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20 Best Non-Toxic Candles, Tested & Reviewed

(Updated on March 18, 2024) With so many candle brands out there, it can get a little confusing trying to pick the safest one. I’ve tested dozens of non-toxic candles so you don’t have to! For me keeping my indoor air quality healthy is at the top of my priority list, especially as someone who loves burning candles. If that’s you too, keep reading!

We take the guesswork out for you in this ultimate guide to candles that are clean burning and even organic.

We’ll share which toxic candles to avoid to how to choose a non toxic candle, plus the best brands!

non toxic candles

We’ll explain why each candle is one of the best, but also point out the distinctions that might be relevant to your personal needs.

The candle industry is completely unregulated, so they don’t pass any sort of safety test, and brands aren’t required to label all their ingredients.

The reason you want to avoid toxic candles is because they unleash toxic compounds and particles into the air that we end up breathing. It’s the quickest way to turn the air inside your home unhealthy.

So toss out that Bath & Body Works candle and read on for the safest candles and how they compare to each other.

How to Find the Safest Non Toxic Candle

non toxic candles made with organic ingredients

If you want to find the absolute safest candle, certified organic beeswax candles are a fantastic choice since they’re completely free of pesticides and other harmful ingredients – plus they provide the cleanest burn. Not everyone can afford them though. So, when you’re choosing your candle, simply check the type of wax, wick and fragrance used.

Look for organic or 100% natural wax without paraffin, unbleached cotton, wooden or hemp wick and pure essential oils.

Some candle brands even have certifications like MADE SAFE Certified or USDA Biobased Certified which means they were tested by a third party and can prove what they claim.

Non toxic candle makers tend to hand pour their candles in small batches, allowing them to have greater control over the quality of their candles. The care and attention they literally pour into their candles is unmatched in our opinion!

Here are the three basic things you should look for in a non toxic candle:

  • Wax type: Soy, beeswax, coconut wax, apricot wax, rapeseed wax or vegetable wax
  • Wick type: cotton, wood, paper. Always use lead-free wicks
  • Fragrance type: natural (essential oils), synthetic (fragrance oils) or a mix of both

After that, it’s down to personal preference like the look of the candle, scent and how long lasting it is.

Toxic Candles to Avoid

non toxic candles

Be sure to skip toxic candles made of petroleum oil-based paraffin wax and gel wax. Stay away from Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works – they’re full of artificial dyes and petroleum byproducts that would be the same as releasing car exhaust fumes in your home.

These are the ingredients you want to avoid in candles:

  • Paraffin: petroleum-based product that can release dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC’s can disrupt hormones, carcinogens and neurotoxins.
  • Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, benzene, acetone and more can be released
  • Burning paraffin wax releases ultrafine soot with particulates that stay suspended in the air. This particulate matter, just like pollution, penetrates into the lungs and enters the bloodstream, leading to allergies, asthma, bronchitis and more.
  • Wicks that contain lead: Many candles still contain lead or even have core wicks made of zinc and tin that can release trace amounts of heavy metals. Be sure to look for cotton wicks, hemp wicks or wooden wicks.

Other factors you might want to consider:

  • Artificial dyes
  • Recyclable and reusable containers
  • Complete ingredients list

What exactly does “wax blend” on a candle label mean? With conventional candles, the term wax blend most likely means there’s paraffin wax. If the candle states “wax blend” but doesn’t mention it’s 100% natural, be sure to reach out to the company directly and ask.

But a lot of natural candle brands use a combination of natural waxes to take advantage of their different qualities. This allows them to create their best version of a candle that burns smokeless, soot-less, lasts longer and emits enough scent. As long as it’s a tustworthy brand and they state the blend is 100% natural, you can be confident there’s no paraffin wax present.

What is the Cleanest Burning Candle Wax?

non toxic candles
  • Beeswax: Beeswax is known to be the healthiest candle wax with many claiming it can act as a natural air purifier. Organic beeswax ensures no harmful pesticides or other toxins are present. (Note that there are no actual studies that prove beeswax purifies the air, but the study “Fine Particulate Matter Emissions from Candles” shows beeswax emitted less PM2.5 (considered the worst type of common air pollution) per wick than the paraffin candles but emitted far more when smoldering after extinguished.)
  • Soy Wax: Soy is the most common natural wax used in candles since it’s the most affordable.
  • Coconut Wax: Coconut wax is also one of the cleanest burning waxes & often considered by candlemakers as the best natural wax option. Coconut wax burns slower than other waxes for a longer lasting candle and has stronger scent throw than soy wax. It’s also the most eco-friendly wax to produce.
  • Apricot Wax: This wax is made from apricot kernels and produces a very clean burn.
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What to look for in Candle Fragrance

The safest candle is unscented – not even essential oils. But since most people want their home to smell nice, the choice is down to 100% essential oils or synthetic scent. Some people want a completely natural scent that won’t cause migraines, and some want a strong smell that can fill up a home.

