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My Honest Araza Beauty Review + Discount (Nearly 100% Organic Makeup)

In today’s article, I’m sharing my honest Araza Beauty review of their organic makeup. I tested the Araza Coconut Cream Foundation, Corrective Concealer, Mango Cream Color Pot, Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow and Mango Cream Bronzer. Founded by a sister duo, up-and-coming organic makeup brand Araza Beauty creates healthy, nutrient-dense beauty products that are nearly 100% organic.

araza beauty

Araza is also focused on making products with high fat content that heal skin. While still small, Araza’s product line includes everything from foundations, concealers, and lip products to blushes, bronzers, and eye makeup. Each product is designed to enhance natural beauty without compromising the health of the skin. The brand takes pride in being free from harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and artificial fragrances and artificial colorants. This is a line for those of you who want the cleanest of the clean ingredients in your makeup. Read on for my Araza Beauty review and save 15% with code OBLaraza beauty

I was asked to test Araza Beauty, so I reached out to the brand and they sent me their Coconut Cream Foundation, Concealer and Mango Cream Color Pot.

So when the brand says they make products with healthy fats, they mean it. The Coconut Cream Foundation along with their Coconut Corrective Concealer are both, shall we say, “fatty.” These are both VERY rich products and I cannot see oily skin types enjoying these as much as dry skin types. Keep reading for my in-depth reviews on five Araza Beauty bestsellers and what I like and didn’t like about each.

araza beauty foundation

Araza Coconut Cream Foundation

For such a tiny brand, I think Araza offers an impressive number of shades – 24 to be exact!

araza beauty foundation

I wasn’t sure which shade I was, so I received 100, 120 and 160. Araza also has samplers available to purchase if you’re not sure.

My ideal shade is probably between 100 and 160 but not 120. I would say a mix of 75% Shade 160 with 25% Shade 100, especially as I get paler during the colder months would match me the best.

araza foundation swatches


All In One Coconut Cream Foundation is a very dense, rich and creamy foundation. However, it is not full coverage. I would call this a light coverage foundation that can be somewhat buildable to medium coverage. As it’s so rich, buildable would mean a maximum of 1 more layer, which might already feel way too heavy for some people.

I would not consider the Coconut Cream Foundation a long-wear foundation during the summer. I’ll have to test it again during the winter, but the humidity mixed with a bit of my own perspiration, the Coconut Cream Foundation fades relatively quickly. It does do an excellent job at moisturizing my skin.

The finish is natural glowy ie somewhere between natural and satin for me personally. It’s neither matte nor dewy, and neither a true natural nor satin finish (if that makes any sense).

As far as ingredients go, it doesn’t get more natural and organic than this:

  • 95% organic skin superfood ingredients
  • made with a coconut post-biotic that balances your skin’s natural micro-biome + increases moisture
  • high polyphenol content promotes new skin cell regeneration
  • Blue-light blocking and anti-pollution
  • natural clay to heal and fight inflammation

While Coconut Cream Foundation is not an SPF foundation, it does offer sun protection benefits with the addition of non-nano zinc oxide. I love that it has extra sun protection benefits in the form of an actual physical blocker and not natural oils, which I don’t trust to provide real SPF.

While Araza says Coconut Cream Foundation has SPF 25, I would not rely on this product for SPF and recommend using an actual sunscreen product underneath. They also do not market it as an SPF foundation which is very responsible of them, as I’m sure majority of people would see that and immediately assume they don’t need to apply any more SPF.

Note that while the foundation contains Organic Coconut Oil Extract, this is not the regular coconut oil that tends to break people out. Araza mentions this does not have the potential of clogging pores, but if you are sensitive to coconut I would suggest only going for a trial size if you’re keen on trying this product.

The ingredients are so simple:

