glamnetic nails review

My Honest Glamnetic Nails Review: Worth It?

Today I’m sharing my brutally honest Glamnetic nails review of their resuaable, customizable press-on nails – and how to make acrylics last longer. Do they last? Are they worth it? Press on nails never used to work for me, but I recently gave them another try with Glamnetic nails. Sometimes I yearn for that fake nails look. The ones from the supermarket just always looked so cheap and they never fit my slender nails quite right. Over the years it seems the press-on nails industry has really grown and there are so many bands nowadays offering high-quality, natural looking acrylic nails.

glamnetic nails

glamnetic nails

The Glamnetic nails take a few minutes out of the day to apply, and while they don’t look like salon nails they’re close enough. I get to save 3 hours of my day and $100, which makes them well worth it for me.

Glamentic offers a variety of press-on nail shapes and sizes:

  • Super short
  • Short oval
  • Short almond
  • Medium almond
  • Coffin
  • Round

glamnetic nails

Each Glamnetic kit comes with the nails, nail filer, glue, cuticle stick and alcohol pad.

glamnetic nails

How long do Glamnetic nails last?

Glamnetic advertises them as lasting up to 3 weeks. I would say that they *could* last this long if you really tried to avoid anything that requires a bit of effort or manual handling of things for the entire 3 weeks.

In the real world though, that’s impossible. Sometimes a girl’s gotta open up a stubborn soy sauce packet or pop open a bottle of wine.

If I did something that put significantly more pressure on the nail, it would pop off. I’d glue the stray nail back on, but a few days later I’ll do something else and it’ll pop off again.

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It’s always the thumb or index finger that would pop off. The rest of my less active fingers had their nails stay intact.

So therein lies the struggle of press-on nails.

Do Glamnetic nails stay on in shower?

The nails do stay on in the shower.

glamnetic nails

Are Glamentic nails natural looking?

I have to admit they are pretty darn natural looking. If you weren’t looking super carefully at the edges it would look like I got them done at the salon.

Side note, Glamentic nails can be trimmed and filed to customize to your liking.

How much do Glamnetic nails cost?

Most of the sets are $20 with some slightly cheaper or pricier.

Do you have to use glue?

Yes, these do require glue. The glue is super strong, so make sure you’re ready to commit to wearing the press-on nails for as long as they last because removing them is difficult.

How do you resuse Glamnetic nails?

I wondered how you’re supposed to effectively reuse the Glamentic nails since once they have glue all over them, you can’t just keep putting glue on glue on glue.

After seeing some of Glamnetic’s Tiktok videos, because I couldn’t find anything useful on their website, I learned that you use a small drill and literally drill off the glue. So there is a bit of effort required if you want to reuse them. First, since I don’t own any sort of drill, I have to buy a drill off Amazon.

While the fact that Glamnetic nails are re-usable makes them a tad more environmentally friendly, these are obviously not made with eco-friendly materials and the glue itself is probably toxic. I don’t wear acrylics regularly though and really only get the urge once or twice a year.

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how to make press on nails last longer

How to make press-on nails last longer

Here are tried-and-true ways to make your press on nails last way longer than if you weren’t following these steps.

Before applying press-ons

  1. File the surface of your nails
  2. Buff the nail surface
  3. Dehydrate the nail with an alcohol pad (the more dehydrated the better the press-on will stick)

When applying

  1. Use the strongest nail glue available: Cala Super Nail Glue Professional on Amazon
  2. Apply the glue to the nail surface not the press-on
  3. Use the tip of the glue pen to spread the glue evenly all over the nail surface

After applying

  1. File the nail edge to your liking
  2. Keep nail glue and extra press-ons in your purse at all times in case one pops off

Glamnetic Amazon Store

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