17 Best Affordable Clean Makeup Under $20

Clean makeup doesn’t have to break the bank! Here’s a list of 17 amazing clean makeup products I use that are under $20. Chances are you’ve heard of popular clean makeup brands like ILIA and Kosas, but these Sephora prices are getting out of control. If you’re looking for affordable clean makeup, I’ve rounded up 17 great brands worth checking out. Toss aside your Pixi Beauty and read on for the best affordable clean makeup brands of 2024.

best clean makeup

These budget clean makeup brands focus on better formulas, sustainability, ethical practices – and prices that make sense. The clean makeup that do use synthetic / artificial ingredients are pointed out, so you know which ones are and aren’t 100% natural. I have a separate complete list of only 100% natural makeup brands here.

Budget clean makeup

Honest beauty cream foundation

Honest Beauty

I love the Honest Beauty mascara and eyeshadow palette! Famously founded by Jessica Alba, Honest Beauty is a clean skincare and makeup brand that’s widely available at ULTA and Target stores everywhere. Most known for their baby and personal care products, The Honest Company also offers a full makeup line that won’t break the bank. Honest uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Well people mascara

Well People

I recommend the Well People mascara and multi-sticks if you’re new to this clean makeup brand. Since Well People was acquired by E.L.F Cosmetics, the clean makeup brand has been able to make strides on new achievements. They’re now 100% vegan and part of the Fair Trade Certified Program. Most of their plant-powered makeup is under $20 and easily accessible at Target stores. Well People uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

tower 28 beauty
Tower 28

The Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly is so creamy and only $16. I also love the Tower 28 mascara which comes out to exactly $20. Founded by former beauty exec Amy Liu, Tower 28 is an affordable clean makeup brand formulated for even the most sensitive skin. Tower 28 contains no fragrance or essential oils and are the only brand to 100% follow the National Eczema Association ingredient guidelines. Tower 28 uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Innbeauty project lip glaze

Innbeauty Project

Launched in 2019, Innbeauty Project is a clean skincare brand for Gen Z that’s instantly recognizable by their brightly multi-colored packaging. Prices remain accessible with everything in the Innbeauty Project line under $30 and the brand is committed to sustainability, pledging to fund the removal of three plastic units from landfills, waterways, and marine environments for every product sold. Note that this brand does combine natural and synthetic ingredients including dimethicone and phenoxyethanol. 

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Noyah lipstick

Noyah Cosmetics

Noyah makes clean lip products made of 100% natural ingredients including nourishing Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Ingredients are ethically sourced, including the beeswax and products are packaged in Eco-friendly bamboo. Plus, the entire line is under $20!

Clove illuminator stick

Clover by Clove + Hallow

Clove + Hallow, a long-standing clean makeup brand started by a makeup artist, launched their sister brand that’s a fun, young and affordable version of Clove + Hallow. They believe in Clover so much that they’ve decided to close Clove + Hallow to focus entirely on Clover’s mission to bring clean products to the mass market. Clover uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Axiology balmie


The 100% plastic-free Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmie is a multi-use lip, cheek and eye product that’s only $16. Widely available at ULTA stores, Axiology is known for their miniature all-natural face crayons that can be used for cheeks, lips, and eyes. I also love using the new Axiology Tinted Dew Multi-stick which is $24 but goes to just under $20 with the savings below. It also has more packaging involved, making it easier for plastic-free makeup newbies.

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Johnny concert eyeshadow

Johnny Concert

Johnny Concert is committed to creating clean, compassionate and high-quality beauty products that are also innovative. The line is still quite small, but you may find something that piques your interest. Johnny Concert uses a mix of organic ingredients and synthetics.Zao Organic cream Foundation

ZAO Organics

Certified organic and natural makeup brand ZAO Organics is 100% natural without any synthetics, petrochemical derivatives or questionable ingredients. They’re instantly recognizable by their eco luxe packaging, made from controlled harvested bamboo,

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Han multi use

HAN Cosmetics

HAN is a 100% natural makeup brand that’s vegan and wildly affordable. Their ever popular multi-sticks only cost $18. The color from all HAN products comes from plant and mineral-based pigments for a healthy and safe alternative to artificial colorants. HAN was started by a pregnant mother who needed safe and nontoxic makeup without any iffy ingredients. You can trust that HAN is committed to keeping synthetics and questionable ingredients out of their line.

Zuzu luxe lipstick


Founded by Gabriel Santino, ZUZULUXE has been making affordable nontoxic makeup for the last 25 years. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by products. ZUZULUXE’s mineral powder makeup, lipsticks and liquid eyeliner are winners in my book.

Lily Lolo foundation

Lily Lolo

  • Award-winning OG 100% natural makeup
  • Clean and vegan mineral makeup brand
  • Uses only clean, naturally-derived ingredients with mineral-based technology
  • No harsh chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance and preservatives
Mob eyeshadow refill

MOB Beauty

Newcomer MOB Beauty isn’t just about clean makeup, but high performance and skin enhancing makeup that’s also good for the planet. It’s a refillable makeup brand that uses bio-degradable, ethically sourced, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. The best part, MOB Beauty products are all under or around $20. MOB uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Seraphine botanicals makeup

Seraphine Botanicals

Seraphine Botanicals is a vegan, cruelty-free makeup brand that offers a wide variety of affordable makeup products. They are also a small batch manufacturer, and do not make more than 300 pieces of any product at any one time to ensure the freshness of each piece and keep the entire manufacturing process sustainable and as waste-resistant as possible. Seraphine Botanicals uses a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients.

Root pretty makeup


Started in 2013 in Iowa, Root Pretty has been making non-toxic 100% natural makeup for almost a decade. They now offer much more than just affordable makeup, but also skincare, body care, hair care and even cleaning products. Root is focused on creating products that are natural & safe for all skin types as well as vegan & gluten free.

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seraphine botanicals

Budget clean makeup

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