Aerangis candle

Aerangis Candles Review (+ Discount)

My family and I tested out Aerangis candles, an eco-friendly luxury candle brand inspired by personal memories. I love how the minimalistic glazed ceramic vessel evokes a sense a serenity and calmness in my home. Aerangis uses a plant-based wax blend free from dyes, parabens and phthalates. Their bespoke luxury scents are crafted with perfumers and most likely blend essential oils with synthetics, though the exact nature isn’t mentioned on the Aerangis site. The cotton wicks are lead-free and each candle has a biodegradable paper dust cover infused with wildflower seeds you can plant.

Aerangis candle

The vessel is a work of art in itself. Their made at a historic kiln in Taiwan where ceramics have been made for over a century. Once used, you can easily remove the label and repurpose it.

Aerangis candle

No 7 Seven Miles Scent

Each Aerangis candle is based on a cherished memory and takes you on a scent journey. Their scents really are impressive and are not generic at all. Of course, they could only achieve this by including some synthetics. For instance, Seven Miles has aldehydes as a top note which gives it a “clean” scent. Indeed, I get very clean creamy white floral notes that is super elegant and balanced. Overall, a very feminine scent that draws you in with its sensuality.

Aerangis Discount Code – OBL saves 10%

These candles are very expensive, but if you’re going to shop with them, you can save with affiliate discount code OBL sitewide.

Aerangis candle

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