Fernweh Editions Candle Review

Fernweh Editions is a clean candle brand inspired by travel and fragrance. The combination of these two passions has resulted in candles that evoke a sense of fernweh, the German word for “longing for faraway places.” Their scent families are divided into regions: New England, Alaskan Forest, France, London and more. If travel is a passion of yours, these candles might be right up your alley.

Fernweh editions candle

Fernweh Editions uses a soy wax blend and are hand-poured in small batches by expert candlemakers.

The fragrance throw is decent as the scent is powered by fragrance oils. The wick is a cotton core self trimming wick that ensures a smooth burn.

Ferns & Petals is part of Fernweh’s Casacadia collection inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The scent starts with top notes of dewy fern and peach before moving to heart notes of orange flower, violet leaves, and cyclamen petals and concluding with base notes of musk and vetiver. Overall, you get a green floral with a hint of earthiness.

They come in a beautiful glass jar you can use as a drinking glass once you remove the remaining wax and label sticker.

fernweh editions candle non toxicFrosted Spruce is an amazing winter scent that smells like a heavenly forest with notes of spruce, cedar and amber. There is a sweet undercurrent to this woodsy scent that makes it so addicting. Thanks to its earthy profile, it seems to have a bit of a stronger throw that fills up the larger living space even better than their floral candles.

Fernweh Editions Website

fernweh edition candles soy wax

Fernweh edition le candle


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