  • Non-GMO Organic Coconut Oil Extract –Provides deep, real moisture, anti-oxidant but without the potential of clogging pores.
  • Wild Picked Araza Fruit Extract- 2x the amount of vitamin C as an orange and rich in polyphenols. Its high anti-oxidant content is anti-aging and protective.
  • Non- Nano Zinc Oxide- Natural SPF
  • Certified Organic Beeswax- Locks in moisture and protects skin, allows skin to breath
  • Certified Organic Jojoba Seed Oil- Lightweight w/ anti-inflammatory properties, has been know to treat acne and skin conditions
  • Coconut Postbiotic- Antibacterial, antifungal, skin conditioning properties
  • Certified Organic Argan Oil- Anti-aging, reduces wrinkles
  • Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil- Repairs sun-damage, discoloration and acne scars
  • Neem Seed Oil- Antibacterial, acne fighting
  • Non-GMO Natural Vitamin E Oil- Wrinkle fighting
  • Silica- Absorbs oils, diffuses light, reduces pores & wrinkles
  • Natural Clay- Known for its detoxifying and healing properties, absorbs excess oil, packed with natural earth minerals

araza mango color pot

Araza Coconut Corrective Concealer

The Araza concealer is also highly rich and creamy – most likely too creamy for some, especially during the hotter months. It doesn’t feel quite AS dense as the foundation. If you enjoy SUPER creamy concealers you will probably enjoy Araza’s. But, because it’s so creamy I absolutely must set it with setting powder otherwise it doesn’t stay put. I’ll also have to re-test this one out during the winter as it’s been so hot this summer.

I honestly couldn’t really a tell a difference in coverage from the foundation. In fact, it feels like the foundation gives slightly better coverage than the concealer? Coconut Corrective Concealer feels like a light coverage concealer for me personally.

I feel like the concealer can be interchangeably used as a foundation and their foundation as concealer.  I would honestly use the foundation as a concealer if I didn’t need super high coverage.

Like the Coconut Cream Foundation, the concealer is packed with skin-beneficial and nutrient-dense ingredients like:

  • Non-GMO Organic Coconut Oil Extract
  • Wild Picked Araza Fruit Extract
  • Non- Nano Zinc Oxide- Natural SPF
  • Organic Argan, Rosehip and Neem Seed Oils
  • Eye Bright Extract
  • Organic Carrot Seed

It can be a bit trickier to find the right shade match because there’s only 8 shades versus the 24 their foundation offers. I chose shade Fair, but found it a bit too bright, but the next shades down wouldn’t have been brightening enough.

araza makeup cream color pot

Araza Mango Cream Color Pot

I find the Mango Cream Color Pots to be super buttery and moisturizing! This is a multi-use cream product for cheeks, lips and eyes and it’s 98% organic with ingredients like Certified Organic Watermelon Seed Oil, Araza Fruit, Potato Starch and Mango Butter. This feels amazing on my dry lips, but I wish they had more color choices.

The top two swatches are Fresh Pink and Wink.

I was excited for shade Wink, which I thought was a mauve, but it’s more of a deep nude than a mauve in real life. It’s not exactly a wearable shade in my opinion, and would be more suitable for a gunmetal makeup look.

Araza beauty organic makeupIn this photo I’m wearing shade Fresh Pink, which is a more coral pink than true pink in real life.

The Mango Cream Color Pot provides sheer color that’s buildable and is more dense than creamy, while still being moisturizing. The colours looks very pigmented in their swatch photo, but it’s definitely more sheer if you’re wearing one or two layers.

Araza Rejuvenating Coconut Lip Color $26

Their lip gloss has a thick, creamy consistency that feels very moisturizing and they come in a ton of super pretty shimmer and matte shades! I am obsessed with the shade Poppy because it gives me a “your lips but better” look with a luminous sheen and a hint of shimmer. They have 13 shades to choose from, which is way more than what most small clean makeup brands offer.

This lip gloss actually moisturizes lips with organic oils and waxes like organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic beeswax and Wild Picked Araza Fruit Extract. There’s no artificial colors or dyes so they’re safe and healthy to wear, but its one downside is the use of carmine in certain deeper shades.

Araza Fruit + Citrus Infused Eyecolor $20

Araza Beauty offers clean eyeshadow pots in 15 shades that are mostly shimmer or demi-matte. I find the ingredients to be very unique even for a clean beauty eyeshadow and the performance is still really good with a mostly natural and organic formula.

It has Certified Organic orange wax, araza fruit extract, Certified Organic Broccoli Seed Oil, allantoin and non-nano zinc oxide (natural SPF protection) along with boron nitride and sericite (a finer version of mica) to help it perform like an eyeshadow.

I find that it’s got a buttery, velvety texture and applies and blends well. The pigmentation is also surprisingly good. I honestly expected it to be more dry, crumbly and weakly pigmented, especially as a new and tiny company, but this is better than some other heavily marketed clean makeup brands!

The packaging is not my favorite though – it feels flimsy and cheap.

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