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Mixsoon Review (I Tried 5 Skincare Bestsellers)

In today’s article I’m sharing my detailed and honest Mixsoon review of 5 of their bestsellers. I tested the Mixsoon Bean Essence, Bean Cream, Centella Asiatica Essence, Galactomyces Toner and Soybean Milk Pads. This is a minimalist Korean skincare brand that focuses on gentler formulas and natural ingredients. A number of Korean celebs have also publicly supported the brand like Song Jia.

What was most appealing to me is that Mixsoon is considered to be Korea’s favorite clean skincare brand! So of course, I had to test out their best products.

Is Mixsoon clean beauty? I would consider Mixsoon to be in the realm of clean beauty as many of their products are 100% natural. But, they do have some products that include a few synthetics. Overall, they have much better formulas than most mainstream brands and many other K-beauty brands. Keep on reading for my thoughts on Mixsoon skincare and what I liked and didn’t like!

mixsoon bean essence

Mixsoon Bean Essence

The Bean Essence is the top bestseller in the Mixsoon line and the most unique product in my opinion out of all their products I tested.

This has the same exact consistency and texture of snail mucin! It’s so goopy and kind of sticky but in a really good way. I feel like it really sinks into my skin and gives it an intense dose of hydration that’s actually long lasting. There’s no added scent either.

mixsoon bean essenceI love that the Mixsoon Bean Essence is all natural and has no synthetics, chemical preservatives, microplastics, phenoxyethanol and any of the usual fluff that you can find in many popular clean beauty brands these days.

Since it’s so similar to the texture of snail mucin, if you find that snail mucin breaks you out but love how thick and hydrating it is, this bean essence might work out better for you.

It’s also so gentle and natural with just soybean ferment extract, barley seed ferment filtrate, and pear juice ferment filtrate in a base of water and glycerin.

According to the brand the bean essence is also an exfoliator and you can wipe it off after applying to remove dead skin cells. However, I think it’s only a super gentle exfoliator AT BEST and not a true exfoliator. Leave the exfoliating work for your physical and chemical exfoliant products.

mixsoon bean essence

You can see how similar the Bean Essence’s texture is to snail mucin it is in my photo above.

Mixsoon Bean Cream

mixsoon bean creamMixsoon’s Bean Cream is a lightweight yet super creamy moisturiser that does a great job at hydrating my skin. This feels light on the skin but moisturizing enough even for dry skin types. It absorbs very quickly compared to other heavier creams and has no scent.

It has a much more complex formula than the Bean Essence with some of the same active ingredients like fermented soybean extract, barley seed ferment filtrate, and pear juice ferment filtrate along with plant oils like meadowfoam seed oil, bergamot fruit oil and lavender oil.

Its downsides is that it doesn’t have the most natural formula compared to their other products and does include dimethicone, disodium EDTA and ethylhexylglycerin.

Mixsoon Centella Asiatica Essence

mixsoon essenceTheir Centella Asiatica Essence is a very simple hydrator that’s a blend of water, butylene glycol and centella asiatica. This is a super thin essence and has such a light consistency that feels exactly like water. I’m actually not sure why they call it an essence when it feels like a toner. Essences are typically thicker in consistency than toners, but all of Mixsoon’s essences are very thin and watery.

I recommend just applying it directly to your face instead of using a cotton round. Because it’s so water-like the cotton round would just soak up most of the product than actually transfer it to your skin.

Centella Asiatica Extract is super calming and amazing for irritated, inflamed and red skin. The key to healthy skin is to keep it constantly hydrated through products like toner and essence, so it’s never a bad idea to have an essence in your skincare routine.

I can’t find any faults to this essence in terms of its performance  – it’s super straightforward and simple, feels hydrating and calms my skin down. I do think it’s quite overpriced for what it is. $32 is a luxury price point to me and this feels way too simple to be priced that high.

mixsoon skincare essence

Mixsoon Galactomyces Toner

Mixsoon’s Galactomyces Toner features the same star ingredient of the iconic SK-II toner and has a concentrated formula of 98% galactomyces fermented filtrate. This ingredient is great at balancing the skin barrier, improving skin tone and reducing discoloration.

The formula is so gentle and simple and the consistency is as thin as water. I’m not sure oily skin types would enjoy this as much as dry skin types because there IS a bit of slick residue that remains after applying the toner. It doesn’t leave an outright oily feeling but my skin does feel slicker.

Soybean Milk Pads

mixsoon korean skincare toner padToner pads are all the rage in the skincare world right now and Mixsoon makes soybean milk pads that are super thick and hydrating. The concept is basically applying a smaller sheet mask to certain areas of your face that need it instead of the entire face. You can even cut these pads into smaller pads to make them last longer.

These are very high quality pads that are absolutely drenched in milky hydrating essence. Each travel-friendly packet comes with three sheets. There’s a lot of extra juice at the bottom of the packet that you don’t want to waste either. Unlike thin, poor quality sheet masks Mixsoon’s toner pad lasts me at least 3 hours before they start drying out.

I love the milkiness of the essence used in these toner pads! It feels super creamy and moisturizing and penetrates the skin deeply. The pads also contain a bunch of other healing skincare actives and botanicals like Tea Tree Leaf, Madecassoside, Ceramide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and their signature Soybean fermentation extract.

Check out my video below showing how I use Mixsoon toner pads.

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Overall, I think if you’re looking for cleaner formulas in K-beauty and need something gentle, Mixsoon is a great brand to check out. The price point is a bit high so the one thing they don’t offer is affordability compared to other Korean skincare brands. Check out my guide to the best clean K-beauty skincare brands here.

mixsoon korean skincare

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