If you want a subtle scent that’s all natural, look for a candle scented with 100% essential oils.

If you’re looking for strong scent throw, look for a candle that combines essential oils with fragrance oils or phthalate free fragrance.

Some brands go heavy on the fragrance oils and others add in a small amount. Our reviews of each candle shares how strong their scent throw is on a rating of 1 to 5 with 1 being the weakest, 3 being average, 4 being good and 5 being strong enough to scent a large space but may also be too synthetic for some individuals.

Are Candles Safe for Pets?

Scented candles often contain chemicals that are toxic to pets. While your dog or cat won’t keel over from smelling it, they may experience anything from mild irritation to a triggering of an underlying condition.

Certain essential oils are toxic to pets, most notably Peppermint oil, Citrus, Tea tree, Wintergreen, Pine, Ylang ylang, Cinnamon, Clove and Eucalyptus.

Paraffin wax is also harmful to pets because they release toxins into the air, making it unsafe for our pets to breathe.

All the brands in our non-toxic candle guide use paraffin-free natural wax, but many use a wide variety of essential oils. If you want to take all of the guesswork out, you can look for brands that make  candles specifically marketed as “pet-friendly candles” or “pet-safe candles” like these.

Affordable Natural Candles

If you don’t want to read our detailed candle reviews, here are some affordable non toxic candles that are budget friendly.

Best Non Toxic Candles on Amazon (2024 List)

non toxic candles on amazon

Here is the full list of non toxic candles that are also available on Amazon:

List of Non-toxic Candle Brands (with Reviews)

fontana candle

Fontana Candle Co Beeswax Candles

fontana beeswax candle

My top organic candle pick is Fontana Candle Co! This is one of the cleanest candle brands certified to the highest level with a MADE SAFE certification, which means it’s free of any toxic ingredients known or suspected. Fontana Candle Co uses a blend of beeswax and coconut oil with a wooden wick. One thing to be aware of is that many Fontana candles are lightly scented, so be sure to go for the ones marked as strongly scented if you want it to fill the room.

Wax 5/5: beeswax
Scent: essential oils
Scent throw strength: 1/5 to 3/5 (specified by the brand for each candle)
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $25-$27 for 9 oz
Use OBL15 to save 15% sitewide

Hemlock Park Organic Coconut Wax Candles

hemlock park organic candle non toxic

For an affordable organic candle that you can easily buy on Amazon, I recommend Hemlock Park’s organic coconut wax candles. They’re hand poured in Nevada, have great scent throw, recyclable amber glass jars and lush scents. Hemlock Park offers a wide variety of 22 different scents and I find them to be longer lasting than many other nontoxic candle brands because their cotton wicks are thinner.

Wax 5/5: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: essential oils and fine fragrance oils (check individual candle)
Scent throw strength: 4/5 (good – can fill a room well and subtly scent a large living space)
Burn time: 4.5/5
Price: $20-$25

natural candles nontoxic

Terralite Essential Oil Candles

If you’re looking for an all natural essential oil candle that has amazing scent throw, Terralite is a cut above the rest! The Terralite scents smell amazing (and strong!) and I can tell so much thought has gone into make these the most sustainable candles possible.

This is one of my favorite non toxic candle brand discoveries of the year! I can’t get enough of their Vanilla Lavender candle. They use coconut wax that’s biodegradable, all natural and completely free of paraffin along with organic essential oils.

Terralite even makes zero waste ceramic candles that can go back into the earth. This clean burning candle uses a hemp core wick and is housed in amber glasses made of 60% recycled glass.

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Wax 4/5: 100% coconut wax
Scent: organic, wildcrafted essential oils
Scent throw strength: 4.5/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $34-$58
Use OBL to save 15%

arctic wicks candles non toxic

Arctic Wicks USDA Certified BioBased Candles

I find that Arctic Wicks USDA certified bio-based candles have amazing scent throw, but it might lean too strong and synthetic for some. Arctic Wicks is a coconut and beeswax candle brand that uses a combination of safe fragrance oils and essential oils. Their USDA BioPreferred BioBased Certification means you can know for sure their candles are made from 100% renewable resources.

