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8 Best Non Toxic Candles on Amazon in 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide to non toxic candles on Amazon that are clean burning. We’ll explain why each candle is one of the best, but also point out the distinctions that might be relevant to your personal needs. This guide covers which toxic candles and ingredients to avoid, how to choose a non toxic candle and, of course, the safest candle brands on Amazon.

It’s important to avoid burning toxic candles if you want to keep the air in your home safe to breathe. These candles release harmful compounds and particles into the air that you definitely don’t want in your lungs and body. Today there’s a decent number of non toxic candle brands on Amazon, making it easier than ever to enjoy natural candles.

How to Find the Safest Non Toxic Candle

The absolute safest non-toxic candle would be a certified organic beeswax candle. Organic beeswax candles are a fantastic choice since they’re completely free of pesticides and other harmful ingredients. They’re not always within people’s budget so when you’re choosing a non toxic candle, you should check the type of wax, wick and fragrance used. Some candle brands even have certifications like MADE SAFE Certified or USDA Biobased Certified.

After that it’s down to personal preference like the look of the candle, what scents you like and how long lasting it is.

  • Wax type: Be sure to look for soy, beeswax, coconut wax, apricot wax, rapeseed wax or vegetable wax
  • Wick type: cotton, wood, paper. Always use lead-free wicks
  • Fragrance type: natural (essential oils), synthetic (fragrance oils / chemical fragrance) or a mix of both

Which waxes are best for a clean burn?

  • Beeswax: Beeswax is one of the healthiest candle waxes and can act as a natural air purifier. Organic beeswax ensures no harmful pesticides or other toxins are present.
  • Soy Wax: Soy is the most common natural wax used in candles since it’s the most affordable.
  • Coconut Wax: Coconut wax is also one of the cleanest burning waxes & often considered by candlemakers as the best natural wax option. Coconut wax burns slower than other waxes for a longer lasting candle and has stronger scent throw than soy wax. It’s also the most eco-friendly wax to produce and is more costly, so you’ll often find coconut wax mixed with other waxes.

non toxic candles

Toxic Candles to Avoid

Be sure to skip toxic candles made of petroleum oil-based paraffin wax and gel wax. Below are the ingredients you want to avoid in candles:

  • Paraffin: petroleum-based product that can release dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC’s can disrupt hormones, carcinogens and neurotoxins.
  • Formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, benzene, acetone and more can be released
  • Burning paraffin wax releases ultrafine soot with particulates that stay suspended in the air. This particulate matter, just like pollution, penetrates into the lungs and enters the bloodstream, leading to allergies, asthma, bronchitis and more.
  • Wicks that contain lead: Many candles still contain lead or even have core wicks made of zinc and tin that can release trace amounts of heavy metals. Be sure to look for cotton wicks, hemp wicks or wooden wicks.

non toxic candlesOther factors you might want to consider:

  • Artificial dyes (think those colorful Yankee Candles)
  • Recyclable and reusable containers
  • Complete ingredients list

One candle term to be aware of is “wax blend.” A lot of candle brands use this term to sneak in paraffin wax without clearly stating it. If the candle states “wax blend” but doesn’t mention it’s 100% natural, be sure to reach out to the company directly and ask.

On the other hand, natural candle brands might say wax blend to mean they combined different natural waxes. If they clearly mention they use 100% natural wax, you can be confident there’s no paraffin wax present.

Candle Fragrance – Essential Oils or Synthetic Fragrance?

Choosing a clean scent is another important factor in choosing a non toxic candle. Some people prefer no scent, others like a subtle all natural scent  and some want a very strong scent throw. If you want a subtle scent, look for a candle scented with 100% essential oils. It’s rare, but there are a few essential oil candles that have strong scent throw. Most of the time, you’ll need a candle that uses fragrance oils or phthalate free fragrance for a strongly scented candle.

non toxic candles on amazon

Non Toxic Candles on Amazon

If you don’t want to read the reviews on each candle, here is the full list of non toxic candles on Amazon:

fontana candle

Fontana Candle Co Beeswax Candles

fontana beeswax candleMy top organic candle pick is Fontana Candle Co! This is one of the cleanest candle brands certified to the highest level with a MADE SAFE certification. Fontana Candle Co uses a blend of beeswax and coconut oil with a wooden wick. One thing to be aware of is that many Fontana candles are lightly scented, so be sure to go for the ones marked as strongly scented if you want it to fill the room.

Wax: beeswax
Scent: essential oils
Price: $25-$27

Hemlock Park Organic Coconut Wax Candles

For an affordable organic candle, I recommend Hemlock Park’s organic coconut wax candles. They’re hand poured in Nevada, have great scent throw, a crackling wooden wick, recyclable amber glass jars and lush scents. Hemlock Park offers a wide variety of 22 different scents.

Wax: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: essential oils and fine fragrance oils (check individual candle)
Price: $20-$25

Craft & Kin Soy Candles

Craft & Kin Soy Candles

These affordable 100% soy wax candles don’t contain any paraffin wax and are scented with pure essential oils – for only $15! Craft & Kin’s non toxic candles come in a variety of gorgeously blended scents and even a special collection for men. Their amber jars are anything but basic and have a special golden touch to them.

Wax: 100% soy wax
Scent: essential oils
Price: $15

neom organics candle

Neom Organics Natural Candles

Neom Organics makes 100% natural candles that just look so clean and elegant. They really elevate the look of my home more than any other candle. Hand-poured in the UK, Neom Organics’ bestselling 3 wicks contain up to 3 bottles of essential oils, contain absolutely no paraffin or synthetics for a soot-free burn.

Wax: 100% natural vegetable wax blend
Scent: 100% essential oils
Price: $19-$55

International: Shop Neom here for global shipping

Yield Design Organic Coconut Wax Candles

yield organic candleI’ve tested every organic Yield Candle and love their unique scents like Coquina and Castillo. Some scents are more lightly scented than others so if you’re keen on Yield, be sure to check out my full review. For winter, their Entenza scent with eucalyptus, birch and rosemary has my home smelling like a festive forest. Yield Candles are poured in Florida and are made with organic coconut wax and a clean burning cotton wick. Each vessel can be re-used as a chic tumbler or drinking glass.

Wax: 100% organic coconut wax
Scent: mix of essential oils with fragrance oils
Price: $28

Arctic Wicks USDA Certified BioBased Candles

I find that Arctic Wicks USDA certified bio-based candles have amazing scent throw, but it might lean too strong and synthetic for some. Arctic Wicks is a coconut and beeswax candle brand that uses a combination of safe fragrance oils and essential oils. Their USDA BioPreferred BioBased Certification means you can know for sure their candles are made from 100% renewable resources.

Wax: coconut wax + beeswax
Scent: fragrance oils + essential oils
Price: $20

non toxic candles

P.F. Candle Co Soy Candles

I’m currently loving P F Candle Co’s new limited edition winter candles! They’re really known for their scents that people seem to fall in love. Their cult favorite Teakwood and Tobacco scent catapulted the brand to fame and today they offer a wide variety of candles using fine fragrance oils.

Wax: 100% soy wax
Scent: fragrance oils
Price: $27

Aromatherapy Associates Candles

aromatherapy associates candleAromatherapy Associates is great for their beautiful cup-shaped matte ceramic vessels and I’m impressed by how strong their scent throw is for a 100% essential oil candle. They’re on the pricier end, but Aromatherapy Associates candles have very strong scent throw and comes in beautiful cup shaped ceramic vessels. Each luxury candle has the equivalent of two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils.

Wax: 100% soy wax
Scent: essential oils
Price: $72

International: Shop AA here for global shipping


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