Medicinal Miracle,” Tamanu oil grows in a very small area in the South Pacific and is made from the nut of the Tamanu tree. This wonder oil naturally¬†restore lipids in the skin, which supports natural collagen synthesis and improves skin elasticity.¬†Tamanu has so many amazing…

Loverdure Natural Cosmetics Review

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This post was kindly sponsored by Loverdure whose funding will help run¬†OBL CLUB, a product testing & review platform for the green beauty community. All thoughts are my honest opinion. Loverdure is a Bay Area-based natural skincare line offering 100% natural, mostly organic, vegan skincare products specially with sensitive skin in mind. The¬†products are freshly hand made in small batches in their studio to ensure the highest quality. I tried…

Lotus Wei Flower Essences Review

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If you’re¬†looking for healing beyond the physical and¬†into the emotional & spiritual, flower essence therapy may be for you. Flower Essence Therapy addresses healing on multiple levels- body, emotions, mental outlook, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Sometimes our physical ailments are caused by underlying mental & emotional problems – flower essence therapy addresses these problems. So how does flower essence therapy actually work? Firstly it’s based on the principle that every…

SKiN FIRST with Organic Aesthetician Tracey Timko

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I believe in skin first hence the name of a series of installments in which I interview the skincare experts to find out their best skin tips! Learn from estheticians and facialists who believe in natural & organic skincare about how to best take care of your¬†body’s biggest organ.


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Welcome to the March edition of SKIN FIRST! This is a monthly series of interviews with skin professionals (who also love organic beauty) to help you achieve your best skin possible. This month features the beautiful & sweet Antonella Rodriguez, a New York-based medical esthetician and a green beauty Instablogger (@my_minireviews). I’m so excited to share with you all her skincare knowledge & advice!

OBL CLUB HAS Launched!

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A small idea turned into a goal and a vision in the span of 1 week and we could not be more excited. We are now accepting¬†volunteer product testers to test green beauty products for free in exchange for a review! So how did this initial idea come about? I was actually chatting with my friend in LA and complaining about the fact that I don’t write enough blog posts…

Fall in Love with Lisbon

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After living in Europe for nearly 5 years I decided to visit Lisbon only after I had run out of ideas for cities i wanted to visit. It wasn’t a city I had heard much buzz about or knew anything of really. I’m so glad I decided to finally visit because what I found was a total gem of a city!

Goodbeing November and December Box Review

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Goodbeing natural beauty & toxin-free lifestyle subscription box is my top recommendation for value-for-money. For as low as $18 per month, you receive a diverse selection of products from well-known brands to up-and-coming stars. It’s highly personalized so you’re more likely to receive products you’ll actually use and the selection ranges from natural beauty to home goods & wellness products to makeup.

Meet Green Life in Dublin Blogger Renata!

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Since joining the green beauty community I’ve met many beautiful sweet souls online and one of them is Renata of Green Life in Dublin! She always has such in-depth and honest posts on green beauty products and lifestyle. You can tell she pours her heart and soul into blogging and as the only blogger in Ireland she is making waves.¬†She recently reached out to me to feature an interview with…

NU Evolution Eyeshadow & Mascara Review

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I’ve been using the NU Evolution Eyeshadows and Mascara for several months now and while the foundation and concealer are the brand’s standout products (see my review here), their eyeshadows and mascara deserve recognition. To learn about my experience and an exclusive discount code keep reading. At the bottom of this post you’ll find my Youtube video showing swatches of all liquid foundations, powder foundations, eyeshadows and more.

How to Become a Successful Green Beauty Blogger

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As the green beauty movement grows (yay!) and more and more people become interested in becoming green beauty bloggers, I decided to create this guide based on my own personal experience as a green beauty blogger to help inspire others. There is room for everyone in this vast¬†digital space and green beauty, in my opinion, stands for something greater than fashion blogging or conventional beauty blogging, so the more we…

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser Review + DISCOUNT CODE

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Limited time discount code for either $10 off or 20% off! Nebulizing diffusers are superior to conventional diffusers in that they don’t heat up the oils and don’t require water. The essential oils remain in their most powerful and pure form since they never come into contact with heat, water or plastic. Instead it uses nothing but pressurized air based on the Bernoulli Principle. Here’s what I love about the…