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I Tried a Beef Tallow Skincare Routine for 30 Days (Before and After). Worth the hype?

I tried a tallow skincare routine for an entire month, and I’m here to dish! Tallow is having a moment, so I decided to give beef fat skin care a go to see if it’s really worth the hype. (Vegans, check out my comprehensive natural moisturizer guide instead!) Keep reading to find out how to find the BEST tallow moisturizer, the benefits of using it on the face and my experience trying a FULL skincare routine for 30 days (with before and after pics)!

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As part of my personal tallow review challenge, I tested tallow moisturizers, sunscreen, soap and even lip balms for a month to see if it’s superior to non animal-based skincare. And yes, it did make me gag. Let’s dive deep into how to find the best quality beef fat skin care products among the thousands of companies out there and why animal-based skincare can be amazing for skin!

How to find THE BEST tallow for skincare!

I’m VERY passionate about guiding my readers to the best quality beef tallow face creams, because we’re talking about once living, breathing sentient animals here.

Here’s how to find the highest quality tallow. First, avoid brands that ONLY mention “grass fed” like the plaaaague. Tallow is the rendered fat from the suet of cattle that’s raised for meat. Specifically, it comes from the fat surrounding the loins and kidneys. 

Knowing how horrible the meat industry is in the US, I couldn’t use the bodies of precious animals who have lived in horrific conditions, never having seen the sun or roamed free, just because they were grass fed. 

If a brand can’t say anything else beyond “grass-fed” and “natural” that is a huuuuge RED FLAG! Just say no.

 This is a dead giveaway that the company does not know anything else about their own tallow and most likely uses a manufacturer that mass-produces products for dozens of brands.

Be sure to look for more information or certifications beyond just “grass-fed.”

Do they know which farm the beef fat comes from? Can they tell you (or see themselves) how the cattle is raised? If it’s a no to any of these, it’s a pass for me.

The absolute best quality tallow will be organic, regenerative, pasture-raised, handcrafted in small batches and local! Sadly, verrrry few brands tick all these boxes.

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Benefits of Tallow Skincare (why it might be better than plant-based)!

Some people think that beef fat skincare actually works like botox for them! This has been debunked but if you see results to that effect, more power to you! But it’s true that there are incredible benefits to using tallow skincare because of how intensely healing and nourishing it is.

Most skincare is now made using petroleum-derived products, many of which do absolutely nothing for the skin except coat it, if not harm it. 

Tallow has been historically used for millennia and is readily absorbable, suuuper abundant in fat-soluble vitamins and minerals and safe for all skin types. However, I would not recommend for active acne flare-ups because of its high oleic acid content!

It can effectively address skin’s vital needs for skin barrier protection, moisture retention and anti-inflammation thanks to its unique properties and composition. Rendered beef fat is:

  • Packed with fatty acids including oleic, palmitic, stearic, alpha-linoleic, and conjugated linoleic (CLA)
  • Composed of 50% saturated fat, 42% monounsaturated fat, and 4% polyunsaturated fat
  • High in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and K 
  • Its composition closely mimics human skin oils (sebum)
  • Low comedogenic profile (doesn’t clog pores but acne-prone skin should proceed with caution!)

beef tallow skin care routine before and after

My Honest Experience with Before and After

I’m sharing my honest review after using a full beef tallow routine for 30 days along with my untouched before and after photos.

tallow skincare review

For my cleanser, I used a regenerative tallow soap bar to remove makeup and clean my pores. Then I used a zinc oxide tallow sunscreen during the day and tallow moisturizer at night. For my lips I tried both tube lip balms and lip salves. 

Here’s what I discovered. A lot of people say a certain brand’s face cream isn’t greasy or heavy, but if it has a certain amount of tallow (which you’d want it to), I found there’s no getting around the fact that it’s going to feel greasier than a typical water-based moisturizer.

I used whipped face creams and still found the finish to be quite oily!

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beef tallow soap bar

I also found that tallow soaps are definitely the most nourishing soaps I have eeeever used. They give the creamiest lather ever and feel like a watery milk cleanser on my skin! There’s something really special about them versus regular palm oil- based soaps. Highly highly recommend giving cow fat bar soaps a try! 

One thing I disliked about certain products I tested was the distinct and slightly off-putting scent. Not gonna lie, it made me wanna gag a little. On the bright side, I found the scent isn’t noticeable anymore after a minute.

But not all products have the typical “tallow odor” since some use essential oils or floral extracts. So if you have a sensitive nose, I would definitely recommend going for one that has those extra ingredients to make it smell better.

Honestly, after using straightup controversial cow fat on my face I felt like my skin became softer, more moisturized and supple. My lips also never felt more moisturized. I would say pass on the lip balm in a tube though because I didn’t feel like they were any better than normal organic lip balms. Tallow lip salves I was very impressed by on the other hand.

The drawbacks of using tallow for me were the product feeling heavier on my skin, some just smelled plain old funky and grappling with the fact that I’m using dead cow parts for vanity reasons.

I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed tallow sunscreen! Keep in mind these aren’t your typical sunscreen lotion – they have a consistency of a balm and feel rich and tend to have a high percentage of zinc oxide so there’s going to be a white cast. The ingredients are usually super simple with just tallow and a couple oils or butters and maybe some floral and herbal extracts (besides zinc oxide). I prefer a drier sunscreen balm even if makes my face look a bit chalky. 

Would I say it transformed my skin? No, and I wouldn’t trust anyone who says so. I saw some improvements, but nothing that any good and consistent skincare routine that matches your skin type wouldn’t bring you. I do feel that mature skin and dry skin would benefit the most from tallow compared to any other skin type.

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tallow skincare reviews

But here’s the thing, quality matters and not all beef fats are created equal. Some brands were very underwhelming to me while others knocked my socks off.

After trying various popular natural tallow skincare brands, I could feel a major quality difference between mass manufactured grass-fed products versus the ones that tick all my boxes (organic, small-batch, pasture-raised, etc). The former is going to be a lot easier on your wallet, but if your budget can handle it, I would recommend going with the latter ten times out of ten. Trust me, your skin will thank you.

The only brand I’ve come across so far that meets my standards is Summer Solace Tallow. I have no doubt that majority of tallow skincare companies out there are all using the same manufacturers who mass produce their products from sad cows all over the country.

Summer Solace actually makes their own tallow using verified regenerative suet from Stemple Creek Ranch located just 30 miles away from them. They dry-render it using slow, traditional methods and infuse it with organic, local, regional and seasonal ingredients that are a cut above the rest. They are truly in a league of their own.

My final thoughts

So is beef fat for skin worth the hype? The answer, in my opinion, is it depends on what brand you buy from. Low quality tallow face creams are a no for me, even if they have a small price tag. They’re just not worth it to me and never will be. I am a thousand percent yes on brands that meet my standard of quality and mindfully and ethically create products with care for the animal and land.

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2 responses to “I Tried a Beef Tallow Skincare Routine for 30 Days (Before and After). Worth the hype?”

  1. Dawn E Storey Avatar
    Dawn E Storey

    I whipped up my first batch of tallow cream. I used food grade tallow from a health food store. I warmed up an ounce, added teaspoon of coconut oil and half of teaspoon of raw honey, added few drops of orange smelling essential oil. I then refrigerated for an hour then whipped with wooden honey dipper. Need to be careful on amount used on face and neck because it is obviously oily. We’ll see! Doing the month challenge as well.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Wow that is impressive let me know how it goes I’m so curious! I have to try making my own tallow moisturizer too, I love DIY skincare!

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