Fatty15 Review: The Newly Discovered Essential Fatty Acid

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Fatty15 pentadecanoic acid

The first essential fatty acid since the omegas to be discovered in 90 years, C15:0 promotes long term health and wellness as you age. Fatty15 is the first ever pure powder C15:0 supplement and it’s science-backed, award-winning and vegan-friendly. There’s over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications from global, independent research teams and Fatty15 was awarded 2021 Best of the Industry Award by Nutritional Outlook Magazine. Today I’m sharing all about the exciting new discovery and Fatty15. 

Fatty15 pentadecanoic acid

What is Fatty15 C15:0

C15:0 helps strengthen cell membranes for an 80% improvement in cellular stability. As a sturdy fatty acid, C15:0 gets integrated into our cell membranes and serves as an armor for our cells to keep them healthy and protected. It’s scientifically backed in protecting cells against premature breakdown.

There are studies showing associations between low C15:0 and poor health, as well as a series of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating C15:0 as the cause of good metabolic, immune, red blood cell, and liver health.

So what exactly are essential fatty acids like C15:0? Essential fatty acids support our cells and balance our immune system. They’re called essential because we need certain levels of it in our bodies to maintain our baseline health. Since our body can’t produce them, we need to find them in food or supplements. Until now, only two dietary fatty acids have been deemed essential, alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid).

C15:0 (also called pentadecanoic acid) is an odd-chain saturated fatty acid present in trace levels in butter, other whole fat dairy products, and some types of fish and plants. A growing body of science supports that C15:0 is an essential nutrient that you need to sustain health.

Fatty15 C15:0 capsules are totally odorless and tasteless and they come in eco-friendly packaging.

Fatty15 pentadecanoic acid

C15:0 Benefits

C15:0 has a number of health and wellness benefits:

  • Strengthens cellular membranes, making them more resilient against age-related breakdown. C15:0 is a sturdy fatty acid that imbeds into the lipid bilayer of membranes to protect cells against lipid peroxidation.
  • Repairs mitochondrial function and restores cellular energy. C15:0 has been shown to rescue mitochondria at concentrations between 10 and 50 uM, resulting in significantly reduced reactive oxygen species in cells.
  • Lowers multiple pro-inflammatory cytokines to balance immune responses. C15:0 lowers key cytokines, including IL-6, MCP-1 and TNF-alpha, across numerous human cell systems.
  • Naturally activates PPAR-alpha and delta receptors, which regulate our metabolism and immunity. Additionally, PPAR-alpha activators have been proposed to support brain health, while PPAR-delta activators can mimic exercise by supporting beta-oxidation of fatty acids.
  • Naturally activates AMPK to regulate glucose uptake. Metformin is an example of another well-known AMPK activator.
  • Naturally inhibits HDAC-6 receptors, which can help to repair DNA. As an HDAC-6 inhibitor, C15:0 has also demonstrated the ability to slow the proliferation of damaged

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