Wax 4/5: coconut wax + beeswax
Scent: fragrance oils + essential oils
Scent throw strength: 5/5 (very strong but may smell too synthetic for some individuals)
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $20

Peacesake Candles

peacesake candle

For a really long lasting non toxic candle, I truly love these Peacesake Candles and can’t recommend them enough. All Peacesake candles are handmade with 100% soy wax that’s free of herbicides and pesticides as well as genetically modified material.

Their cotton wicks are free of lead cores and the dozen or so scents they offer are created using essential oils and fragrance oils. Peacesake candles are generously sized at 14 oz (most candles are 8 oz) and cost $30. White Lavender smells amazing with notes of sweet woodsy birch, calming floral and a little bit of pine.

Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: mix of essential oils and fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 5/5
Price: $30 for 14 oz

neom organics candle

Neom Organics Natural Candles

Neom Organics makes 100% natural candles that just look so clean and elegant. They really elevate the look of my home more than any other candle. Hand-poured in the UK, Neom Organics’ bestselling 3 wicks contain up to 3 bottles of essential oils, contain absolutely no paraffin or synthetics for a soot-free burn.

Wax 4/5: 100% natural vegetable wax blend
Scent: 100% essential oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $19-$55

International: Shop Neom here for global shipping

Yield Design Organic Coconut Wax Candles

yield organic candle

I’ve tested every organic Yield Candle and love their unique scents like Coquina and Castillo. Some scents are more lightly scented than others so if you’re keen on Yield, be sure to check out my full review.

For winter, their Entenza scent with eucalyptus, birch and rosemary has my home smelling like a festive forest. Yield Candles are poured in Florida and are made with organic coconut wax and a clean burning cotton wick. Each vessel can be re-used as a chic tumbler or drinking glass.

Wax 5/5: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: mix of essential oils with fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 3/5 to 4/5 depending on the scent
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $28

Primally Pure Essential Oil Candle

Primally Pure’s candles are made of organic beeswax and coconut wax with only organic essential oils. There’s just a couple of scent choices available, but each one is a beautiful – Sweet Floral Sage contains organic, wild-harvested essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Wild Lavender, White Sage and Palo Santo. I love that Primally Pure candles combine the two healthiest candle waxes, and I find the scent throw decent for 100% essential oils.

Wax 5/5: organic beeswax and coconut wax
Scent: essential oils
Scent throw strength: 3/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $44-$52 for 9 oz
Use OBL to save 15%

Neals Yard Remedies Organic Beeswax Candles

Neals yard remedies candle

Neals Yard makes completely organic candles using organic beeswax and organic essential oils only. I’ve tested two different Neals Yard Remedies candles and these are good if you want something super minimalistic and simple. They only have a couple scent options.

Wax 5/5: organic beeswax
Scent: organic essential oils
Scent throw strength: 3/5
Burn time: 3.5/5
Price: $31-$36

non toxic candles

P.F. Candle Co Soy Candles

I’m currently loving P F Candle Co’s new limited edition winter candles! They’re really known for their scents that people seem to fall in love. Their cult favorite Teakwood and Tobacco scent catapulted the brand to fame and today they offer a wide variety of candles using fine fragrance oils.

Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 5/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $27

Spoken Flames Candles

If you’re looking for a 100% natural candle that’s out of the ordinary, my top pick is Spoken Flames. Their coconut wax candles are a multi sensory experience that engages your senses of smell, sight (golden shimmer from ethical minerals) AND sound (crackling wooden wicks).

Spoken Flames candles are hand poured by a small team in Brooklyn, NY. With each candle you unlock an audible affirmation or poem via augmented reality along with a visual scene. Spoken Flames offers an enhanced sensorial experience to bring you inspiration and a more mindful self-care moment.

Wax 4/5: 100% natural coconut wax blend
Scent: mix of essential oils with fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $34

Aromatherapy Associates Candles

aromatherapy associates candle

Aromatherapy Associates is great for their beautiful cup-shaped matte ceramic vessels and I’m impressed by how strong their scent throw is for a 100% essential oil candle. They’re on the pricier end, but Aromatherapy Associates candles have very strong scent throw and comes in beautiful cup shaped ceramic vessels. Each luxury candle has the equivalent of two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils.

