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Best Non Toxic Deodorant for Men in 2024

If you’re wondering what the best non toxic deodorant for men are, I’m sharing my top picks for the man in your life. Let’s say I have used the men who have come and gone in my life over the years as study participants for this natural men’s deodorant list. My findings from this multi-yearlong study include four natural deodorant winners as top favorites for men. For which men deodorant are safe, read on.

corpus naturals deodorant

Corpus Deodorant

My top pick for a non toxic deodorant for men is Corpus Naturals. I think 99.9% of men would love the Corpus deodorant. This one ticks all the requirements – it actually works with effective odor fighting abilities, it’s easy to apply, has a pleasant gel texture and smells really good.

Salt & Stone Deodorant

Salt & Stone Deodorant

Salt & Stone deodorant is my next top pick for natural deodorant for men that actually works. Dudes love the look and feel of this clean deodorant. It’s great for sensitive skin since there’s no baking soda. The Salt & Stone deodorant has seaweed extracts, probiotics and aloe to nourish his pits. If he’s in need of an extra strength deodorant, Salt & Stone also has baking soda deodorant products, which have a creamy texture to them.

hume deodorant

Hume Supernatural Deodorant

Hume deodorant is an excellent clean deodorant option for men that effectively fights odors and has great scent options. Desert Bloom and Out West are both fantastic clean and fresh scents. Hume deodorants contain plant & mineral based formulas that work on all skin types and keep the smelliest pits smelling good all day.

kosas deodorant

Kosas Chemistry Deodorant

For the man who likes a sporty roll-on deodorant, Kosas makes a great serum deodorant that works on super stinky pits. They use an AHA blend of Shikimic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Lactic Acid to fight odor instead of baking soda.

thinksport deodorant

Thinksport Magnesium Deodorant

My favorite natural men’s deodorant on a budget is Thinksport magnesium deodorant. This non-toxic deodorant has a creamy texture and contains charcoal and sage along with an herbaceous scent men love. Not all men love a creamy deodorant, so if they prefer a gel texture then consider the products above.

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