Peacesake Candles Review

During my non-toxic candle journey, I’ve come across a handful of favorites and Peacesake Candles & Co is definitely one of them. This small candle brand is based in Maryland, where they handmake soy candles and room sprays in biodegradable packaging. Peacesake was started back in 2016 by a husband and wife duo, and their commitment to sustainability has always been at the forefront of their business from the day they launched.
Peacesake candle

Here’s what I love about Peacesake candles:

  • Large 14oz candles is their standard size (most candles are 8-9oz)
  • Beautiful scents
  • 100% soy wax
  • Strong scent throw
  • Cotton wicks free from lead and zinc
  • Available on Amazon

Peacesake candle

The scent comes from both essential oils and synthetics, so while you don’t have a 100% natural scent, you are getting a strong scent throw that can fill a home.

Peacesake candle

One thing to note is that shipping does cost $7 for 1 candle or you can get free shipping with a purchase of 3+ candles.

Nontoxic candles

Peacesake White Lavender

White Lavender is great for fall and winter because it’s got a strong and sweet birch scent with some lavender and pine mixed in. Beautiful for all seasons, but especially the colder months.

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Peacesake candle

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