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19 Truly Non Toxic Makeup Brands (The REAL List)

We’re reviewing the best organic makeup brands in the USA that use only non toxic & clean ingredients. My 2024 clean makeup guide includes products I use daily and stand by, so you don’t have to figure out which ones are actually good. Are there organic makeup products that actually work? Yes times a million. If it’s going on your face, your lips, your eyes, etc you want to make sure you’re applying healthy ingredients. Read on to learn what exactly organic makeup is, which toxic ingredients to look out for, clean makeup brands you should avoid (if you want truly nontoxic makeup) and a list of the best natural makeup brands. These are my top favorite picks if you want the safest, chemical-free makeup only.

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Clean Makeup Brands that are NOT All Natural

It’s easy to get confused with so much misleading “clean” marketing being done. Most natural makeup lists on the web include brands that aren’t truly clean, like Beautycounter, ILIA and Kosas. When I see that, I go really?  There’s so much inaccurate information floating around the web, so I wanted to create a non toxic makeup guide that will equip you to make the best choices FOR YOU.

These are popular clean makeup brands that are not 100% natural: Beautycounter, Kosas, ILIA, Tower 28, Well People, Saie Beauty, Jones Road, Westman Atelier and Exa Beauty.

Brands like Beautycounter are known for using questionable ingredients and synthetics in their makeup. Plus, most popular Sephora clean makeup brands are not 100% natural.

In fact, I would say almost all clean makeup brands today use synthetics, plastics, petroleum byproducts, fragrance and artificial dyes in their products. They’re able to cut down on costs, increase profits and improve product performance by cutting corners wherever possible. You want to look for the brands that don’t compromise your health for profits and are committed to creating the best possible products (something that’s increasingly rare to find these days).

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Makeup

Below are the most common toxic ingredients in makeup you should avoid:

  1. Parabens: They are preservatives used in many cosmetics and personal care products. Some studies have linked parabens to hormone disruption and potential health risks.
  2. Phthalates: These chemicals are often used to enhance fragrance in cosmetics and can also be found in certain plastics. Phthalates have been associated with potential reproductive and developmental issues.
  3. Formaldehyde: This preservative is used to prevent bacteria growth in makeup. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to skin irritation and potential carcinogenic effects. Avoid DMDM hydantoin, polyoxymethylene urea, diazolidinyl urea, bromopol, imidazolidinyl urea, glyoxal, methenamine, quaternium-15, and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate.
  4. Talc: A mineral ingredient widely used as a filler in various cosmetic products. Talc has been associated with potential respiratory issues and possible contamination with asbestos.
  5. Synthetic Fragrance: Synthetic fragrances are a mix of chemicals that can potentially cause allergies, skin irritation, and even hormonal disruption. Companies don’t have to disclose fragrance ingredients by law because they’re deemed “trade secrets.”
  6. Mineral Oil: Derived from petroleum, mineral oil is often used in cosmetics as a moisturizing agent. However, it can clog pores and potentially cause acne or other skin issues.
  7. BHA & BHT: These are preservatives that can cause liver, thyroid and kidney problems and act as a tumor promoter.
  8. Petrolatum or petroleum jelly: Petrolatum can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  9. Polyethylene (PEGs): These have been linked to various types of cancer.
  10. Diethanolamine (DEA): DEA can cause skin and eye irritation and is classified as harmful by the European Union
  11. Triclosan: This is an ingredient that fights bacterial contamination, but is not considered safe for humans.
  12. Siloxanes or silicones: Some are considered toxic and can harm hormone function.
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What is Organic Makeup?

Organic makeup brands must have at least 70% organic ingredients in their products. Makeup with the USDA Organic Seal must have least 95% organic ingredients. Be sure to check the back of the product packaging or the label to see the percentage of ingredients that are organic. Certifications are really the only way to know for certain if a product is truly organic. But, these organic certifications can be extremely costly for brands to obtain, so not all of them will have certifications even if they are organic.

Best Organic Makeup Brands

This is the ULTIMATE list of 18 of the healthiest makeup brands dedicated to being truly 100% natural and safe.

Inika Organic makeup

INIKA Organic

My favorite organic makeup recommendation is INIKA, because they make very high performance makeup with truly organic formulas! Inika Organic is an amazing organic makeup brand for mature skin and one of the most committed clean makeup brands with 70% organic formulas and multiple certifications to back up their claims. They have a chic and minimalist sleek look with a more luxury price point. 100% of the ingredients used by Inika Organic are ethically sourced, natural and derived from botanicals or minerals.

I recommend INIKA’s BB Cream, Foundation and bronzer.

Inika organic makeup

100 percent pure makeup

100% Pure

100% Pure is an amazing all natural makeup brand that uses organic ingredients and offers some of the best clean makeup products you can buy. If you’re looking for a face product like foundation, primer or tinted moisturizer, I highly recommend 100% Pure. They’re an OG natural makeup brand that’s all natural, and the color in their products are made from berries, plants and seeds NOT artificial dyes. From five different kinds of natural and organic foundations to face palettes and eyebrow gels to luminizers, 100% Pure has a wide range of clean makeup products and beautiful shades without the use of any synthetics.