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Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: essential oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $72

International: Shop AA here for global shipping

aerangis candle

Aerangis Candles

Aerangis candle

I admit Aerangis’ sustainable candles are very expensive, but they are simply gorgeous. My favorite scent is Seven Miles – just so divine, fresh, dewy, floral and heavenly. The glazed ceramic vessel adds a special touch of elegance.

Aerangis candles are sustainable, handcrafted and consciously-made using only plant-based waxes, lead-free wicks and non-toxic scents.

The scents are inspired by founder Alicia’s most cherished memories and are created by world-renowned perfumers.The vessels are made in the historic Shuili Snake Kiln in Taiwan, where ceramics have been made for over a century.

Wax 4/5: plant-based waxes
Scent: essential oils + fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4.5/5
Price: $78
Use OBL to save 10%

Homecourt Candles

The clean burning Homecourt Cece candle is one of my favorite candle scents in 2024. Homecourt is Courteney Cox’s home care brand she deems as “beauty products for the home.”

Their soy candles use sustainably sourced ingredients and Cece has notes of Guatemalan cardamom, dried mate absolute leaves, Sri Lankan cinnamon, Carrot seeds and leaves, Indonesian patchouli oil and Vetiver oil.

Wax 4/5: Soy wax
Scent: Essential oils + fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $65
Use OBL to save 10%

Fernweh Editions Candles

fernweh editions candle non toxic

I think Fernweh Editions soy and coconut wax candles have some very inspired scents that will speak to many. These candles are inspired by travel and the deep connection between emotion, scent and memory.

The candles are hand-poured in the USA with no synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or toxic chemicals.

Wax 4/5: soy and coconut wax
Scent: fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $45

Flamingo Estate Candles

flamingo estate candle

I tested three different Flaming Estate candles and love their natural “slow” approach and unique scent creations. Their Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle is a must try if you’re a candle lover who’s tired of the usual scents.

Los Angeles-based Flaming Estate’s candles are made of non-GMO soy wax, cotton wicks and scented with essential oils + fragrance oils.

Wax 4/5: soy wax
Scent: essential oils + fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 3/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $58

La Lueur Candles

la lueur candles

La Lueur Candles is great if you like sophisticated premium scents and want a wide variety of selection to choose from. Nebraska-based La Lueur uses a coconut wax blend that is clean burning, biodegradable, vegan, skin safe, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, and doesn’t contain any candle enhancing additives. La Lueur candles are also crafted to be slow burning for a candle that’s long lasting and burns evenly.

While many candle companies generally stick to one signature vessel, La Lueur offers a variety of beautiful, unique and luxe vessels.

Wax 4/5: vegetable, apricot and coconut wax
Scent: mix of essential oils and fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 5/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $15-$60

Heretic Parfum Candles

heretic candle

I’m a HUGE fan of Heretic Parfum perfumes, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy their candles. LA based natural perfume house Heretic Parfum is known for their innovative takes on classic notes like lavender, vanilla and coconut. For a clean candle with sophisticated fine fragrance scents that are as natural as possible, check out Heretic Parfum’s luxury candles.

Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: mix of essential oils with safe synthetics
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4.5/5
Price: $70

Lite + Cycle Soy Candles

Los Angeles based all natural candle brand Lite + Cycle was one of the first clean candles I tried and repurchased many times. In my opinion, Vetiver is their best scent. It’s an earthy and warm pure essential oil blend of vetiver with a hint of vanilla. They use unbleached cotton wicks and wick braiding and thickness is chosen according to the unique composition of each essential oil blend (may vary from scent to scent.)

Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: essential oils
Scent throw strength: 3/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $58

Choiselle Organic Coconut Wax Candles

Choiselle organic candles are inspired by the beauty and botanicals of St. Lucia and the Caribbean – and they’re Black-owned. Each Choiselle candle is infused with organic essential oils and a wooden wick for the cleanest burning candle possible.

Wax 5/5: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: organic essential oils`
Scent throw strength: 2/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $34

Makana Candles Soy Candles

Laguna Beach based natural candle brand Makana makes clean candles using 100% soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. Makana candles are free of dyes, pesticides, herbicides, harmful metals, preservatives and chemical enhancers. These have a simple and very minimalistic look.

Wax 4/5: 100% soy wax
Scent: mix of essential oils with fragrance oils
Scent throw strength: 4/5
Burn time: 4/5
Price: $26-$32

Best organic candles

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