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Hemlock Park Candles Review

I’ve been using Hemlock Park candles for over a year now so it’s time for a review! I discovered their non-toxic candles on Amazon and am totally hooked. Hemlock Park’s candles are made of natural coconut wax and are handcrafted in the Sierra Nevadas where hemlock trees thrive. They have quite the array of scents and some are made of purely essential oils while others combine essential oils and fragrance oils. They used to be made with crackling wooden wicks but I noticed that my recent purchases have a cotton wick instead.

nontoxic candles hemlock park

I love the sleek minimalistic look of the amber jars and that they don’t have any paper label on them. The scents are fragrant enough to fill up a large living space after a few hours of burning but aren’t so synthetic they give me a headache. The fragrance is still natural smelling even though there are fragrance oils used.

I also love that they are slow burning and have cotton wicks that are thinner than normal. I think that’s why they’re able to burn slower and longer.

High Desert is actually the perfect woodsy winter scent with notes of Bergamot, Blood Orange, Cactus Flower, Palo Santo, Rosewood, Blue Agave, Tonka Beans, Black Peppercorn and Tobacco Leaf. I thought it would be more of a sweet dewy cactus scent similar to their Cactus Flower candle, but High Desert is definitely a woods and leather scent.

Price: $24.95

At under $25 this is actually an affordable non-toxic candle option. I’ve tested dozens of natural candles and they are rarely ever as low as $20 for a standard-sized candle.

Wax 5/5: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: essential oils and fine fragrance oils (check individual candle)
Scent throw strength: 4/5 (good – can fill a room well and subtly scent a large living space)
Burn time: 4.5/5
Price: $20-$25

Hemlock Park Amazon Store

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nontoxic candle coconut wax

nontoxic candles hemlock parknontoxic candle hemlock park

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