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100% pure natural makeup


han cosmetics makeup

HAN Cosmetics

If you’re on a tight budget but still want makeup that’s 100% natural, HAN Cosmetics is one of my top picks and recommendations. They’re wildly affordable and use the best clean ingredients. The color from all HAN products comes from plant and mineral-based pigments for a healthy and safe alternative to artificial colorants. HAN was started by a pregnant mother who needed safe and nontoxic makeup without any iffy ingredients. You can trust that HAN is committed to keeping synthetics and questionable ingredients out of their line.

han skincare cosmetics natural makeup

root pretty foundation

Root Pretty

If you’re tight on cash, Root Pretty makes nontoxic makeup using only ethically sourced natural & organic ingredients – and they’re SO affordable. Everything is vegan and gluten free, and they have an incredible range of fun shades for your girl to play with.

rms natural makeup

RMS Beauty

This chemical-free makeup list wouldn’t be complete without RMS Beauty. RMS was recently bought out, but most of their formulas seemed to have stayed 100% natural. I find the RMS Lip2Cheek to be creamy, moisturizing and well pigmented. They use natural formulas with many organic ingredients though some of their newer color products may use colorants. Their cult products like Living Luminizer, UnCoverup and more have retained their original all-natural formulas, but please check as formulations may change over time.

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juice beauty natural makeup

Juice Beauty

Almost all Juice Beauty makeup products are made using only organic, natural and plant-derived ingredients with just a couple exceptions in the complexion category. You can actually see and test Juice Beauty makeup in real life at your local ULTA store, which I always recommend doing! If you’re looking for a natural cream blush, Juice Beauty makes a great all natural one, and they have the best jumbo lip crayons made with the best ingredients.


olio e osso balm

Olio e Osso

I personally love carrying the Olio e Osso Tinted Balm in shade Spring everywhere I go. Their moisturizing must-sticks are great for lips, cheeks and eyes. Olio E Osso is relatively affordable and made with just 4 natural ingredients along with minerals for pigment. The brand was founded by a makeup artist who makes their sensitive skin-friendly makeup by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon.

zao organic makeup

ZAO Organics

Certified organic and natural makeup brand ZAO Organics is 100% natural without any synthetics, petrochemical derivatives or questionable ingredients. I love their eco luxe packaging, made from controlled harvested bamboo and pure formulas that get the job done.

Araza organic makeup

Araza Beauty

Araza Beauty is one of my favorite new organic makeup discoveries! I love that they are dedicated to not only creating 100% natural formulas but also nearly 100% organic. Araza Beauty was created to deliver makeup that heals skin so there’s a ton of moisturizing butters and oils. Their Cream Foundation is made of 95% organic skin superfood ingredients and their Mango Cream Color Pot is 98% organic. Araza prioritises formulating products with healthy fats, organic plant based ingredients and minerals that all work together to feed and nourish your skin.

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Araza organic makeup


Au Naturale makeup

Au Naturale

Au Naturale is a natural & non-toxic makeup brand that’s just as passionate about bringing healthy cosmetics to people as they are in fighting the political battle to demand stricter regulation of cosmetic products in the United States. Au Naturale was one of the first truly organic makeup brands I tried. The company was recently hit with a setback when their warehouse was run into by a car, but keep an eye out on them.  Needless to say, each ingredient they use is scrutinized and the entire line is organic, non-toxic, and free of parabens, nano-particles, carmine, gluten, and sulfates. Au Naturale products are made in the company’s own proprietary lab so the entire process is quality controlled.

au naturale clean makeup

kjaer weis makeup

Kjaer Weis

If you want true sustainability and luxury, I adore Kjaer Weis’ eco-luxe makeup products. There’s a lot of refillable products in the line and most products are 100% natural. Kjaer Weis is a luxury certified organic makeup brand that has placed performance and sustainability at the forefront of their line. Founded by Danish-born and NYC-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the brand combines European luxury and American innovation.

Every batch of makeup has been inspected by hand and remains free of parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances. Made in Italy, almost all of Kjaer Weis products have been Certified Natural or Certified Organic by the stringent standards of the country’s certification body, the Controllo e Certificazione Prodotti Biologici.

fitglow beauty serum

Fitglow Beauty

I’ve used Fitglow Beauty for 10 years and have full trust in the company, their ethics and their organic makeup products. They make one of the best clean concealers I’ve tried and the most luxurious, anti-aging organic lip gloss. Luxury vegan & organic skincare and makeup brand Fitglow Beauty is an OG natural beauty brand that always innovates to bring their loyal following the most advanced organic makeup.

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Sappho organic makeup

Sappho New Paradigm

Sappho is lesser known, but I enjoyed their lip gloss and foundation. Niche organic makeup brand Sappho is an affordable luxury, vegan and organic makeup line, free of known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. I love that this small Canadian makeup brand is next level transparent:

  • No known harmful or hormone disruptive ingredients
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free certified by PETA
  • Made with low heavy metal ECOCERT® minerals
  • Mica suppliers are members of the Responsible Mica Initiative
  • Produced and formulated in Canada, in a zero carbon footprint facility
  • Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Offer a diverse, global shade range
  • Foundations PFAS free

lily Lolo natural makeup

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo is another great natural makeup brand for those of you on a tight budget. Originally from the UK, but popular in the US, Lily Lolo makes 100% natural mineral makeup, including eyeshadow palettes, foundation and mascara.

  • Award-winning OG natural makeup
  • Clean and vegan mineral makeup brand
  • Uses only clean, naturally-derived ingredients with mineral-based technology
  • No harsh chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance and preservatives

lovinah natural makeup


I highly recommend trying Lovinah’s liquid eyeliner if you haven’t found a clean liquid eyeliner you love yet. Lovinah’s natural makeup products are so luxe and high quality! Lovinah uses ancient African wisdom and ingredients to create luxury skincare and makeup that’s safe and effective. They’re an innovative and advanced line that handcrafts their products using the highest quality natural ingredients.

zuzuluxe eyeliner


If you’re looking for natural makeup on a strict budget Zuzuluxe (and sister company Gabriel Cosmetics) are worth checking out. Founded by Gabriel Santino, ZUZULUXE has been making affordable nontoxic makeup for the last 25 years. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or animal by products. ZUZULUXE’s mineral powder makeup, lipsticks and liquid eyeliner are winners in my book.

hynt beauty makeup

Hynt Beauty

Hynt offers one of the best 100% natural full coverage concealers and SPF primers. This clean makeup brand was founded by a breast cancer survivor who couldn’t find truly natural cosmetics that met her needs. Hynt Beauty is an all-natural and organic makeup brand that never contains artificial colorants or preservatives. All products except the mascara are PETA certified Vegan.

alima pure makeup

Alima Pure

Another great affordable clean beauty brand, Certified B Corp Alima Pure is a line of luxury mineral makeup without dimethicone, petroleum, talc, and bismuth oxychloride. They make natural makeup with a focus on minimalism, both in ingredients and packaging. I recommend trying their powder face products.

Mango People clean makeup

Mango People

Mango People is a new 100% natural makeup brand that’s Ayurveda-inspired and already at Sephora. Their Mango Cream Blush & Lip Multistick is full of butters, oils, fruit extracts and Ayurveda ingredients like Ashwagandha, Bibhitaki Fruit Extract, Amalaki Fruit Extract and more. Mango People’s bronzers and highlighter sticks boast the same all natural ingredients!

elate beauty tinted balm

Elate Beauty

Elate Cosmetics is a vegan and sustainable cosmetic brand that offers a wide range of beauty products. They are highly committed to creating clean, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly makeup that enhances natural beauty. This Canadian brand uses natural ingredients derived from plants and minerals, ensuring their products are safe for both the user and the environment.

non toxic makeup brands


Best organic makeup brands

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  1. Cari Adams Avatar
    Cari Adams

    Thank you for doing this research. It’s very hard to know how to shop anymore with all the buzzwords. I’ve heard good things about several of the brands you mentioned as being called “clean” makeup but they end up not really being that clean!
    I tried your code at 100% pure and it did not work, do you have a newer code to get a discount there?

    1. Andrea Avatar

      So glad to hear you found this article helpful! It is likely expired – I will have to check this week if they can re-activate it sorry about that!

    2. Andrea Avatar

      Hi Cari it’s reactivated! 100% Pure reactivated code OBL until June 30.

  2. Zaitoon Khan Avatar
    Zaitoon Khan

    Hello Ms. Andrea. Thank you for doing the work for us and revealing what true clean beauty is. I have a question. Can you tell me where I can go to find some of these products at a store where I can have a consultant help me find the right shade for my melasma prone face. You see I’m visually impaired and need a pair of good eyes to help me pick out the right shade of foundation etc. Trying to choose a color on line with my limited sight is challenging. I’m not always able to have someone go with me. I live in NYC. Thank you for your response.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Hi Zaitoon! Thanks so much for enjoying the article💚 If you’re in NYC you can go to one of the Credo Beauty stores and they can help you find a foundation shade! Hope you find something you like!

  3. Michelle Avatar

    This was a very interesting article because I thought that certain makeup brands would be on the “clean” list. I am trying to do some research of my own, but it is difficult to filter out a lot of things….which sites give you the most accurate information, which products are made in what locations/countries, what ingredients are harmful, etc.

  4. bav Avatar

    the 10 % does not work. Can you put a new code that works

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    the 100 % pure does not work. Can you put a new code that works

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Hi I just checked and code “OBL” does work at checkout at the 100% Pure website (it actually gives 20% off 🙂

  6. Viv Buckle Avatar
    Viv Buckle

    I notice that a lot of some brands have Titanium Dioxide and numbers too. So bit reluctant on some although they say Non toxic

    1. Andrea Avatar

      It’s becoming very commonplace nowadays so ingredient checking is important even for clean brands! For makeup that contains none of those check out Araza Beauty.

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